why lemon rose petals?

Yellow is the colour of sunshine, summer light, candle flame, honey, ice cream and buttercups. It is also the colour of marigolds, pineapples and mangoes. My childhood bedroom was yellow. My favourite crystal is yellow. My dog is yellow too. Yellow is associated with optimism, joy, wisdom and power. It is the colour of the solar plexus, the emotional centre of our body. Not only is it our power centre: it’s the place where a lot of our stuff gets stuck.

Roses are beautiful, vibrant, unique, organic and alive. They carry messages: red for love, pink for friendship, white for purity, orange for enthusiasm, purple for enchantment and yellow for happiness and joy. The Latin expression sub rosa (literally “under the rose”) means something told in secret. All secrets told here are safe.

And petals are delicate and innocent and a bit like baby birds. They know not what they do or how to act. They are the part of us that, untethered, might fly away, or, mistreated, wrinkle and shrivel up. They are also the part that cared for, nourished and loved has the power to lift us so that we might, from that improved vantage point, better express our light.

My wings are lemon coloured. I reach them out towards you. Will you accept my invitation – to open, to allow, to receive, to be healed from the inside out; to experience optimism, joy, wisdom and power; to gain happiness and friendship; to learn how to really love yourself and in turn to shine your light?

There is no need to be afraid. No reason to fear. This is a loving practice and a gentle place. Nothing is forced. Nothing is pressed. Everything happens at its own pace.

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