what to expect

I offer one-to-one healing in person as well as via Skype. This is called contact healing. You and I are in the same space interacting at the same time.

I also do distance healing, which takes place at a prearranged time. You sit or lie down in your own space, while I do the work. We do not interact physically during this process, but we do contect through the spiritual and metaphysical plane. Great for the camera-shy or slightly apprehensive, as we do all of our interacting via email. However, I do prefer to see all new clients at least once directly (either in person or via Skype) so that we can establish a relationship and so that you can talk more freely about what you would like to achieve.

It is also possible to receive remote healing and to send healing to another person, providing you have their permission to do so. This happens without the need for you (or them) to participate at all, unless you want to.


So, what does a consultation consist of?

Your initial consultation will last for 90 minutes and will take place either in my office or via Skype. In this time, I will take a case history – getting to know you, your background and what has brought you here. We will also do some healing, which will take place intuitively and be led by your needs.

β€’ Perhaps you need to talk?
β€’ Perhaps you need to listen?
β€’ Perhaps you need to close your eyes and rest?
  (while I work on you)

I will use a variety of techniques, choosing from those mentioned on my welcome page. You can read more about them here or research them independently through the internet.

With every client, I will employ several different modalities. This is because I see each person as entirely unique, every one presenting different needs.


To be healed is having an awareness that you were never broken

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