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I offer 60, 90, 120 + 180-minute appointments; available in-person, through email and over Skype and I can usually accommodate bookings within 24 hours.

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• Do you feel like there’s something blocking your path?
• Do need clarity, advice, assistence, answers…
• Is your:
   – relationship falling apart?
   – job making you miserable?
   – life empty?
   – health a mess?
• Are you lonely, confused, exhausted, lost, etc.

I can help you with this and much more, having walked the path and climbed the mountains… I don’t just work from text books and classroom learning. I also work from experience in this life and all of my other lives before.

If you would like to know about yours, receive (my and your past, higher and quantum selves’s…) help: start here.

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My name is Rebecca and I am a spiritual consultant. That means I am a psychic, clairsentient, clairvoyant and integrative therapistamongst other things…

I work using a combination of modalities, tailoring my approach to you. One size does not fit all. You are a Gemini, I am a Capricorn; you like rock music, I’m into alternative folk; you tan easily, I take all year, etc. What we do together, we do only for you; because of you; driven by you. You are bespoke: beautiful energy specifically partnered over knowing eternal. I respect that. In our work we honour it.

My services include:

Spiritual + Transpersonal Counselling
Tarot + Oracle Card Reading
Intuitive Energy Healing
– Reiki
– Angelic Healing
– The King Technique
– Crystal Healing
– Flower Essences Therapy
– Aromatherapy
– Angelic Guidance
– EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique – a.k.a. Tapping
– Matrix Reimprinting, EFT with your inner child
– Breath + Bodywork
– Imagineering, hypnosis with added sparkly bits

Meditation + Guided Visualisation
• Yoga Nidra

This is Mia, my chihuahua. She has very good energy. She’s a healthy happy dog. She’s also part of my practice and (unless you request otherwise) will be present in the room. She sits next to me on a chair, which we like to refer to as the ‘Princess Seat’.

Obviously, when I do animal healing, she’s off out; just in case your boo or bow is feeling a bit timid or fragile.

For more information, see the above and below links:

healing 101
glossary of terms


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I am based in-between Palma de Mallorca and Central London and offer contact, distance and remote healing.

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To be healed is having an awareness that you were never broken

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