Is it in my highest good to walk away from this relationship ‘right now’, or am I supposed to stay where I am for the time being? 🧵

Relationship reading for romantic, familial and platonic relationships to see if the person in question is worth all of the effort and/or even supposed to still be in your life.

Relationships can be tricky things, especially if we really care for the person we are with, and even more so if we have been together for a long time. But regardless of the duration of your relationship: knowing whether you are in the right place and just journeying through something on a cosmic level that needs to be aired and shared and is supposed to be happening to and for the both of you in order for a trauma (yours or ancestral) to be healed, or whether you are stuck stubbornly treading water because the path you were on together has reached its end and you just aren’t ready to see and accept that as the case yet, is pretty important and vital. Getting it wrong can lead to unnecessary pain and cost time in years. We come together for a reason, always, no matter who we are with and who we meet. Even the disasters are supposed to be. What isn’t supposed to be, however, is a prolonged bad anything. It is not ok to be in a relationship where there is a lack of respect. It is not ok for there to be a dismissal of personal boundaries. It is not ok for there to be shouting and anger and unkind words if those actions aren’t swiftly followed by a retraction, surrender and apology. There are good relationships and there are bad relationships and there are extenuating circumstances. But even here there are lines and there is a limit to what we should be ok with.

Are you putting up with more than you should be and accepting less than you deserve?

Are you in a stalemate and waiting for someone who doesn’t want to, or has been left behind, to catch up and change?

Are you accepting second, or even third or fourth, best behaviour when you need and in your heart you know you should be experiencing so much more?

This reading is intended to be a guide to help you to sort through the questions that you are juggling so that you can come away feeling more decided and clear. It is not a black and white answer. It is not a “yes” or “no”. It is a conversation you can have with yourself while or after you are listening to me to hold up the mirror of truth to what is. What you do next is up to you.

This reading’s cards come from the Dreaming Way Tarot; deck by Rome Choi, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. with artwork by Kwon Shina. Check out their website if you can find it (I can’t) if you like what you see and see or go to Amazon to get your own deck.

The cards drawn are:

  • The Wheel of Fortune
  • The Six of Pentacles
  • The Seven of Swords
  • The Nine of Pentacles

Watch the video below to find out what it’s message is. Then send me a message and share what it awoke or sparked in you.

Below is a brief summary of the cards pulled in case you don’t have time to watch the video. But you will get much more from it if you do.

The Wheel of Fortune sits in the position of the past and shows a women spinning at a wheel with a spindle, trying but failing to spin a perfect spool of yarn. She’s on her knees, up close and personal to her equipment, putting her heart and soul into it. And her intentions are pure. Yet we can see she’s failing miserably, unable to produce a satisfactory, or even a useable, result. Instead, what she is producing appears to be a tangled mess. This card indicates that in the past you have tried, over and over, to create and to live within a healthy right relationship with both yourself and your partner(s) but there have been blocks that have always stood in your way and no matter how often you showed up or how hard you tried, something was always there thwarting your efforts and tearing your achievements and progress down. Perhaps this was just your fate and there is/was nothing you can or could have done about it? Perhaps it’s because it takes two to create a beautiful relationship and you have/are mostly sat working the wheel alone? Or perhaps it’s simply because you are forever choosing the wrong thread? Sit with this and reassess the situation and let that guide you how to best continue.

The Six of Pentacles sits in the position of the present and shows us a woman begging at the feet of a man. She is wearing white, as well as wearing a turban, which shows us she is on a spiritual path and that her intentions, at least here, are pure. Next to her there is a beggar, humbled and desperate, happy to accept any scraps that are given regardless of their quantity or quality. But the man they are prostrating themselves to, who looks at least materially wealthy, as in rich in objects and earthly things, is on a different path and has distractions which do not concern them. They are there as dependants, things that need taking care of once in a while, things that can be subdued and placated with a little every so often, like a pet, but not there as a focus of energy or attention in his life. Neither the woman nor the beggar are a priority, or even of much concern or importance at all. Which leaves the woman having to pay for the attention and time she gets in acts of service and kindness and the beggar involuntarily wearing a crown of humility and gratitude for something that is essentially useless. One has become a prostitute in an attempt to get their needs met, the other an acolyte. And all the while the former is still hoping to receive time and tenderness and the latter something useful like a job. This card is calling into question the matter of balance in your life and how even and fair things are. If there is inequality in your relationship; if one person is giving too much and the other showing up only to take: things need talking about and changing immediately if there is to be a harmonious future ahead.

The Seven of Swords – which pairs with this card in the present – highlights more energetic imbalances. Here we see a man running away from us, legging it home in order to stash his horde of swords. He is a thief, running off with what isn’t his because instead of earning it fairly or being given it freely as something that wanted to be given, he has snuck in and taken it regardless, to have and to keep all for himself. There is no unity here, no comradeship, no ‘you’ and ‘me’. It is all ‘mine’, ‘mine’, ‘mine’; absolutely no sharing. This man is scared that he will not have enough or not be prepared for whatever it is he believes is coming and for that reason he is not working together with you; he is just building his own home according to his design. This could be a mental home or a career home, but it’s not a love one. For a love reading: note how there are no love or romance cards. We are lacking the suit of Cups. And we are lacking the energy of union and comradeship too. It’s each to their own and one man against the world, so where does that leave you? Maybe you are included in this ‘my house’, ‘my world’ mentality. And if so: is it where you really want to be? Is it the energy you want to fill a home with? And if not: where does that leave you and what is happening to your house?

The Nine of Pentacles sits in the space of the future and shows us a woman celebrating financial success after having planted a crop of seeds which have grown to yield a healthy crop. This card is telling us that we have to separate our energies and focus more on ourselves. Which means we also have to stop pouring all of our time and energy into others. The overriding message here is, “first fix yourself”, applying your own oxygen mask before turning to the problems and dramas of those around you, for they will always be there and you can never keep up because the world is forever turning. If you can do this while in your current relationship and choose to do so: then by all means try. The universe is behind you here because it’s in the cards for you to succeed in what you turn your hand to. But if you find that you are too distracted or your time is not your own, or you are not emotionally able to focus on or begin anything from the space you are in now: then the message is to cut the thread, disentangle your energy and your life and begin again alone. You are strong and whatever you apply yourself to, so long as you are not distracted by things that are outside of and, ultimately, beyond your grasp, will grow. Decide how you want to grow and what you want to be growing and then figure out the type of soil you need to be tilling and nurturing.


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What does my inner child need from me right now and how can I be of better service? 🧃🍦

If you are anything like me, you will have found the past four months deeply triggering: external events and the lack of solid facts waking wounds and insecurities you thought you had healed. As human beings, we need certain things in order to function properly; one of which is control over our lives. We also need to feel financially secure, or at least secure enough so that we can keep a roof over our heads and food on our tables in whatever way that translates for us. And we need people too, to take us out of our heads, to be a mirror to who we are and how we act, and to act as family and community. None of this has been available, at least not in the way we have previously known, and this has challenged, changed and provoked our thinking, seeing and experiencing, along with what we think we can expect to think, feel and experience in the future.

So our inner children are unsettled and creating chaos, because if you were little and suddenly got told by your parents that you couldn’t go out anymore and do the things that you love, or see your friends without wearing a mask for protection and didn’t know if you would still have your house next month, your parents their jobs, and you couldn’t go on holiday or buy new things because money was scarce and needed to be conserved not squandered, you’d be asking to be held and heard too.

So what can we do and how can we help?

The Eight of Swords shows us exactly what our inner child is experiencing and this looks a lot like persecution. The woman in the picture has been cast out, exiled from her rose-coloured castle on the mountain top. Left in the middle of nowhere in a clearing on the edge of the forest; tied up and blindfolded: she is unwanted and imprisoned, or this is how it feels to her.

She experiences this as:

  • nobody cares about me; and
  • I am a burden.

And, to a degree, she is correct. We have abandoned her – because she makes us feel uncomfortable, because she experiences the world viscerally, and in our current position of worry and overwhelm, we do not feel able to accommodate that. We are just about able to hold ourselves together, to contain our current version of self-created reality. To let her in, to experience her in all of her anguish and discomfort, all of her messy rage, is to risk all of that crumbling and with it the full weight of the truth as it comes crashing in. This card is predominantly about difficulties in overcoming restriction. It is a metaphor for both the external world and also the inner one. Look closely at how you feel about the world and how you feel it treats you and then reflect on how you treat your inner child. Could there be synchronicities here? If you were kinder to your inner child, do you think maybe the world, the Grand Mother and Great Father, would in turn be kinder to you?

The Nine of Pentacles shows us what she would prefer and what is possible if we can reintegrate her. We can view this card as a mirror for the previous card, an alternate version of the same reality. Instead of being cast out from the rose-coloured castle, this woman lives happily inside of it, free to move around as she pleases, visiting the garden, tending to the plants, mixing with and befriending the animals. The creatures are her friends here, and the environment works in harmony with her own energy system. She is a co-creator in this landscape. Think how happy and healthy we could be if only we could trust this, if we could open ourselves up to the possibility that our inner child is both our ally and our friend. This card represents success and enjoyment and what could be ours with a little work.

The King of Pentacles is the ultimate goal, for he not only lives in the castle but also owns it. If we can trust in our inner power, in our ability to do and create what we set our hearts to and our minds upon, we can live with our inner children, trusting in our ability to take care of both them and ourselves, all working together to create wealth, health and harmony. If we look at the journey of the cards, all we need in order to feel settled, safe, secure, sane, cheerful, capable and grounded, is to take off the blindfold and trust in our version of the world. Be the creator. Make pretty pictures with grey crayons. This card represents financial stability and security, a future that is waiting to come in when we are ready.


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