State your claim – Message for Christmas

Today’s card is the Page of Wands, a fitting card for the end of the year for this card represents a fresh start and the growth of something new coming in that you plant from the ground up. A new project, a new relationship, a new country, a new job, etc. Whatever it is… the way is open for you to take hold of it and receive it.

Let’s examine the Page:

  • See how his boots are planted firmly in the ground, capped with snow instead of top soil.
  • See how straight and tall he stands, poised and confident.
  • See how curious and focused is his gaze, as if he is captivated by the staff’s shoots.
  • See the wand, a staff, sprouting shoots. All around the landscape is bleak and frozen, the plants buried and asleep, and yet something is growing, a blessing from above. Even in the midst of winter it is a symbol of hope, something awake and electric with the potential of the universe within it.
  • He wears a red cape. The root chakra. This is where he has to pull his energy from. Energy that will be necessary in order to take this project forwards to the next stage of development; for it will need care, attention, time and love to grow big and strong.
  • Note his yellow tunic. See the veins and swirls patterned upon it. This is his solar plexus, the nexus of his emotional intuition, his gut wisdom. It has guided him thus far and it is alive and raring to go, putting all of its thoughts and ideas into action.

The message of this card is to hold on, to believe in your ability to create, to trust that, going forwards, things can and will get better – so long as you remember that you have the innate ability to create and to nurture your dreams and to make them grow. You can leave this winter landscape of slumber and hardship behind, all you have to do is believe and then put your energy and attention behind it.

I wish you a peaceful, joyful Christmas full of family, friendship, good company, puppy (or other fur baby) snuggles and warmth, comfort, hope and love.

Deck used is The Winter Waite revised edition, printed 2019, by Tarot Collectibles.

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