You are a creatrix but you do not need to be beholden to the matrix.

This card is a beautiful reminder that what we see is not all there is, and, therefore, what we have in our lives is not all that is available to us.

If we can just believe in ourselves and remember that we are powerful creators – especially women, for they hold within them the wisdom to birth new life – then we can begin to generate new growth in our present reality each and every day.

You are not stuck. You are not powerless. You are not some helpless, hapless leaf, gusting around on every will and whim of air. You are a special, precious and unique being with the power to transform and create.

Set your intentions on the outcome you wish to generate. Channel energy into it multiple times a day. Visualise it as your reality. See it, smell it, hear it, touch it, taste it. Walk around it and interact with its contents. Pad out the people, animals, places and locations. Hug and talk to the trees, water the flowers, lie down on the ground and stare up at the sky while allowing the sun to gently caress you, etc. Wake up thanking it and go to sleep with it on your mind with the intention to visit it in your dreams. Become super familiar. Treat it like it already exists in a quantum universe you are experimenting with and checking out. Because it does. And you are.

Life doesn’t always gift us the path we desire or the journeying experience we would choose if choosing were an option. Oftentimes the course is hard and the direction unclear. There will be periods of hardship, heartbreak, health crises. We will be called upon to walk blindly and to rely solely on our faith. We might trip. We might break. We might fall apart. But inside all of us there is a bright spark, an inextinguishable light and an inexhaustible packet of seeds from which to plan and grow ventures. It doesn’t matter if you are down on your luck. It doesn’t matter if you are bereaved and bereft. If doesn’t matter if everyone has left you and you are entirely alone. This is but a moment in time and time is always changing. This too will pass. I say this not from ignorance or arrogance or to downplay the energy and strength rising up takes…. but from personal experience. If you are not dead, it’s not the end yet. And if it’s not the end, then the possibilities are still endless. You can heal if you believe you can. You can begin again if you truly will it. So go dream a new world into being and give birth to new life.

Deck used is the Work your Light oracle by Rebecca Campbell.

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