Dream the seeds of thought into action.

Today’s cards are Change and Dream. And the focus is: what to work on this week. Think about the things in your life that feel stuck, stagnant, stale, sticky, sickly, etc. How do you feel about them? What reactions and emotions do they evoke in you? How would you better like for things to be?

Take these thoughts and apply them to what you intuit from below, because your response, and therefore message, will be individual and unique to you.

Deck used is the Fuzzy Prism Oracle by Holly Simple.

Change shows a circle, let’s call her the Moon, holding up two crescents. She, the Moon, is crying, or else her eyes have been sewn closed so she is no longer seeing in the literal sense that we all do. Instead, she has unclipped/torn/removed the two crescents from in front of her third eye, her all-seeing eye, and extended them way up above her head to see more clearly.

Take a leaf out of her book and close your own two visible eyes. Sit and connect to your third eye and then reach up and push out. Look down on your life and the world around you. What do you see? What do you like, and not like? What advise would you give yourself about how to proceed? Tune into this seeing instead of seeing in the way you are most familiar with and see how helpful it is as you explore the week.

Stepping back from a situation. Rising above it and looking down from a higher vantage point. Getting a different perspective… all help us to see and understand more clearly. In the thick of it, to coin a metaphor, “we can’t see the wood for the trees”.

Dream continues the eye theme, this time just with a lone third eye. It is open, almost too wide, like it has woken up and started seeing things and can’t then shut them out or close down enough to even sleep. This eye looks strung out and worried. It is piercing. It doesn’t let up. It has us hooked.

And yet we can’t stay on always, in the same way as we can’t stay off as much as we might like to. Life is full of change. Nothing stays the same. Therefore, we cannot be complacent. What we love will be lost. What we treasure will be taken. What we rely upon might shut down. And maybe you will be lucky and have a relatively easy journey, only losing people and things at the right time, when they would have been lost anyways. But most likely, mostly because you are here, you will not. Most likely you have lost someone you love way before their time, you will have had friendships stolen and relationships shattered, family sicken and die. You will have been burgled, mugged, molested, violated, ostracised, abandoned, betrayed. You will have experienced mental and/or physical difficulty and ill health. And because of this you will have found out how the world really works and who you can and cannot rely upon. Hard lessons. Tough love.

So perhaps you are a little strung out. Perhaps you are not sleeping. Perhaps you are going to bed far too late, torturing yourself trying to keep up with all that is happening around you.

The message here is Dream. I.E. go to bed earlier; read something soft and light; take a natural sleep aid and catch up on that precious sleep. And when you allow yourself to do this properly, lovingly, respectfully… you will begin to dream. And as those dreams evolve, night after night, they will allow your body to process all that it has been through, and your mind to release and cleanse itself of the trauma. Then, beneath that, that work done, you will get to the real gold, the dreams that can help you to decide and devine your future. Because the best way to elicit change, as in positive change for growth, is to dream the seeds of thought into action.