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I work with a growing number of decks, adding-to and expanding my collection as guided *.

* I am also open to learning new decks; so if you would like to work with me and have a specific deck in mind, we can discuss this in your first appointment.


Below is my CARD GARDEN, displayed first as thumbnails, then later as larger prints.

As one would water a planter, prune a herb tray and weed a front yard… I tend to mine with flower essences, essential oils, palo santo and crystals. Afterall: the better I treat them the better they treat you.


If you would like to work with a specific deck, let me know at the beginning of the session. Otherwise I will pick intuitively. Likewise, if you request a specific deck and I don’t feel the vibe; with your permission I will suggest an alternative.

Every deck has a different energy, thanks to its creator and designer and the energy and intention behind it. It’s all about how you, I and it resonate. Getting it right is the key to a good reading **.

** If a reading is evasive or cloudy, chances are you have the wrong deck.


SCROLL DOWN for larger images and the energy and focus of each deck ***.

Cards are listed in order of ownership(when I came upon them…) rather than preference. I have my favourites, but they shiftvarying with my mood, environment, clients, the time of the month, phase of the moon and season.

*** See bottom of page.


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I have been journeying through the tarot personally and with clients for many years but I have never written any of it down. Recently I was asked to write a series of articles based on my reading of some of the cards and (for those who are interested) I have decided to share them here.

MY INTERPRETATION (of some of the cards…)

In addition, after starting a one-month Instagram challenge on Tarot in January, I was guided to continue with the journey for as long as felt right (or until I was instructed otherwise). When it was done, I was to collect each card interpretation and produce a book so that they would be easier to access and study. The book would be a powerful resource and self-help tool for those looking to gain greater self-understanding and inner and outer child healing.

We all have wounds the only difference is whether we choose to commit to the job and the journey of healing what is quintessentially wrong.

What follows is my personal interpretation of the cards. It comes from my head, my heart, my gut, my womb, my higher-self, my ancestors and my guides…

I have combined it with a daily flower essence remedy to further deepen the healing. And – being a firm believer in taking one’s own advice – I took as I wrote. If you choose to undertake this journey, you walk where I have been.

An intuitive Journey through the Tarot,
for Divine Guidance to Pressing Concerns
by Rebecca L. Atherton


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My CARD GARDEN (enlarged) :

The Sharman-Caselli tarot deck by Juliet Sharman-Burke and Giovanni Caselli – based on the Original Rider-Waite Smith, referencing the same labelling system, archetypes and symbols.

The Original Rider-Waite tarot deck, as conceived by A. E. Waite and Pamela Coleman Smith – one of the most popular and probably the most commonly-used decks, steeped in authenticity and times past.

The Radiant Rider-Waite tarot deck by A. E. Waite and Pamela Colman Smith – a slightly brighter and clearer version of the above.

The Angel Tarot deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine – for those who wish to work with angelic energy or who think, know they are angels here on earth.

The Fairy Tarot deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine – for those who wish to work with nature spirits or who feel like they are or might once have been a fairy. A softer, friendlier approach to the older/traditional decks.

The Magical Mermaids and Dolphins oracle deck by Doreen Virtue – suitable for all ages. For self-esteem, manifestation and emotional healing.

The Archangel Oracle deck by Doreen Virtue – guidance and prompts from God’s nearest and dearest circle of friends.

The Angel Answers oracle deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine – similar to the above, only instead of a broad outlook you get a simple yes/no.

The Healing with the Angels oracle deck by Doreen Virtue – the original deck that started this woman’s incredible journey. Full of vibes.

The Romance Angels oracle deck by Doreen Virtue – for matters pertaining to love.

The Crystal Reading Cards the Healing Oracle deck by Rachelle Charman – crystal perscriptions… to compliment traditional readings, so you know what to work on at home.

The Life Purpose oracle deck by Doreen Virtue – advice for those trying to figure it out.

The Magical Unicorns oracle deck by Doreen Virtue – messages and guidance related to your present life, future and spiritual path. Suitable for all ages.

The Nature’s Whispers oracle deck by Angela Hartfield and Josephine Wall – stunning images to stir and evoke the earth goddess in you.

The Archangel Raphael Healing oracle deck by Doreen Virtue – tips, tricks and advice from the angel of healing.

The Gateway Oracle deck by Denise Linn – life path guidance for all stages of the journey.

The Enchanted Map oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid – advice and guidance on your journey. For the best next step.

El Ángel de los Sueños oracle deck by Doreen Virtue and Melissa Virtue – my one Spanish deck, for understanding dream symbols and harnessing their power.

The Chakra Wisdom oracle deck by Tori Hartman * and Gretchen Raisch-Baskin – to pinpoint which parts of your life are out of balance and where in your chakras to focus to heal them.

* Extra-special because I met her in London at a workshop and she signed it for me.

The Life Loves You oracle deck by Louise Hay and Robert Holden – shiny, happy messages, full of self-mothering tips.

The Miracles Now oracle deck by Gabrielle Bernstein – personal empowerment prompts.

The Flower Therapy oracle deck by Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves – flowers for meditation and medicine.

The Messages from your Angels oracle deck by Doreen Virtue – a way to access what your angels keep telling you and really want you to know.

The Crazy, Sexy Love Notes oracle deck by Kris Carr – from the woman who beat cancer and made a film all about it… a feel-good, pick-me-up, pep-talk, armoury of esteem and love.

The Crystal Wisdom oracle deck by Judy Hall – crystal healing from the crystal queen.

The Fountain Tarot deck by Jonathan Saiz – explores themes of sacred geometry, divinity, universal archetypes, psychology and the many facets of the human heart.

The Past Life oracle deck by Doreen Virtue and Brian L. Weiss – for healing past life stuff and getting help and advice from your olderselves to help in this one.

The Dreamingway tarot deck by Rome Choi and Kwon Shin – a stunningly illustrated deck full of honest, gentle truths that still throw a mean punch when necessary.

The Mythic Tarot deck by Juliette Sharman-Burke and Liz Greene – for those who like ancient history, full of Gods, Goddesses, demigods, heroes and villains from Ancient Greek mythology and legend.

The Affirmators! oracle deck by Suzi Barrett – down-to-earth advice without the hippie-ness, for those who are allergic to all things ‘spiritual’ or just stepping onto the path. My go-to! boy deck.

The Archangel Gabriel oracle deck by Doreen Virtue – a deck for ‘birthing’ dealing with matters pertaining to conception, adoption, pregnancy, childbirth and raising, and for messengers such as teach­ers, counselors, writers, artists, and actors.

The Fairytale Oracle deck by Lucy Cavendish – examines the light as well as shadow aspects of these popular archetypes, using stories to teach.

The Shadowsapes Tarot deck by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law – six years in the making… a hypnotic world of colorful dragons, armoured knights, looming castles and willowy fairies dancing on air.

The Original Dog Tarot deck by Heidi Schulman – a fortune-telling deck for determining what makes your dog’s mind tick.

The Seeds of Shakti oracle deck by Sharron Basanti – inspired by India’s spirituality; bright, colourful and brimful of things like chakras, mandalas and mantras.

The Fortune Cookies oracle deck by Sharina Star – advice on the go for use in-between visits to Chinese restaurants.

The Bach Flower oracle deck by Susanne Winberg – for those who work with and/or love the Bach Flower Essences this beautiful deck is the perfect compliment.

The Create a Story cards by eeboo – fairytale mix-ups for putting your own story into words. Suitable for children young and old.

The Vessel Oracle deck by Mary Elizabeth Evans – for getting to know your heart more deeply, so that you can heal wounds and open yourself up to the variety of experiences available to you.

The Affirmators! Love & Reltionships deck by Suzi Barrett – positive love affirmations to help you help yourself. (Sister to the orignal Affirmators! deck)


The I Am One Tarot deck by …

The Universal Love Oracle by …

The Dreaminng Way Tarot by …

The Solar Wanderer’s Tarot by …

The Moon Angels Oracle by Rebekah Erev …

The Goddess Oracle by …

The Namaste Blessing and Divination cards by Toni Carmine Salerno …

The Ask and It Is Given cards by Esther and Jerry Hicks …

The Crystal Angels oracle cards by Doreen Virtue …

The Wander’s Tarot by …

The Dark Days tarot by…

Ascended Masters oracle deck by Doreen Virtue …


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