You are a creatrix but you do not need to be beholden to the matrix.

This card is a beautiful reminder that what we see is not all there is, and, therefore, what we have in our lives is not all that is available to us.

If we can just believe in ourselves and remember that we are powerful creators – especially women, for they hold within them the wisdom to birth new life – then we can begin to generate new growth in our present reality each and every day.

You are not stuck. You are not powerless. You are not some helpless, hapless leaf, gusting around on every will and whim of air. You are a special, precious and unique being with the power to transform and create.

Set your intentions on the outcome you wish to generate. Channel energy into it multiple times a day. Visualise it as your reality. See it, smell it, hear it, touch it, taste it. Walk around it and interact with its contents. Pad out the people, animals, places and locations. Hug and talk to the trees, water the flowers, lie down on the ground and stare up at the sky while allowing the sun to gently caress you, etc. Wake up thanking it and go to sleep with it on your mind with the intention to visit it in your dreams. Become super familiar. Treat it like it already exists in a quantum universe you are experimenting with and checking out. Because it does. And you are.

Life doesn’t always gift us the path we desire or the journeying experience we would choose if choosing were an option. Oftentimes the course is hard and the direction unclear. There will be periods of hardship, heartbreak, health crises. We will be called upon to walk blindly and to rely solely on our faith. We might trip. We might break. We might fall apart. But inside all of us there is a bright spark, an inextinguishable light and an inexhaustible packet of seeds from which to plan and grow ventures. It doesn’t matter if you are down on your luck. It doesn’t matter if you are bereaved and bereft. If doesn’t matter if everyone has left you and you are entirely alone. This is but a moment in time and time is always changing. This too will pass. I say this not from ignorance or arrogance or to downplay the energy and strength rising up takes…. but from personal experience. If you are not dead, it’s not the end yet. And if it’s not the end, then the possibilities are still endless. You can heal if you believe you can. You can begin again if you truly will it. So go dream a new world into being and give birth to new life.

Deck used is the Work your Light oracle by Rebecca Campbell.

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State your claim – Message for Christmas

Today’s card is the Page of Wands, a fitting card for the end of the year for this card represents a fresh start and the growth of something new coming in that you plant from the ground up. A new project, a new relationship, a new country, a new job, etc. Whatever it is… the way is open for you to take hold of it and receive it.

Let’s examine the Page:

  • See how his boots are planted firmly in the ground, capped with snow instead of top soil.
  • See how straight and tall he stands, poised and confident.
  • See how curious and focused is his gaze, as if he is captivated by the staff’s shoots.
  • See the wand, a staff, sprouting shoots. All around the landscape is bleak and frozen, the plants buried and asleep, and yet something is growing, a blessing from above. Even in the midst of winter it is a symbol of hope, something awake and electric with the potential of the universe within it.
  • He wears a red cape. The root chakra. This is where he has to pull his energy from. Energy that will be necessary in order to take this project forwards to the next stage of development; for it will need care, attention, time and love to grow big and strong.
  • Note his yellow tunic. See the veins and swirls patterned upon it. This is his solar plexus, the nexus of his emotional intuition, his gut wisdom. It has guided him thus far and it is alive and raring to go, putting all of its thoughts and ideas into action.

The message of this card is to hold on, to believe in your ability to create, to trust that, going forwards, things can and will get better – so long as you remember that you have the innate ability to create and to nurture your dreams and to make them grow. You can leave this winter landscape of slumber and hardship behind, all you have to do is believe and then put your energy and attention behind it.

I wish you a peaceful, joyful Christmas full of family, friendship, good company, puppy (or other fur baby) snuggles and warmth, comfort, hope and love.

Deck used is The Winter Waite revised edition, printed 2019, by Tarot Collectibles.

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Get thee behind me or get thee gone.

The focus here is ‘coping in the moment‘, drawing on the skills and wisdom of the inner parent that is present in each and every one of us: for who better to assist us than that wiser, more worldly part; the part who has been here before, multiple times; the part that was also inherited, who has lived in our mother and father, our grandparents, and all of their mothers and fathers who came and lived and breathed before?

When life is hard. When situations are restrictive and limiting. When the outlook appears somewhat bleak. When there is no certainty or clear forward path. When we lack power and control, personal autonomy. And we can all relate at different times in our life to these. We need a broader perspective, a higher vantage point, a less biased view. We need someone who can step outside of the picture, or who can come in from outside and sit with us in our discomfort within it. We need someone who has been there before, who has experienced these things, or similar, in their own lifetimes. We need us, from the past and from the future and from parallel lives. And we need the US who existed inside our ancestors as cells. For this Us is stronger and wiser and much more grounded and able to guide us, like a therapist or a mentor, only with more precision and skill.

The Seven of Fire, also the Seven of Wands, delivers an answer with a power kick; more like a truth bomb, a dose of tough love, a Joan of Arc no more hiding behind proverbial skirts.

The woman in the card suffers no fools and takes no prisoners. She says “get with me, or get thee gone”. Her message, as stated, “Stand up for yourself and your beliefs! Have confidence. Challenge those in power but also choose your battles wisely.” is perhaps exactly what we need to hear. She knows the answers to her own problems. She understands the source of her pain. She sees what is blocking her and she steps into her own authority, firmly taking responsibility for her path. No more waiting for a saviour, no more wasting time with the wrong person and people, no more suffering fools… The world has changed. The world is still changing. And we have changed too. What fitted doesn’t necessarily fit comfortably now. We have seen where we were dragging dead weight. We know our allies and we see our enemies for what they really are. Just because someone is our …….. (fill in the blanks) it doesn’t mean we are supposed to be with them, to suffer under them, with them, for them. We are sovereign and free. The outside is trying to tell us otherwise. It is a projection of the inside. In realising that we are our own saviour, we are our own hero, parent, guide, counsel and friend, we realise we are infinite and eternal and capable of magnificent things.

Do not limit yourself to your reality. Open your eyes and enter into your imagination. Test that space. Build a world inside it. Breathe life into it so that it comes to be. Know, above everything, that you are powerful, mighty, capable and brave. You didn’t get this far, suffer this much, only to quit.

Often, you are the answer you seek. The path you look around for lies right at your feet.

Dream the seeds of thought into action.

Today’s cards are Change and Dream. And the focus is: what to work on this week. Think about the things in your life that feel stuck, stagnant, stale, sticky, sickly, etc. How do you feel about them? What reactions and emotions do they evoke in you? How would you better like for things to be?

Take these thoughts and apply them to what you intuit from below, because your response, and therefore message, will be individual and unique to you.

Deck used is the Fuzzy Prism Oracle by Holly Simple.

Change shows a circle, let’s call her the Moon, holding up two crescents. She, the Moon, is crying, or else her eyes have been sewn closed so she is no longer seeing in the literal sense that we all do. Instead, she has unclipped/torn/removed the two crescents from in front of her third eye, her all-seeing eye, and extended them way up above her head to see more clearly.

Take a leaf out of her book and close your own two visible eyes. Sit and connect to your third eye and then reach up and push out. Look down on your life and the world around you. What do you see? What do you like, and not like? What advise would you give yourself about how to proceed? Tune into this seeing instead of seeing in the way you are most familiar with and see how helpful it is as you explore the week.

Stepping back from a situation. Rising above it and looking down from a higher vantage point. Getting a different perspective… all help us to see and understand more clearly. In the thick of it, to coin a metaphor, “we can’t see the wood for the trees”.

Dream continues the eye theme, this time just with a lone third eye. It is open, almost too wide, like it has woken up and started seeing things and can’t then shut them out or close down enough to even sleep. This eye looks strung out and worried. It is piercing. It doesn’t let up. It has us hooked.

And yet we can’t stay on always, in the same way as we can’t stay off as much as we might like to. Life is full of change. Nothing stays the same. Therefore, we cannot be complacent. What we love will be lost. What we treasure will be taken. What we rely upon might shut down. And maybe you will be lucky and have a relatively easy journey, only losing people and things at the right time, when they would have been lost anyways. But most likely, mostly because you are here, you will not. Most likely you have lost someone you love way before their time, you will have had friendships stolen and relationships shattered, family sicken and die. You will have been burgled, mugged, molested, violated, ostracised, abandoned, betrayed. You will have experienced mental and/or physical difficulty and ill health. And because of this you will have found out how the world really works and who you can and cannot rely upon. Hard lessons. Tough love.

So perhaps you are a little strung out. Perhaps you are not sleeping. Perhaps you are going to bed far too late, torturing yourself trying to keep up with all that is happening around you.

The message here is Dream. I.E. go to bed earlier; read something soft and light; take a natural sleep aid and catch up on that precious sleep. And when you allow yourself to do this properly, lovingly, respectfully… you will begin to dream. And as those dreams evolve, night after night, they will allow your body to process all that it has been through, and your mind to release and cleanse itself of the trauma. Then, beneath that, that work done, you will get to the real gold, the dreams that can help you to decide and devine your future. Because the best way to elicit change, as in positive change for growth, is to dream the seeds of thought into action.

Where can I find hope?

This card depicts a hand, (the left), open, palm upturned, with the markings of a cut tree trunk tracked into it. The artist’s interpretation of the lines in a palm, perhaps? A reworking of one’s lifelines?

Don’t accept what has been foreword. Put your own will and action into it.

In the right hand, which we cannot see, there is a knife – nothing threatening, just a simple kitchen knife – which is being used to pierce the centre of the palm to release blood. Or maybe, instead, this is a branch, like the birth of a shoot?

The card calls for bravery, transparency, vulnerability, trust, and a sacrifice, a gift that is uniquely personal to oneself.

You need to show up and look at what is, honestly without self deception. You need to have faith, both in yourself and in the Universe.

You need to alter the perfection of what is, for there needs to be a wound in order for there to be a healing, something lost or exchanged for something gained.



Open your palm.

Stare into the lines and forget the narrative.

Pierce it and start anew.

Release what has been and what has been foretold.

Relinquish what was dreamed, desired, charted and navigated.

Let go of everything that was.

Take that page and tear it up.

Cast the whole book aside.

Make a new one.

Create new lines and release their energy.




What is stuck?

What no longer works?

Where are you unhappy?

Release it.

Cut the threads that bind you to it.

Trace a new story.


1. Maybe that means writing a short journal entry about how your life will play out?

2. Maybe that means crafting a poem that serves as a banishing spell. And then another that brings something into being? Make them high vibrational and kind. Do not align yourself with anything that is not in accordance with Source.

3. Maybe that means baking a special cake, that contains within it all of your dreams, wishes, hopes and desires?

4. Maybe that means terminating some relationships – work, social, family?

5. Maybe that means going off-grid and trying to live differently?

Have a think about it and work out what works for you. Your sacrifice could simply be giving away some clothes, supporting a local homeless shelter, rescuing an animal, helping out locally, etc.


The Ace of Knives is the Ace of Swords in another form. Swords represent intellect, logic and reason. They are associated with the air element, winter and the act of learning. The Ace is the purest version of this. It’s the beginning, the spark, the seed, the stomach rumble that comes as an early indicator before the full sensation of hunger.

The Ace of Swords does not mince her words. She is direct, delivering the reality of the situation to you. She is love, but she is also tough. She is the best friend who tells you your boyfriend is cheating or your bum has gotten fat. She knows what you know, only she is more able and willing to voice it. She will help you in your quest for hope, but only if you are prepared to follow her advice. Lean in. Listen carefully. And don’t kill the messenger.

Dark Days.

There are many who are confused right now, not sure what to think or feel. There are others who are living in fear of everything that is pumped out. And more, still, who were living in hope, who were waking and rising and ascending, who have recently suffered a set back and are now experiencing a dark night of sorts. These people have touched me in multiple ways and changed the course of my journey: for as we all know, our threads are connected; what one of us does, thinks, hears, feels, applies to us all.

This message is for you, as well as for those who are already fully comfortable, confident and actualised. It’s been an intense 14 months and already a crazy year.

So my question today is: What lies ahead?… because I feel that is what we most would like to know.

We have all lost the rug that was situated beneath us (whether that be 5, 10, 20, 50… years ago, or several months, weeks or days…) and discovered that what we thought we knew, what we learned and what we were told and taught, is simply part of a narrative. The truth, if we seek to find it, if we can stomach such a rude awakening in our bodies and in our lives, is far more complex and nefarious. For those of you who know: you know. And for those who don’t: perhaps that’s just fine; perhaps it’s where you should be right now and even for the rest of your journey. Opening the lid on Pandora’s box is not a thing to do lightly, nor a thing that work or serves for all.

Deck used is Dark Days tarot written by Emily Mundy and illustrated and designed by Wren McMurdo. It felt like an apt deck.

The Page of Swords

In the centre of this black card there is a white rose with four leaves that curve and sweep outwards to wrap themselves over and around the two circles of delicate outlined flowers that are crowding its girth. This is as a garden beginning to grow, a gathering around a leader, those who are new and freshly arisen, who have only just broken through the earth’s crusted surface reaching up towards the light and in towards that which appears strongest and most confident. They seek a parent, perhaps, or else a leader, and this large white rose is the first thing they see. Like a child, they imprint upon it and then wait to see what they are shown, taught and told. Is this the Christed Light? Or a being from the future? Or else an Angel come to earth to save them or some other high vibrational being? Or is it simply the largest, strongest flower, that will in time rise and swell to overshadow them and block the light? You decide.

Around this circle there is an outer circle of heads, each resembling a phase of the moon, therefore representing the lunar cycle. Their heads are bare. Their eyes are closed. They are entranced. Only their tongues are active and they are barbed. They whisper lies to each other and also everyone else who can hear, and the poor newbie flowers, because they are contained within this greater circumference, are subject to it all. Day after day. Hour after hour…. Birds hover and fly all around, stirring up trouble, but also issuing a warning. And at the bottom, hidden within the name, there is an envelope with a dagger crossing it. Guard your truth? Be careful of what you say? Be awake, for words can harm you? Or else dip into and protect their power?

What’s you choose to read here is what is meant for you. I am guided to leave it there. To attempt to elaborate would be to meddle in your life and to endeavor to force a narrative upon your future.

Keywords from accompanying booklet: vigilance in minding what you say.






The Chariot

The woman in this card is alone. She is riding a bike. Her bike contains many tiny slices of new moon, or perhaps the moon waxing and waning? She has several tattoos – a bicycle, birds and three moons; take charge of your own destiny, trust your own navigation, look to the skies. These are dark, the opposite of those on the tyres, suggesting they are super important messages. Her feet are bare (freedom, authenticity) and she is wearing only a flimsy dress (self expression, choice). Also, is it spring or summer? Behind her there are many birds, and also several slices of moon and fluffy clouds. Noise!! Chatter!!! The sun, or moon, to her left is part covered in dark, menacing clouds. Are they trying to cover its beauty, conceal its power, obliterate its message. She is either travelling through something or fleeing something and yet there is no fear, only focus and determination.

The Chariot represents the need for choice, presenting the options to us. Traditionally, there are two sphinxes – one white, one black – and I usually read it as: time to pick a side. Yet here it feels like the side is already picked and the action is already taken, so it’s simply a matter of holding your ground, staying balanced and in your centre and continuing to move forwards.

Keywords from accompanying booklet: proper use of control; willpower; momentum.



Be not afraid, only believe. (Mark 5:36)

As I sit down to write this, the time is 15.15 on the 18th January 2021, which strikes me as pertinent.

15.15 = 1+5 . 1+5 = 6.6

18, 01, 2021 = 1+8+0+1+2+0+2+1 = 15 = 1+5 = 6

So one could say that the numbers add up in a way that is significant, which has been talked about a lot lately (in certain circles), so immediately draws my attention.

Also, when talking about God and Jesus and using religious oracle cards, Loving Words from Jesus by Doreen Virtue, it seems pretty relevant. Heaven and Hell go hand in hand. If you believe in one then you must also lend credence to the other. For every light there is an equal opposing dark, etc.

Is this a warning? Step away. Stop. Do not meddle. You have no place being where you are right now.

Or is is a message? Do not be afraid. Have faith. I am right there with you and I will protect you from harm. You are safe and you will be saved.

The message I asked for was “what would be most helpful for me to hear today?” And by me I mean the beautiful soul who has alighted here, the soul who I asked to be guided to this page so that it and it’s message could be of strength, use and comfort.

And the answer coming trust came forth is thus…

You feel like you have slipped and fallen. You feel like you are hurt and weak. You feel like you are stuck and drowning. You feel like you have been thrown into something deeper, darker and more sinister than you signed up for at your inception and that there is no way out now for you. You feel like the waters get colder and more turbulent and bent on destroying you each and every day. You feel like as the pace accelerates and the light fades you in your entirety is being swept away. You feel alone, stranded, without friends. You have lost much, perhaps everything. You do not know who to turn to, reach out to or trust. You may not even have anyone. You feel like it’s you against it all and your power and guidance are failing you. You can’t see straight, hear right, speak freely as you would wish to. And you are confused because on the surface the world still looks to be ok, although the veil is vanishing.

The card answers. Jesus hears you, sees you, acknowledges your struggles and pain. He is here for you, now as he always has been, and he will help you find your way. You have not been abandoned. He knows exactly where you are, and he will lift you out as soon as he deems the timing is right.

Note how he has a child in his arms. You are not the first he is rescuing. Perhaps up until now he has been busy working to help secure others who are much more vulnerable? In times of need, those whose need is greatest must always come first.

Help is on its way. Salvation is coming. Trust. Be patient. And have faith.

My experience is a clear indication of the thoughts I think.

“If you say to yourself: I am the creator of my experience, and I choose recovery at this time… you can recover. These words are easily said by us and not so easily heard by those who do not believe in their power to create, but your experience always reflects the balance of your thoughts. Your experience is a clear indication of the thoughts that you think. When you change the thoughts you are thinking, your experience, or indicator, must change, also. It is law.”

Health and the Law of Attraction cards by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

When asking how can I heal this (insert ‘this’ of your choice), my thoughts are thus…

This card speaks of the thorns you carry on your person, namely those that have been positioned behind your back.

Did you insert them?

Were they inherited?

Were they driven in either with or without your knowledge or consent?

Or were they accumulated as a result of your path through life?

How many of us feel this? Like we are the victims of lifetime’s of psychic attack.

The woman on this card has become aware of these things and is just awakening. She can sense that her spine is like a dragon’s back, finned with scales. Only the scales are thorns and blades that have been put there in an absence of love rather than in the Holy Creation Act.

She sees also that her own arms are like knives and that she too has been inadvertently adding to this collection of wounds. And in this seeing she realises, perhaps for the first time, that she can take action to release herself. No longer is she powerless. She can choose recovery any time she likes, it is simply a matter of letting go of everything she believes about her life, Self and environment.

This card seeks to shake/shock you awake with its message. Remember your own power for you are only a victim so long as you choose to believe in it. That story is not your own, it is not your birthright, it is not your Karma either. It was one you were given and told to own repeatedly until you at some point came to believe it.

Let go. Design a different future.


“I am committed to bringing forth my greatness. I will no longer play small.” Spirit Junkie card deck by Gabrielle Bernstein

The first thing to notice about this card is that the centre looks like an eye, or even, dare I say it, a vagina, opening up to embrace the world. It’s a waking up of something that has been barely awake or even absent and sleeping. We are being encouraged to focus on our intuition, to work on feeling through and seeing clearly from our all-seeing eye, and also feeling into and birthing from our centre for creating. Arise, therefore, and bring forth.

The next thing of note is the linking in the centre of the coloured ribbons or stripes, indicative of joined hands. It is a clarion call, a cry to action, asking those who are on the same page as this message and who are here receiving it to rise up and join in with others who are also awakening to speak of what they see.

There is blue: truth, emotional freedom. Yellow: that which your gut shares, the message in your belly. Green: health and healing through and from the heart. And pink: love, friendship, forgiveness, a softening into a more accepting and accommodating way of living your life.

And it’s a bit like a zebra, only you are being asked to be different. Stop thinking in terms of black and white. Stop choosing left or right, A or B, him or her, up or down, etc. Expand. Grow. Be bigger. For there are multiple explanations for everything that exists and many paths down which to flow.

Do not limit yourself. Be not afraid.

Just breathe, if you can, however you can, and start there. Anything else is icing on top. 🧁

Welcome back to Sunday Scripture – a weekly three-card card reading designed to help you future-proof your week, providing guidance and channelled insights to empower you to make better choices and decisions.


This reading is for the week ahead, beginning October 13th, 2020. BUT, as with all readings, if you have been guided towards this page at ANOTHER TIME trust that it is MEANT TO BE and applicable to your life now. This has always been true for me and I’m sure it will be for you too if you can just sit back and surrender to the he/she/it that guides the way. There is a bigger energy present in all of our lives: patient, ready, loving (albeit in a sometimes bullying kind of way)… waiting for us to open up and let it in. The more you look, the more you learn to see. The more you listen, the more you start to be able to hear. Follow me on this journey and TOGETHER we will navigate the winding path that is the fool’s journey.


As we move into the third week of October it’s time to pause and slow down, stopping even, if you have to. This is not a week for action, just know that now. Instead, surrender. It is a week of resting and taking stock and just being happy with being you. Once you’ve recouped a little bit and recovered your energies, you can begin to move and plan and look to the future again. For now, just enjoy where you are and try to make the best of it if you can.

This week’s reading comes from the Animal Tarot Cards deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, published by Hay House with artwork by Dan Craig. Check out their website if you like what you see and see or go to Amazon to get your own deck.

The cards drawn are:

  • The Five of Autumn – Manatee
  • The Three of Spring – Sea Turtle
  • Balance – Zebra

Watch the video below to get the full reading, then send me a message and share what it awoke or sparked in you.

Our card for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday is the Five of Autumn, represented here by the Manatee. Manatees are gentle and slow creatures, as we can see by the picture. They are also very trusting. This little guy looks like he is on pause, looking out of the card to the world beyond for answers, almost like a child or a pet wondering how they can be helped or be of help. This card is reminding you that you don’t have to go it alone. It’s ok to ask for support and guidance when you need it. It’s also ok to not know what to do, not know what is going on, not know what you need by way of solutions and answers. Know that you can always ask God to help you and also turn to higher energies, like angels, archangels and guides. They are there, always, just waiting to hear from you.

Overriding message: you are not alone and it’s ok to need help.

Our card for Thursday and Friday is the Three of Spring. This card represents hope for the future, it speaks of a return to life, as well as growth, movement and new things coming into being. Be patient. Take your time. Don’t leap to any decisions or conclusions. It’s ok to start looking ahead, but don’t move forwards into the future too far. Instead, look to what you already know and work out how to move that into the next phase of being and doing. Ask yourself if you want to keep travelling in the same direction, mixing with the same people, or if you want to try something entirely different instead.

Overriding message: Plan. Plot. Prepare. But don’t put into action just yet.

Our card for Saturday and Sunday is Balance. The message here is to consider all possibilities and mentally test them out. Dip a foot into a new option and see how it feels, but don’t dive in until you’ve explored multiple possibilities and gauged which one is right. Be like Goldilocks: don’t just settle for the first chair, bed, bowl you see… try them all out, if not physically then mentally, to see which one feels, smells, tastes, looks just right. The future is bright and full of possibilities: don’t rush; make sure you make the right and best decision for you. And, again: collaborate. This card is yet another card calling upon reaching out and connecting with others as the solution to where you are. Being a solopreneur in any and all walks of you life might have served you well up until now, might serve you well most of the time, but could you be having a more enjoyable journey, could you be reaping more rewards, could you be gliding over your roadblocks instead of having to stop and dismount and scramble over them if there was more than just you? You may have been taught that it’s better to stand alone, that you can only really trust and rely upon yourself, and maybe in many cases that is true. But it’s also true that there are some really wonderful people out there who would love to work with you. Think about this and then consider reaching out. There are better solutions than the ones you are playing with right now.

Overriding message: consider working with others and building a support team. There is strength in numbers. Asking for help does not make you weak.


If you would like to know more about what is going on right now and would also like to hear more about my thoughts… I discuss the things that are coming up for me and how I am attempting to mother, manage, navigate and clear them in my own life on my YouTube channel in a section called A Little Light.

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