“When I first started working with Rebecca I was new to energy healing and had never heard of anything like chakras or auras. And I thought oracle cards, guardian angels, crystals and flower essences were all very bohemian and newage’y. That was three months ago and I consider myself to be significantly enlightened. I am now aware of the energy inside my chakras, it’s direction and the strength or weakness of its flow. I can see peoples’ auras. I have borne witness to the cards and been won over by what they have revealed. I have even befriended my guides. Oh, and I have experienced firsthand the power of crystal and flower healing. I am a changed man and I love these changes. In fact, I can now openly admit that I genuinely love myself and I feel good about who and what I am. I accept both my strengths and my weaknesses. Life is great because I am okay about all of it: it’s ups and downs, it’s gifts and challenges, the good and bad. The resistance to it has shifted into something far deeper and richer and infinitely more meaningful.” ~ José, London, England (spiritual counselling, energy healing and tarot cards)

“I went to see Rebecca when I was recovering from a breakup. I was in the midst of a messy divorce and trying to build a new life with the kids in a new place. I felt alone and broken, convinced that I would never forgive, let go, recover and subsequently be able learn to let in and truly love again. After only a few sessions, that changed. And now, a year later, I am enjoying a new relationship and, both I and the kids, have never been happier. If I have learnt one thing, it is that Life never throws you more than you can cope with and, although her lessons might not always be welcome, gentle or kind, they are always for your highest good and for the best outcome. I cannot thank Rebecca enough for the lessons she taught me, the path she revealed to me and the healing I encountered as a result of our work.” ~ Leena, Mallorca, Illes Balears (spiritual counselling and energy healing)

“Rebecca helped me to become aware of and release things that were blocking me and holding me back. With her support, I let go of things that I had been struggling with for years. There were no tears, there was no resistance or anger. Just peace. Her approach was gentle and soft. So much so, I only felt faint tremors of energy moving around and shifting at the time. It was only afterwards that the changes became obvious. I would definitely recommend her and I would see her again.” ~ Sarah, Birmingham, England (spiritual counselling and energy healing)

“I am experiencing a wonderful healing journey with Rebecca. From a place of being stuck, I find myself flowing again. I feel a lot of trust and connectedness, which allows me to immerse myself in the process. I have been dealing with big questions about life, and big decisions that needed to be made. Rebecca took my hand and has been walking with me on this path ever since, pointing out all the flowers, signs and messages that are there, waiting to be seen, heard and listened to.” Laura, London, England (spiritual counselling and energy healing)

“I had a difficult childhood and a lot of that came with me into my adult life. With Rebecca’s help, I managed to let go of all of that. I was then able to do some deep healing work. I feel cleaner, lighter, brighter and more energetic as a result.” ~ Clare, London, England (spiritual counselling and energy healing)

“I have been working with Rebecca for several months now, during which time she has helped me with a wide variety of problems. Throughout, I have found her a genuine pleasure to work with and her approach to be extremely helpful. She is gentle, accepting, open and warm and I have always felt comfortable inside the space she provides. It has been a profound journey – of healing, transformation, growth and change. ” ~ Charlie, London, England (spiritual counselling and energy healing)

“Working with Rebecca was powerful and transformative. I healed issues I have struggled with for as long as I can remember. Together we gently released big and small traumas, along with limiting beliefs and long-standing blocks. Freed from the box I was used to living in, I made big and important changes and upgraded multiple areas of my life.” ~ Lucy, Sydney, Australia (spiritual counselling and energy healing)

“When I contacted Rebecca, I was desperate. I’d been to my doctor and been dismissed. Put on a waiting list for therapy and prescribed pills. Neither useful. She gave me hope, help and healing, holding me through a very dark time. I still see her to keep my energy clear and topped up.” ~ Stephen, Mallorca, Balearic Islands (energy healing)

“Just had my first reading with Rebecca, who from the start felt the difficulties I am currently experiencing in my life. She gave me hope for the future and practical advice to enable me to deal with my emotions and get me back on my feet again. Thank you so much Rebecca.” ~ Tatjana, London, England (tarot reading)

“Thank you Rebecca, so much. This was very helpful! I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this reading and providing me with solutions for the blocks that I face. I understood and related to a lot of what you said and see exactly what I need to do. Thank you again :)” ~ Michelle, Virginia, USA (tarot reading)

“I loved the imagery in this reading, the way it was given to me like a story. It made it very easy to understand, helping me to get perspective.” ~ Annika, Germany (tarot reading)

“As a person Rebecca is warm and kind and from the moment I met her I felt at peace. This, coupled with her beautiful healing and grounded advice, drew me back to her week after week. I mananed to open up about things I had never talked about before, things I had been carrying all of my life. We created a safe space to dialogue with things like shame and guilt, and a garden to turn self-blame and disappointment into forgiveness and joy. I gained the courage to open up about my marriage and my childhood, and healed and replaced things that were wounded or missing. I would recommend Rebecca as both a practitioner and a friend.” ~ Sandra, Mallorca (spiritual counselling and energy healing, the Empowerment Circle)

“I’m not sure if I found Rebecca or if Rebecca found me? I think it was fate. I was only around for the week, in Mallorca on holiday, and I randomly walked into a shop and spotted her card. I fell in love with the picture – the ten of wands, (I think?); it felt guided. In my reading she revealed to me many things, including the next best steps. I left feeling clear about the future and able to implement the necessary changes into my life. We have kept in touch ever since, with my getting regular monthly top ups via Skype. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. She’s like a direct link to my higher self’s advice, or my higher self’s God parent.” ~ Vicci, New Zealand (Tarot reading and spiritual guidance/counselling)

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