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Because no two people (or animals – I work with them too) are the same, I tailor my approach to the individual. For this reason, I offer a broad spectrum of healing modalities and prefer to work with a combination instead of just one at a time.

This means that if you come to see me for a crystal healing session, for example, you may well also receive some reiki healing as well as some spiritual counselling. And if you come for a card reading, you might also get a chord-cutting + aura healing or a flower + crystal essences prescription.

This approach strengthens the healing you get, both inside and outside of the room, making it more lasting and durable.


The different healings and modalities I practice include:

reiki | spiritual healing | chakra balancing | aura repair | core wound work | inner child work | chord-cutting | trauma release | past life healing | rebirthing | resolution therapy | spiritual counselling | transpersonal counselling | psychotherapy | petaltone, crystal and flower essences therapy | crystal healing | crystal therapy | aromatherapy | angelic + spirit guidance | tarot | oracle cards | EFT | Matrix Reimprinting | acupressure | meditation | guided visualisation | hypnosis | bodywork | breathwork | yoga nidra.

I offer stand-alone sessions of the following:

β€’ Spiritual Counselling
β€’ Spiritual Healing
β€’ Crystal Healing + Therapy
β€’ Reiki
β€’ Guided Visualisation + Meditation
β€’ Flower Essences Therapy
β€’ Tarot + Oracle Cards
β€’ Angelic Guidance


To find out more, select what you are interested in from the list above.

If you are interested in something specific – like chord-cutting, for example – visit my contact page and send me a message with some basic details about what you would like to achieve and we can work out how best to proceed from there.

In addition:

  • If you have any questions, or if there is anything that you would like to know, please email me.
  • If you are interested in a package: also, send me an email.
  • To see me immediately, click here to book a session.


To be healed is having an awareness that you were never broken

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