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We all have a bright light, shining from within us out into the world. It shines through different windows, each window representing a different quality. Sometimes the windows are misted up, covered with cobwebs, or the shutters are closed. Energy healing gradually opens the shutters, unmists the glass and blows away the cobwebs, allowing the light to shine out in full brightness again.

Sometimes the light shines out quickly. The blockage was only temporary and it is easily dissolved. Sometimes it takes longer, when the block is deeper and more long-standing. Other times all appears well for the present, but the strain of a blockage originating five, ten, or twenty years ago, etc. needs wiping clean.

The process is exactly the same in each case: the difference is in the duration and frequency of the treatment.


What to expect:

A healing session is a very peaceful and relaxing experience and there is no need to remove any clothing, apart from your shoes and any watches, phones or gadgets that might affect the quality of the healing. We will talk briefly about what you would like and what you hope to achieve; and, if you are open to it, do some problem-solving and EFT or Acupressure Therapy.

EFT (emotional freedom technique) involves tapping on specific meridian points (energy centres) while talking about something that is troubling you, focussing on the emotion behind the pain, issue or problem. Acupressure is similar, but involves thinking about the pain, issue or problem while applying pressure to different meridian points and breathing in a certain way.

I may also do a card reading for you from one of my many oracle and tarot decks. Then, clear about what is most important for you right now, I will ask you to stand so that I can clear your energy, removing any surface stress so that the energy I am going to put in can better get through.

Next, I will ask you to sit in front of a grid of crystals, light a candle to further bless the space and invite Source, Earth and Spirit into the room, and either light an oil burner or place drops of certain aromatherapy oils onto your wrists so that you can do an inhalation. I may even place some crystals on or around you.

I will then ask you to close your eyes and guide you into a meditative state. In the background, there will be soothing music, specifically chosen for the type of healing we are going to do.

I will then place my hands either over or on you, moving up and down your body as I channel energy. You may here me chanting: this is when I am applying symbols and prayers. You may sense me moving around – sometimes standing, sometimes sitting – depending on where I am led.

Based on your needs, time constraints, and the length of our session, the healing will last between 20 minutes to an hour. If at any point you need to use the bathroom, have some water or move: this is perfectly fine. It is important that you are comfortable and relaxed.

When I have finished, I will gently bring you back into the room. We will then briefly discuss your experience and any further treatment you might require.

I may also suggest a prescription:

• crystals
• flower essences
• journaling
• essential oils
• meditation
• music
• breathwork
• self-hypnosis

Any work you can do between sessions will be of benefit. Part of your healing will be a soul journey; a going inward into your deepest, purest, bravest, strongest, brightest, most radient and authentic self. Some of this will need to be done in private, just you with yourself.

I also recommend that you wait five to ten minutes before driving, try to have a relatively peaceful rest of the day and drink plenty of water to flush any toxins we moved or woke away.


Things that might happen:

What happens is unique to you and varies from person to person. It can be different each time and for each client.

Below are some things that would be normal:

• nothing
• you feel very relaxed
• you fall asleep
• you cry
• you move parts of your body unconsciously
• your stomach grumbles
• you feel hot
• you feel cold
• you feel tingling, pulsing, throbbing…
• you feel a pain or an ache in a certain area

It is quite common to feel nothing, especially if this is your first time. Feeling the energy as I am working is something that you gradually become accustomed and tune into; a bit like feeling the energy of crystals. It’s about developing a relationship, a sensitivity and a trust. Subject to how many layers you have to shift, how many skins you have put on over the course of your life, it may then take this many sessions to get to the ‘real’ you beneath; the ‘you’ who was at one time aware of and sensitive to everything, even angels and spirits.

It is also quite common to become tearful as you let go of stored emotions and stress. So do not worry if this happens. This is a good sign. It means that you are releasing, that the energy is shifting, that things on a deep level are being healed.

This is the same if your stomach grumbles, if you feel hot or cold, or if you experience tingling, aching or pain. It’s all stuff shifting, coming out. I always get sensations in my body when I am doing a healing. It’s my sign that my hands are where they should be. It also lets me know what needs to be addressed and when it has cleared.


Although cures can never be claimed or promised (as indeed they cannot from any form of healing), healing always seeks to relieve suffering whether it is mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. But unlike with traditional healing, energy healing works first on the mental, spiritual and emotional bodies, the root of all suffering and pain (it’s how we react to the pain not the pain itself that’s the problem). And then, gradually, as we deal with the deeper mental, spiritual and emotional layers, the effects are seen or felt in the physical body, sometimes suddenly, almost like they happened overnight or without us doing anything special or particular that day. This is the ‘ah ha’ moment; the moment when we jump up and down and thank our lucky stars, our angels, our guides, the universe and God. It’s when I recommend we stop and take a moment to really appreciate our greatness, our work, the power and the wonder of our body, mind, higher self and soul.

Healing is like sport: it doesn’t just happen to you. You are an active participant. You too have done the work.


For more information, or if you have anything you would like to ask (anything, I promise I don’t bite), email me.

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I look forward to hearing from you. x

To be healed is having an awareness that you were never broken

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