What I believe:

You are precious. You are special. You are loved. You deserve to be happy! If you are suffering; it is not your fault. Life is unpredictable. It is often full of challenge. Sometimes it is easy, and sometimes it is hard. There cannot be sunshine every day. For just as the ground needs rain; so our souls need change and conflict in order to evolve.

I truely believe that everything happens for a reason. Ask not why is this happening to me, but why is this happening for me, for this is the way to grow.

What I do:

I use a variety of modalities in my work, modifying my approach to fit the individual. After all: we are all unique. What works for you won’t necessarily work for the next person, or the one after, or the one after that, etc.

My work is centred on personal growth and self-development. Along with emotional well-being and physical health.

I specialise in inner child work and self-love, because I believe that this is what lies at the centre of all of our injuries, ailments and pain.

How I work:

I work from a place of love. Everything I do is love-driven and love-led; for without love, there can be no healing.

Don’t worry if you don’t love yourself Y E T, or if you have D I F F I C U L T Y connecting to that part. That’s what I A M : here for, and before long you will be too.

The healing I practice:

The healing I practice is gentle and kind and individually tailored. It only moves as fast as you are able to go, and it will never seek to upset, hurt or push you.

It operates on three levels – physical, mental and spiritual, and can significantly improve or cure: most things.

However, as with everything: what you get out is equal to what you put in. If you are resistant to the healing, not quite ready to let go, or reluctant to make a change… progress will be slow and in some cases negligible. For this reason, please make sure you ask yourself if you are ready for this treatment before contacting me. I say this from a place of LOVE, for it is your time you will be wasting, and your time is a precious thing.


For more information or if you have anything you would like to ask (anything, I promise I don’t bite…) email me.

Still not sure..?

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I look forward to hearing from you. x

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