Get thee behind me or get thee gone.

The focus here is ‘coping in the moment‘, drawing on the skills and wisdom of the inner parent that is present in each and every one of us: for who better to assist us than that wiser, more worldly part; the part who has been here before, multiple times; the part that was also inherited, who has lived in our mother and father, our grandparents, and all of their mothers and fathers who came and lived and breathed before?

When life is hard. When situations are restrictive and limiting. When the outlook appears somewhat bleak. When there is no certainty or clear forward path. When we lack power and control, personal autonomy. And we can all relate at different times in our life to these. We need a broader perspective, a higher vantage point, a less biased view. We need someone who can step outside of the picture, or who can come in from outside and sit with us in our discomfort within it. We need someone who has been there before, who has experienced these things, or similar, in their own lifetimes. We need us, from the past and from the future and from parallel lives. And we need the US who existed inside our ancestors as cells. For this Us is stronger and wiser and much more grounded and able to guide us, like a therapist or a mentor, only with more precision and skill.

The Seven of Fire, also the Seven of Wands, delivers an answer with a power kick; more like a truth bomb, a dose of tough love, a Joan of Arc no more hiding behind proverbial skirts.

The woman in the card suffers no fools and takes no prisoners. She says “get with me, or get thee gone”. Her message, as stated, “Stand up for yourself and your beliefs! Have confidence. Challenge those in power but also choose your battles wisely.” is perhaps exactly what we need to hear. She knows the answers to her own problems. She understands the source of her pain. She sees what is blocking her and she steps into her own authority, firmly taking responsibility for her path. No more waiting for a saviour, no more wasting time with the wrong person and people, no more suffering fools… The world has changed. The world is still changing. And we have changed too. What fitted doesn’t necessarily fit comfortably now. We have seen where we were dragging dead weight. We know our allies and we see our enemies for what they really are. Just because someone is our …….. (fill in the blanks) it doesn’t mean we are supposed to be with them, to suffer under them, with them, for them. We are sovereign and free. The outside is trying to tell us otherwise. It is a projection of the inside. In realising that we are our own saviour, we are our own hero, parent, guide, counsel and friend, we realise we are infinite and eternal and capable of magnificent things.

Do not limit yourself to your reality. Open your eyes and enter into your imagination. Test that space. Build a world inside it. Breathe life into it so that it comes to be. Know, above everything, that you are powerful, mighty, capable and brave. You didn’t get this far, suffer this much, only to quit.

Often, you are the answer you seek. The path you look around for lies right at your feet.

Dream the seeds of thought into action.

Today’s cards are Change and Dream. And the focus is: what to work on this week. Think about the things in your life that feel stuck, stagnant, stale, sticky, sickly, etc. How do you feel about them? What reactions and emotions do they evoke in you? How would you better like for things to be?

Take these thoughts and apply them to what you intuit from below, because your response, and therefore message, will be individual and unique to you.

Deck used is the Fuzzy Prism Oracle by Holly Simple.

Change shows a circle, let’s call her the Moon, holding up two crescents. She, the Moon, is crying, or else her eyes have been sewn closed so she is no longer seeing in the literal sense that we all do. Instead, she has unclipped/torn/removed the two crescents from in front of her third eye, her all-seeing eye, and extended them way up above her head to see more clearly.

Take a leaf out of her book and close your own two visible eyes. Sit and connect to your third eye and then reach up and push out. Look down on your life and the world around you. What do you see? What do you like, and not like? What advise would you give yourself about how to proceed? Tune into this seeing instead of seeing in the way you are most familiar with and see how helpful it is as you explore the week.

Stepping back from a situation. Rising above it and looking down from a higher vantage point. Getting a different perspective… all help us to see and understand more clearly. In the thick of it, to coin a metaphor, “we can’t see the wood for the trees”.

Dream continues the eye theme, this time just with a lone third eye. It is open, almost too wide, like it has woken up and started seeing things and can’t then shut them out or close down enough to even sleep. This eye looks strung out and worried. It is piercing. It doesn’t let up. It has us hooked.

And yet we can’t stay on always, in the same way as we can’t stay off as much as we might like to. Life is full of change. Nothing stays the same. Therefore, we cannot be complacent. What we love will be lost. What we treasure will be taken. What we rely upon might shut down. And maybe you will be lucky and have a relatively easy journey, only losing people and things at the right time, when they would have been lost anyways. But most likely, mostly because you are here, you will not. Most likely you have lost someone you love way before their time, you will have had friendships stolen and relationships shattered, family sicken and die. You will have been burgled, mugged, molested, violated, ostracised, abandoned, betrayed. You will have experienced mental and/or physical difficulty and ill health. And because of this you will have found out how the world really works and who you can and cannot rely upon. Hard lessons. Tough love.

So perhaps you are a little strung out. Perhaps you are not sleeping. Perhaps you are going to bed far too late, torturing yourself trying to keep up with all that is happening around you.

The message here is Dream. I.E. go to bed earlier; read something soft and light; take a natural sleep aid and catch up on that precious sleep. And when you allow yourself to do this properly, lovingly, respectfully… you will begin to dream. And as those dreams evolve, night after night, they will allow your body to process all that it has been through, and your mind to release and cleanse itself of the trauma. Then, beneath that, that work done, you will get to the real gold, the dreams that can help you to decide and devine your future. Because the best way to elicit change, as in positive change for growth, is to dream the seeds of thought into action.

Where can I find hope?

This card depicts a hand, (the left), open, palm upturned, with the markings of a cut tree trunk tracked into it. The artist’s interpretation of the lines in a palm, perhaps? A reworking of one’s lifelines?

Don’t accept what has been foreword. Put your own will and action into it.

In the right hand, which we cannot see, there is a knife – nothing threatening, just a simple kitchen knife – which is being used to pierce the centre of the palm to release blood. Or maybe, instead, this is a branch, like the birth of a shoot?

The card calls for bravery, transparency, vulnerability, trust, and a sacrifice, a gift that is uniquely personal to oneself.

You need to show up and look at what is, honestly without self deception. You need to have faith, both in yourself and in the Universe.

You need to alter the perfection of what is, for there needs to be a wound in order for there to be a healing, something lost or exchanged for something gained.



Open your palm.

Stare into the lines and forget the narrative.

Pierce it and start anew.

Release what has been and what has been foretold.

Relinquish what was dreamed, desired, charted and navigated.

Let go of everything that was.

Take that page and tear it up.

Cast the whole book aside.

Make a new one.

Create new lines and release their energy.




What is stuck?

What no longer works?

Where are you unhappy?

Release it.

Cut the threads that bind you to it.

Trace a new story.


1. Maybe that means writing a short journal entry about how your life will play out?

2. Maybe that means crafting a poem that serves as a banishing spell. And then another that brings something into being? Make them high vibrational and kind. Do not align yourself with anything that is not in accordance with Source.

3. Maybe that means baking a special cake, that contains within it all of your dreams, wishes, hopes and desires?

4. Maybe that means terminating some relationships – work, social, family?

5. Maybe that means going off-grid and trying to live differently?

Have a think about it and work out what works for you. Your sacrifice could simply be giving away some clothes, supporting a local homeless shelter, rescuing an animal, helping out locally, etc.


The Ace of Knives is the Ace of Swords in another form. Swords represent intellect, logic and reason. They are associated with the air element, winter and the act of learning. The Ace is the purest version of this. It’s the beginning, the spark, the seed, the stomach rumble that comes as an early indicator before the full sensation of hunger.

The Ace of Swords does not mince her words. She is direct, delivering the reality of the situation to you. She is love, but she is also tough. She is the best friend who tells you your boyfriend is cheating or your bum has gotten fat. She knows what you know, only she is more able and willing to voice it. She will help you in your quest for hope, but only if you are prepared to follow her advice. Lean in. Listen carefully. And don’t kill the messenger.

Dark Days.

There are many who are confused right now, not sure what to think or feel. There are others who are living in fear of everything that is pumped out. And more, still, who were living in hope, who were waking and rising and ascending, who have recently suffered a set back and are now experiencing a dark night of sorts. These people have touched me in multiple ways and changed the course of my journey: for as we all know, our threads are connected; what one of us does, thinks, hears, feels, applies to us all.

This message is for you, as well as for those who are already fully comfortable, confident and actualised. It’s been an intense 14 months and already a crazy year.

So my question today is: What lies ahead?… because I feel that is what we most would like to know.

We have all lost the rug that was situated beneath us (whether that be 5, 10, 20, 50… years ago, or several months, weeks or days…) and discovered that what we thought we knew, what we learned and what we were told and taught, is simply part of a narrative. The truth, if we seek to find it, if we can stomach such a rude awakening in our bodies and in our lives, is far more complex and nefarious. For those of you who know: you know. And for those who don’t: perhaps that’s just fine; perhaps it’s where you should be right now and even for the rest of your journey. Opening the lid on Pandora’s box is not a thing to do lightly, nor a thing that work or serves for all.

Deck used is Dark Days tarot written by Emily Mundy and illustrated and designed by Wren McMurdo. It felt like an apt deck.

The Page of Swords

In the centre of this black card there is a white rose with four leaves that curve and sweep outwards to wrap themselves over and around the two circles of delicate outlined flowers that are crowding its girth. This is as a garden beginning to grow, a gathering around a leader, those who are new and freshly arisen, who have only just broken through the earth’s crusted surface reaching up towards the light and in towards that which appears strongest and most confident. They seek a parent, perhaps, or else a leader, and this large white rose is the first thing they see. Like a child, they imprint upon it and then wait to see what they are shown, taught and told. Is this the Christed Light? Or a being from the future? Or else an Angel come to earth to save them or some other high vibrational being? Or is it simply the largest, strongest flower, that will in time rise and swell to overshadow them and block the light? You decide.

Around this circle there is an outer circle of heads, each resembling a phase of the moon, therefore representing the lunar cycle. Their heads are bare. Their eyes are closed. They are entranced. Only their tongues are active and they are barbed. They whisper lies to each other and also everyone else who can hear, and the poor newbie flowers, because they are contained within this greater circumference, are subject to it all. Day after day. Hour after hour…. Birds hover and fly all around, stirring up trouble, but also issuing a warning. And at the bottom, hidden within the name, there is an envelope with a dagger crossing it. Guard your truth? Be careful of what you say? Be awake, for words can harm you? Or else dip into and protect their power?

What’s you choose to read here is what is meant for you. I am guided to leave it there. To attempt to elaborate would be to meddle in your life and to endeavor to force a narrative upon your future.

Keywords from accompanying booklet: vigilance in minding what you say.






The Chariot

The woman in this card is alone. She is riding a bike. Her bike contains many tiny slices of new moon, or perhaps the moon waxing and waning? She has several tattoos – a bicycle, birds and three moons; take charge of your own destiny, trust your own navigation, look to the skies. These are dark, the opposite of those on the tyres, suggesting they are super important messages. Her feet are bare (freedom, authenticity) and she is wearing only a flimsy dress (self expression, choice). Also, is it spring or summer? Behind her there are many birds, and also several slices of moon and fluffy clouds. Noise!! Chatter!!! The sun, or moon, to her left is part covered in dark, menacing clouds. Are they trying to cover its beauty, conceal its power, obliterate its message. She is either travelling through something or fleeing something and yet there is no fear, only focus and determination.

The Chariot represents the need for choice, presenting the options to us. Traditionally, there are two sphinxes – one white, one black – and I usually read it as: time to pick a side. Yet here it feels like the side is already picked and the action is already taken, so it’s simply a matter of holding your ground, staying balanced and in your centre and continuing to move forwards.

Keywords from accompanying booklet: proper use of control; willpower; momentum.



Be not afraid, only believe. (Mark 5:36)

As I sit down to write this, the time is 15.15 on the 18th January 2021, which strikes me as pertinent.

15.15 = 1+5 . 1+5 = 6.6

18, 01, 2021 = 1+8+0+1+2+0+2+1 = 15 = 1+5 = 6

So one could say that the numbers add up in a way that is significant, which has been talked about a lot lately (in certain circles), so immediately draws my attention.

Also, when talking about God and Jesus and using religious oracle cards, Loving Words from Jesus by Doreen Virtue, it seems pretty relevant. Heaven and Hell go hand in hand. If you believe in one then you must also lend credence to the other. For every light there is an equal opposing dark, etc.

Is this a warning? Step away. Stop. Do not meddle. You have no place being where you are right now.

Or is is a message? Do not be afraid. Have faith. I am right there with you and I will protect you from harm. You are safe and you will be saved.

The message I asked for was “what would be most helpful for me to hear today?” And by me I mean the beautiful soul who has alighted here, the soul who I asked to be guided to this page so that it and it’s message could be of strength, use and comfort.

And the answer coming trust came forth is thus…

You feel like you have slipped and fallen. You feel like you are hurt and weak. You feel like you are stuck and drowning. You feel like you have been thrown into something deeper, darker and more sinister than you signed up for at your inception and that there is no way out now for you. You feel like the waters get colder and more turbulent and bent on destroying you each and every day. You feel like as the pace accelerates and the light fades you in your entirety is being swept away. You feel alone, stranded, without friends. You have lost much, perhaps everything. You do not know who to turn to, reach out to or trust. You may not even have anyone. You feel like it’s you against it all and your power and guidance are failing you. You can’t see straight, hear right, speak freely as you would wish to. And you are confused because on the surface the world still looks to be ok, although the veil is vanishing.

The card answers. Jesus hears you, sees you, acknowledges your struggles and pain. He is here for you, now as he always has been, and he will help you find your way. You have not been abandoned. He knows exactly where you are, and he will lift you out as soon as he deems the timing is right.

Note how he has a child in his arms. You are not the first he is rescuing. Perhaps up until now he has been busy working to help secure others who are much more vulnerable? In times of need, those whose need is greatest must always come first.

Help is on its way. Salvation is coming. Trust. Be patient. And have faith.

My experience is a clear indication of the thoughts I think.

“If you say to yourself: I am the creator of my experience, and I choose recovery at this time… you can recover. These words are easily said by us and not so easily heard by those who do not believe in their power to create, but your experience always reflects the balance of your thoughts. Your experience is a clear indication of the thoughts that you think. When you change the thoughts you are thinking, your experience, or indicator, must change, also. It is law.”

Health and the Law of Attraction cards by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

When asking how can I heal this (insert ‘this’ of your choice), my thoughts are thus…

This card speaks of the thorns you carry on your person, namely those that have been positioned behind your back.

Did you insert them?

Were they inherited?

Were they driven in either with or without your knowledge or consent?

Or were they accumulated as a result of your path through life?

How many of us feel this? Like we are the victims of lifetime’s of psychic attack.

The woman on this card has become aware of these things and is just awakening. She can sense that her spine is like a dragon’s back, finned with scales. Only the scales are thorns and blades that have been put there in an absence of love rather than in the Holy Creation Act.

She sees also that her own arms are like knives and that she too has been inadvertently adding to this collection of wounds. And in this seeing she realises, perhaps for the first time, that she can take action to release herself. No longer is she powerless. She can choose recovery any time she likes, it is simply a matter of letting go of everything she believes about her life, Self and environment.

This card seeks to shake/shock you awake with its message. Remember your own power for you are only a victim so long as you choose to believe in it. That story is not your own, it is not your birthright, it is not your Karma either. It was one you were given and told to own repeatedly until you at some point came to believe it.

Let go. Design a different future.


“I am committed to bringing forth my greatness. I will no longer play small.” Spirit Junkie card deck by Gabrielle Bernstein

The first thing to notice about this card is that the centre looks like an eye, or even, dare I say it, a vagina, opening up to embrace the world. It’s a waking up of something that has been barely awake or even absent and sleeping. We are being encouraged to focus on our intuition, to work on feeling through and seeing clearly from our all-seeing eye, and also feeling into and birthing from our centre for creating. Arise, therefore, and bring forth.

The next thing of note is the linking in the centre of the coloured ribbons or stripes, indicative of joined hands. It is a clarion call, a cry to action, asking those who are on the same page as this message and who are here receiving it to rise up and join in with others who are also awakening to speak of what they see.

There is blue: truth, emotional freedom. Yellow: that which your gut shares, the message in your belly. Green: health and healing through and from the heart. And pink: love, friendship, forgiveness, a softening into a more accepting and accommodating way of living your life.

And it’s a bit like a zebra, only you are being asked to be different. Stop thinking in terms of black and white. Stop choosing left or right, A or B, him or her, up or down, etc. Expand. Grow. Be bigger. For there are multiple explanations for everything that exists and many paths down which to flow.

Do not limit yourself. Be not afraid.

How can I attract more clients and grow my business? 🌳

In any business clients are key, because without people searching you out who are prepared to pay for what you are offering, you are really just an uninhabited house full of useful things, a tv playing to an empty room.

Clients are eyes on the page, subscribers to your channel, people following and liking you. They are influencers who share, recommend and widen your reach. Depending on your field, they are like children seeking toys, companions, parents and cures… or adults sourcing solutions, tools and mentorship. Clients need to be celebrated, rewarded, honoured and appreciated for what they are, because they are not just a means to an income, but a family and a life tribe.

Finding your tribe, building your community, therefore, is the secret to success. But how do we get there if we are stuck on that journey? What is blocking us from building the business and the life we desire?

The King of Cups shows where you are right now, which is deep in your heart. You have desire, passion, a goal and dream… but you are led by your emotions. This has got you a certain amount of the way – you know what you want, you care deeply about what you are trying to create – but beyond that you are stuck. You keep implementing the same strategies, carrying out the same tasks, but nothing is really growing. By focusing on what lights you up and brings you joy alone, you are neglecting the other components necessary to make a business function. Or maybe you are being carried away by what is in your heart and therefore not seeing things clearly. There is a lack of balance here. You are awash in emotion. And as necessary as it is to be in touch with your heart and honest and accommodating of your emotions: it is also important to be grounded and practical. Do you want to be clinging to a concrete throne in the middle of a changeable ocean, vulnerable to every inner and outer shift? Wouldn’t you rather be sat reclining on cushions beneath a shady terrace overlooking a landscaped garden bordered by a gentle stream?

The Magician shows us what the King of Cups has indicated, calling for the cultivation of more structure, order and balance. A master creator, his trick is in bringing all things together. Right now your focus is from the heart, on everything represented by the cups and water. You are doing what you love and what brings you joy because this is what you have been told will be successful. “Follow your heart,”, “do what lights you up,”, etc. But in order to succeed, to attract more clients, to build your business and community: you need to also include the other suits; the pentacles, wands and swords. Lay them all out on your table, use them equally, polish them all as tools. You don’t have to know it all intuitively or even do it all really well, you just need to acknowledge where there is an imbalance or a deficit and find someone who can help you or teach you what to do. The more you lean into the energy of balanced creation – a little bit of earth, a little bit of fire, a little bit of air and a little bit of water – the more you will start to see a return. For just as a garden needs soil, sunlight, fresh air and rain: so do all things we are looking to create.

The Four of Wands is the big reveal, showing us what lies ahead. This card represents balance and harmony, as well as celebration, union, community, family, homecoming, abundance, fortune and success. Essentially, everything we want to have and experience in life. This is a thumbs up card for what you are currently trying to grow, the universe signalling to you that it will happen if you follow the Magician’s advice. Bring together all your talents. Balance any deficits. Seek mentorship or tutelage where necessary. The four wands illustrate that we have grounded our desires and used our emotions to water and grow sturdy legs, creating a table upon which we have laid a rich spread. In addition, there is a shady canopy providing space and protection for your tribe to congregate beneath. This is one of the most positive cards in the tarot and one to be excited about. There is greatness in your future. It is within reach. Knowing this you have everything that is necessary to dream and do big.


If you would like to know more about what is going on right now and would also like to hear more about my thoughts… I discuss the things that are coming up for me and how I am attempting to mother, manage, navigate and clear them in my own life on my YouTube channel in a section called A Little Light.

There are also lots of tarot card readings covering topical issues, as well as love, relationships, career, health and life, etc.


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Why am I getting so upset? Dialing into triggers and the truth behind what they are really about. 🧯

Emotional triggers can be difficult to understand and even more to influence because they tend to be automatic, meaning they happen in the heat of the moment before we have a chance to see them coming or intervene.

For example:

When our boss admonishes us at work for something we have done incorrectly… we are cut to the core: the wound is visceral, and we might weep.

Equally, if a waitress is short with us, or a bus driver bemoans us for not having the correct change: we might freeze, losing our voice or else shrink inwards in shame.

These reactions are exaggerated. We are having a large response to a small event. On the physical plane, at least, the trauma is minor. In our minds, however, and energetically, it is immense. It has snatched us up and taken us hostage to an earlier time; an instance where we were treated in a way that didn’t feel safe. This could be being disciplined as a child in a setting where we were forced to be silent. Or the constant daily repetition of being told we aren’t good enough.

Emotional triggers are serious because they rob us of our composure and when we lose it, our foundations are weak. We are strong only when we are ourselves as a fully integrated adult, when we are calm and reserved and grounded in our sense of self and place.

We all have people and things that cause us to lose it. And sometimes we are more than justified in our response. Perhaps we need to stand up for ourselves and exert our boundaries, because if we don’t no one else will. Perhaps we are on the path of learning to treat ourselves with more respect and love. But perhaps, too, this response is harmful, filling us up with excess cortisol and adrenaline, causing our nervous system to go into overdrive.

With all things, there is a balance and getting it right is a skill that constantly needs to be tweaked. Nobody is perfect. Even after years of therapy, I still unravel when the circumstances are right. What we can all do though is learn to see more clearly and endeavour to be more conscious, because the clearer we see and the more conscious we are, the less likely we are to shape shift in the heat of the moment.

The King of Pentacles reveals how we want to experience the world and how we would like to be treated by others.

In this world: we are king. We own a sizeable kingdom, over which we have control. We have everything we need: its presence guaranteed. As such we are comfortable and secure. And we feel protected and provided for.

It’s kind of like how our inner child envisions our life. Or how we wish it was and are always working towards achieving. We get upset, therefore, when we are challenged (our actions, choices, opinions…) because anyone questioning us and our ability threatens the foundations. We do not have deep roots. Any sharp breeze or medium-strength gust could uproot us.

This card indicates that what we most strongly desire – home, sanctuary, love, status, financial security, etc., still eludes us. And suggests that attempting to hold onto what we have managed to accumulate: a property we rent, a job that’s unstable, a partner who we don’t like or who might leave us, etc…? is causing us conflict. In many ways, we feel like an imposter because we are trying to balance two things – what we want and what we have – and it is dividing us, and this is where the triggering occurs. The King of Pentacles reveals this and shows us that we need to make a choice. Do we play it safe and stay where we are, or do we opt for transformation and adventure?

And this is where the Two of Wands comes in. In this card we see a man holding two poles, grappling with a decision. Does he choose the left, representing staying put, or the right, representing action? This here is our trigger. We are unhappy with where we are in our lives. We are tired of all of the compromises. We want mastery and to be in control. We are old enough, surely, and wise enough. We have worked hard thus far. But we are like this man: a peasant standing guard over someone else’s kingdom.

This card is a call to action. Decide to stay put and choose to accept what you have now and where you are and put down all complaints against it, surrendering your free will. Or act, walking away from everything that you know and have built in order to start again.

The Four of Swords is how we move towards a revolution and how we lend support to our triggered parts. In this card we see a tomb inside a sarcophagus, inside of which, we presume, there is a man. This card is suggesting that we allow a part of us time to rest, laying him or her aside for a period. In this sealed and protected space, we can drift into sleep, away from anxiety, worry, fear, concern, drama and conflict. A part of us can take a break, going on an inner retreat. This part isn’t dead, only sleeping, and once he or she is done, rested and recovered, they can be returned to us and our world.

The King of Swords offers us an alternative to the King of Pentacles energy: a new throne, and suggests we work to own it. In this picture the wealth we possess is knowledge and the kingdom we have mastery over is truth. If we can understand that our learning and what we choose to do with it is our power, far more than money ever will be, then we can have freedom from our triggers. Because no one can take the wealth of what we know and choose to believe away from us unless we permit it.

Are you ready to walk this path?

Are you brave enough to make some decisions?

This reading is a call to action, if ever there was one, but if you are here you are ready.


If you would like to know more about what is going on right now and would also like to hear more about my thoughts… I discuss the things that are coming up for me and how I am attempting to mother, manage, navigate and clear them in my own life on my YouTube channel in a section called A Little Light.

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What does my inner child need from me right now and how can I be of better service? 🧃🍦

If you are anything like me, you will have found the past four months deeply triggering: external events and the lack of solid facts waking wounds and insecurities you thought you had healed. As human beings, we need certain things in order to function properly; one of which is control over our lives. We also need to feel financially secure, or at least secure enough so that we can keep a roof over our heads and food on our tables in whatever way that translates for us. And we need people too, to take us out of our heads, to be a mirror to who we are and how we act, and to act as family and community. None of this has been available, at least not in the way we have previously known, and this has challenged, changed and provoked our thinking, seeing and experiencing, along with what we think we can expect to think, feel and experience in the future.

So our inner children are unsettled and creating chaos, because if you were little and suddenly got told by your parents that you couldn’t go out anymore and do the things that you love, or see your friends without wearing a mask for protection and didn’t know if you would still have your house next month, your parents their jobs, and you couldn’t go on holiday or buy new things because money was scarce and needed to be conserved not squandered, you’d be asking to be held and heard too.

So what can we do and how can we help?

The Eight of Swords shows us exactly what our inner child is experiencing and this looks a lot like persecution. The woman in the picture has been cast out, exiled from her rose-coloured castle on the mountain top. Left in the middle of nowhere in a clearing on the edge of the forest; tied up and blindfolded: she is unwanted and imprisoned, or this is how it feels to her.

She experiences this as:

  • nobody cares about me; and
  • I am a burden.

And, to a degree, she is correct. We have abandoned her – because she makes us feel uncomfortable, because she experiences the world viscerally, and in our current position of worry and overwhelm, we do not feel able to accommodate that. We are just about able to hold ourselves together, to contain our current version of self-created reality. To let her in, to experience her in all of her anguish and discomfort, all of her messy rage, is to risk all of that crumbling and with it the full weight of the truth as it comes crashing in. This card is predominantly about difficulties in overcoming restriction. It is a metaphor for both the external world and also the inner one. Look closely at how you feel about the world and how you feel it treats you and then reflect on how you treat your inner child. Could there be synchronicities here? If you were kinder to your inner child, do you think maybe the world, the Grand Mother and Great Father, would in turn be kinder to you?

The Nine of Pentacles shows us what she would prefer and what is possible if we can reintegrate her. We can view this card as a mirror for the previous card, an alternate version of the same reality. Instead of being cast out from the rose-coloured castle, this woman lives happily inside of it, free to move around as she pleases, visiting the garden, tending to the plants, mixing with and befriending the animals. The creatures are her friends here, and the environment works in harmony with her own energy system. She is a co-creator in this landscape. Think how happy and healthy we could be if only we could trust this, if we could open ourselves up to the possibility that our inner child is both our ally and our friend. This card represents success and enjoyment and what could be ours with a little work.

The King of Pentacles is the ultimate goal, for he not only lives in the castle but also owns it. If we can trust in our inner power, in our ability to do and create what we set our hearts to and our minds upon, we can live with our inner children, trusting in our ability to take care of both them and ourselves, all working together to create wealth, health and harmony. If we look at the journey of the cards, all we need in order to feel settled, safe, secure, sane, cheerful, capable and grounded, is to take off the blindfold and trust in our version of the world. Be the creator. Make pretty pictures with grey crayons. This card represents financial stability and security, a future that is waiting to come in when we are ready.


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