My experience is a clear indication of the thoughts I think.

“If you say to yourself: I am the creator of my experience, and I choose recovery at this time… you can recover. These words are easily said by us and not so easily heard by those who do not believe in their power to create, but your experience always reflects the balance of your thoughts. Your experience is a clear indication of the thoughts that you think. When you change the thoughts you are thinking, your experience, or indicator, must change, also. It is law.”

Health and the Law of Attraction cards by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

When asking how can I heal this (insert ‘this’ of your choice), my thoughts are thus…

This card speaks of the thorns you carry on your person, namely those that have been positioned behind your back.

Did you insert them?

Were they inherited?

Were they driven in either with or without your knowledge or consent?

Or were they accumulated as a result of your path through life?

How many of us feel this? Like we are the victims of lifetime’s of psychic attack.

The woman on this card has become aware of these things and is just awakening. She can sense that her spine is like a dragon’s back, finned with scales. Only the scales are thorns and blades that have been put there in an absence of love rather than in the Holy Creation Act.

She sees also that her own arms are like knives and that she too has been inadvertently adding to this collection of wounds. And in this seeing she realises, perhaps for the first time, that she can take action to release herself. No longer is she powerless. She can choose recovery any time she likes, it is simply a matter of letting go of everything she believes about her life, Self and environment.

This card seeks to shake/shock you awake with its message. Remember your own power for you are only a victim so long as you choose to believe in it. That story is not your own, it is not your birthright, it is not your Karma either. It was one you were given and told to own repeatedly until you at some point came to believe it.

Let go. Design a different future.