Dark Days.

There are many who are confused right now, not sure what to think or feel. There are others who are living in fear of everything that is pumped out. And more, still, who were living in hope, who were waking and rising and ascending, who have recently suffered a set back and are now experiencing a dark night of sorts. These people have touched me in multiple ways and changed the course of my journey: for as we all know, our threads are connected; what one of us does, thinks, hears, feels, applies to us all.

This message is for you, as well as for those who are already fully comfortable, confident and actualised. It’s been an intense 14 months and already a crazy year.

So my question today is: What lies ahead?… because I feel that is what we most would like to know.

We have all lost the rug that was situated beneath us (whether that be 5, 10, 20, 50… years ago, or several months, weeks or days…) and discovered that what we thought we knew, what we learned and what we were told and taught, is simply part of a narrative. The truth, if we seek to find it, if we can stomach such a rude awakening in our bodies and in our lives, is far more complex and nefarious. For those of you who know: you know. And for those who don’t: perhaps that’s just fine; perhaps it’s where you should be right now and even for the rest of your journey. Opening the lid on Pandora’s box is not a thing to do lightly, nor a thing that work or serves for all.

Deck used is Dark Days tarot written by Emily Mundy and illustrated and designed by Wren McMurdo. It felt like an apt deck.

The Page of Swords

In the centre of this black card there is a white rose with four leaves that curve and sweep outwards to wrap themselves over and around the two circles of delicate outlined flowers that are crowding its girth. This is as a garden beginning to grow, a gathering around a leader, those who are new and freshly arisen, who have only just broken through the earth’s crusted surface reaching up towards the light and in towards that which appears strongest and most confident. They seek a parent, perhaps, or else a leader, and this large white rose is the first thing they see. Like a child, they imprint upon it and then wait to see what they are shown, taught and told. Is this the Christed Light? Or a being from the future? Or else an Angel come to earth to save them or some other high vibrational being? Or is it simply the largest, strongest flower, that will in time rise and swell to overshadow them and block the light? You decide.

Around this circle there is an outer circle of heads, each resembling a phase of the moon, therefore representing the lunar cycle. Their heads are bare. Their eyes are closed. They are entranced. Only their tongues are active and they are barbed. They whisper lies to each other and also everyone else who can hear, and the poor newbie flowers, because they are contained within this greater circumference, are subject to it all. Day after day. Hour after hour…. Birds hover and fly all around, stirring up trouble, but also issuing a warning. And at the bottom, hidden within the name, there is an envelope with a dagger crossing it. Guard your truth? Be careful of what you say? Be awake, for words can harm you? Or else dip into and protect their power?

What’s you choose to read here is what is meant for you. I am guided to leave it there. To attempt to elaborate would be to meddle in your life and to endeavor to force a narrative upon your future.

Keywords from accompanying booklet: vigilance in minding what you say.






The Chariot

The woman in this card is alone. She is riding a bike. Her bike contains many tiny slices of new moon, or perhaps the moon waxing and waning? She has several tattoos – a bicycle, birds and three moons; take charge of your own destiny, trust your own navigation, look to the skies. These are dark, the opposite of those on the tyres, suggesting they are super important messages. Her feet are bare (freedom, authenticity) and she is wearing only a flimsy dress (self expression, choice). Also, is it spring or summer? Behind her there are many birds, and also several slices of moon and fluffy clouds. Noise!! Chatter!!! The sun, or moon, to her left is part covered in dark, menacing clouds. Are they trying to cover its beauty, conceal its power, obliterate its message. She is either travelling through something or fleeing something and yet there is no fear, only focus and determination.

The Chariot represents the need for choice, presenting the options to us. Traditionally, there are two sphinxes – one white, one black – and I usually read it as: time to pick a side. Yet here it feels like the side is already picked and the action is already taken, so it’s simply a matter of holding your ground, staying balanced and in your centre and continuing to move forwards.

Keywords from accompanying booklet: proper use of control; willpower; momentum.



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