Dream the seeds of thought into action.

Today’s cards are Change and Dream. And the focus is: what to work on this week. Think about the things in your life that feel stuck, stagnant, stale, sticky, sickly, etc. How do you feel about them? What reactions and emotions do they evoke in you? How would you better like for things to be?

Take these thoughts and apply them to what you intuit from below, because your response, and therefore message, will be individual and unique to you.

Deck used is the Fuzzy Prism Oracle by Holly Simple.

Change shows a circle, let’s call her the Moon, holding up two crescents. She, the Moon, is crying, or else her eyes have been sewn closed so she is no longer seeing in the literal sense that we all do. Instead, she has unclipped/torn/removed the two crescents from in front of her third eye, her all-seeing eye, and extended them way up above her head to see more clearly.

Take a leaf out of her book and close your own two visible eyes. Sit and connect to your third eye and then reach up and push out. Look down on your life and the world around you. What do you see? What do you like, and not like? What advise would you give yourself about how to proceed? Tune into this seeing instead of seeing in the way you are most familiar with and see how helpful it is as you explore the week.

Stepping back from a situation. Rising above it and looking down from a higher vantage point. Getting a different perspective… all help us to see and understand more clearly. In the thick of it, to coin a metaphor, “we can’t see the wood for the trees”.

Dream continues the eye theme, this time just with a lone third eye. It is open, almost too wide, like it has woken up and started seeing things and can’t then shut them out or close down enough to even sleep. This eye looks strung out and worried. It is piercing. It doesn’t let up. It has us hooked.

And yet we can’t stay on always, in the same way as we can’t stay off as much as we might like to. Life is full of change. Nothing stays the same. Therefore, we cannot be complacent. What we love will be lost. What we treasure will be taken. What we rely upon might shut down. And maybe you will be lucky and have a relatively easy journey, only losing people and things at the right time, when they would have been lost anyways. But most likely, mostly because you are here, you will not. Most likely you have lost someone you love way before their time, you will have had friendships stolen and relationships shattered, family sicken and die. You will have been burgled, mugged, molested, violated, ostracised, abandoned, betrayed. You will have experienced mental and/or physical difficulty and ill health. And because of this you will have found out how the world really works and who you can and cannot rely upon. Hard lessons. Tough love.

So perhaps you are a little strung out. Perhaps you are not sleeping. Perhaps you are going to bed far too late, torturing yourself trying to keep up with all that is happening around you.

The message here is Dream. I.E. go to bed earlier; read something soft and light; take a natural sleep aid and catch up on that precious sleep. And when you allow yourself to do this properly, lovingly, respectfully… you will begin to dream. And as those dreams evolve, night after night, they will allow your body to process all that it has been through, and your mind to release and cleanse itself of the trauma. Then, beneath that, that work done, you will get to the real gold, the dreams that can help you to decide and devine your future. Because the best way to elicit change, as in positive change for growth, is to dream the seeds of thought into action.

Where can I find hope?

This card depicts a hand, (the left), open, palm upturned, with the markings of a cut tree trunk tracked into it. The artist’s interpretation of the lines in a palm, perhaps? A reworking of one’s lifelines?

Don’t accept what has been foreword. Put your own will and action into it.

In the right hand, which we cannot see, there is a knife – nothing threatening, just a simple kitchen knife – which is being used to pierce the centre of the palm to release blood. Or maybe, instead, this is a branch, like the birth of a shoot?

The card calls for bravery, transparency, vulnerability, trust, and a sacrifice, a gift that is uniquely personal to oneself.

You need to show up and look at what is, honestly without self deception. You need to have faith, both in yourself and in the Universe.

You need to alter the perfection of what is, for there needs to be a wound in order for there to be a healing, something lost or exchanged for something gained.



Open your palm.

Stare into the lines and forget the narrative.

Pierce it and start anew.

Release what has been and what has been foretold.

Relinquish what was dreamed, desired, charted and navigated.

Let go of everything that was.

Take that page and tear it up.

Cast the whole book aside.

Make a new one.

Create new lines and release their energy.




What is stuck?

What no longer works?

Where are you unhappy?

Release it.

Cut the threads that bind you to it.

Trace a new story.


1. Maybe that means writing a short journal entry about how your life will play out?

2. Maybe that means crafting a poem that serves as a banishing spell. And then another that brings something into being? Make them high vibrational and kind. Do not align yourself with anything that is not in accordance with Source.

3. Maybe that means baking a special cake, that contains within it all of your dreams, wishes, hopes and desires?

4. Maybe that means terminating some relationships – work, social, family?

5. Maybe that means going off-grid and trying to live differently?

Have a think about it and work out what works for you. Your sacrifice could simply be giving away some clothes, supporting a local homeless shelter, rescuing an animal, helping out locally, etc.


The Ace of Knives is the Ace of Swords in another form. Swords represent intellect, logic and reason. They are associated with the air element, winter and the act of learning. The Ace is the purest version of this. It’s the beginning, the spark, the seed, the stomach rumble that comes as an early indicator before the full sensation of hunger.

The Ace of Swords does not mince her words. She is direct, delivering the reality of the situation to you. She is love, but she is also tough. She is the best friend who tells you your boyfriend is cheating or your bum has gotten fat. She knows what you know, only she is more able and willing to voice it. She will help you in your quest for hope, but only if you are prepared to follow her advice. Lean in. Listen carefully. And don’t kill the messenger.

Dark Days.

There are many who are confused right now, not sure what to think or feel. There are others who are living in fear of everything that is pumped out. And more, still, who were living in hope, who were waking and rising and ascending, who have recently suffered a set back and are now experiencing a dark night of sorts. These people have touched me in multiple ways and changed the course of my journey: for as we all know, our threads are connected; what one of us does, thinks, hears, feels, applies to us all.

This message is for you, as well as for those who are already fully comfortable, confident and actualised. It’s been an intense 14 months and already a crazy year.

So my question today is: What lies ahead?… because I feel that is what we most would like to know.

We have all lost the rug that was situated beneath us (whether that be 5, 10, 20, 50… years ago, or several months, weeks or days…) and discovered that what we thought we knew, what we learned and what we were told and taught, is simply part of a narrative. The truth, if we seek to find it, if we can stomach such a rude awakening in our bodies and in our lives, is far more complex and nefarious. For those of you who know: you know. And for those who don’t: perhaps that’s just fine; perhaps it’s where you should be right now and even for the rest of your journey. Opening the lid on Pandora’s box is not a thing to do lightly, nor a thing that work or serves for all.

Deck used is Dark Days tarot written by Emily Mundy and illustrated and designed by Wren McMurdo. It felt like an apt deck.

The Page of Swords

In the centre of this black card there is a white rose with four leaves that curve and sweep outwards to wrap themselves over and around the two circles of delicate outlined flowers that are crowding its girth. This is as a garden beginning to grow, a gathering around a leader, those who are new and freshly arisen, who have only just broken through the earth’s crusted surface reaching up towards the light and in towards that which appears strongest and most confident. They seek a parent, perhaps, or else a leader, and this large white rose is the first thing they see. Like a child, they imprint upon it and then wait to see what they are shown, taught and told. Is this the Christed Light? Or a being from the future? Or else an Angel come to earth to save them or some other high vibrational being? Or is it simply the largest, strongest flower, that will in time rise and swell to overshadow them and block the light? You decide.

Around this circle there is an outer circle of heads, each resembling a phase of the moon, therefore representing the lunar cycle. Their heads are bare. Their eyes are closed. They are entranced. Only their tongues are active and they are barbed. They whisper lies to each other and also everyone else who can hear, and the poor newbie flowers, because they are contained within this greater circumference, are subject to it all. Day after day. Hour after hour…. Birds hover and fly all around, stirring up trouble, but also issuing a warning. And at the bottom, hidden within the name, there is an envelope with a dagger crossing it. Guard your truth? Be careful of what you say? Be awake, for words can harm you? Or else dip into and protect their power?

What’s you choose to read here is what is meant for you. I am guided to leave it there. To attempt to elaborate would be to meddle in your life and to endeavor to force a narrative upon your future.

Keywords from accompanying booklet: vigilance in minding what you say.






The Chariot

The woman in this card is alone. She is riding a bike. Her bike contains many tiny slices of new moon, or perhaps the moon waxing and waning? She has several tattoos – a bicycle, birds and three moons; take charge of your own destiny, trust your own navigation, look to the skies. These are dark, the opposite of those on the tyres, suggesting they are super important messages. Her feet are bare (freedom, authenticity) and she is wearing only a flimsy dress (self expression, choice). Also, is it spring or summer? Behind her there are many birds, and also several slices of moon and fluffy clouds. Noise!! Chatter!!! The sun, or moon, to her left is part covered in dark, menacing clouds. Are they trying to cover its beauty, conceal its power, obliterate its message. She is either travelling through something or fleeing something and yet there is no fear, only focus and determination.

The Chariot represents the need for choice, presenting the options to us. Traditionally, there are two sphinxes – one white, one black – and I usually read it as: time to pick a side. Yet here it feels like the side is already picked and the action is already taken, so it’s simply a matter of holding your ground, staying balanced and in your centre and continuing to move forwards.

Keywords from accompanying booklet: proper use of control; willpower; momentum.



How can I help myself heal and feel better right now? 🐉

This reading is from the Dragon Oracle Cards deck by Dianna Cooper, who is most recognised for her work with Angels and the Ascension. She has written much on this subject, recorded many meditations and produced quite a few decks. See her website for more information and to get your own copy.

Today’s reading is about health and happiness and how to harness more of it and what better source of empowerment than that of dragon energy.

Dragons are beautiful, wise, ancient and powerful. They are elemental – which means that they are made up of, but are not necessarily composed of, the elements. We have fire dragons and water dragons and air dragons, for instance; as well as earth and fire dragons and water and air dragons, etc. They may have one or two or up to three elements inside of them. As such, they have the ability to govern and affect the planet, which is what draws us to them and them to us. They have been here for many years and have an ancient lineage. Their purpose now is to help us to transition into the new Golden Age, something which is happening very visibly this year and which began in 2012.

Dragons can help us on a personal level too, protecting us, befriending us and helping to take care of us. For example, they can transform lower energies, cut chords and remake memories so that the things that are potentially harmful lose their power. We can work with many different dragons, but we all have a personal dragon, who is associated with our star sign. So if you are an earth sign, you will have an earth dragon and if you are a water sign, you will have a water dragon, etc.

The Air Dragon can help us heal and feel better right now simply by following her example: to rise above earthly matters. She tells us to communicate honestly with those around us (and with ourselves); lends us inspiration and hope so that we might feel more capable and grounded, and offers to help us see life from a higher perspective. She is perfect in her message – because we are here, after all, because we cannot see clearly, and she has an answer to that.

Like our dragon, the card is purple, white and blue in colour, a combination between the crown, third eye and throat chakras. She comes from the sky, where she sits above the clouds looking down. She talks to the birds and they bring her messages from the world below. This is how she knows you and your need and why she is here for you now: the birds have told her. If we look at her body, we can see that it is curved in a question mark, head tilted and pointing down, eyes assessing and challenging. She encourages us to step away from our bodies so that we can rise above ourselves, hovering over our lives instead of living inside of them and in this way begin to see our situations and dramas in a different way and learn to respond and interact differently with them. We cannot see our way clear because we are too close. Like a man sweating and swearing as he climbs a mountain, the journey looks endless, perilous and steep. But move back a few miles and the mountain becomes more manageable; smaller and less threatening.

That is our homework then, to take ourselves up and away from it all, to sit like a dragon on a cloud looking down, to work to form a different perspective.

• Can we be less emotionally entangled in our life’s events?

• Can we take things less personally and seriously?

• Can we communicate our truth without the use of force and strong words?

If you are looking to form a clearer idea of the future and to create an actionable plan to help you to move forwards, call upon the Air Dragon to help you. Together, in meditation and visualisation, you can plot the route.


If you would like to know more about what is going on right now and would also like to hear more about my thoughts… I discuss the things that are coming up for me and how I am attempting to mother, manage, navigate and clear them in my own life on my YouTube channel in a section called A Little Light.

There are also lots of tarot card readings covering topical issues, as well as love, relationships, career, health and life, etc.


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What do I need to hear right now?🦸🏻‍♀️

Children gaze in wonder at a basket full of kittens, an ice cream parlour counter, a Christmas tree alive with lights. As adults, we might pause to watch a sun set, stoop to admire a newborn baby, stop to taste a new dish in a novel restaurant. Wonder means being touched, tickled, stirred…. by something outside of us. Wonder means magic and enchantment. Wonder is miracles.

But have you ever stopped to wonder why you do what you do, why you think what you think, why you live your life a certain way? Wonder is also examining, investigating and exploring. Wonder is questioning the narrative not just sucking up the story.

The Wonder card asks us to look at the world with fresh eyes, removing the glasses we are wearing that cause us to see it a certain way. “Make up your own mind,” it urges. “See for yourself.”. “Make sure the book you are reading is the book you want to live.”.

Wonder gives us lots to think about; lots to ponder and contemplate.


If you would like to know more about what is going on right now and would also like to hear more about my thoughts… I discuss the things that are coming up for me and how I am attempting to mother, manage, navigate and clear them in my own life on my YouTube channel in a section called A Little Light.

There are also lots of tarot card readings covering topical issues, as well as love, relationships, career, health and life, etc.


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How can I find more joy?🥛🥛

In a world full of bad news and hardship, where at every turn and click unhappiness is projected outwards, it can be hard (even for the most fortunate) to remain untouched. For those who are experiencing their own dramas; who have suffered rejection, abandonment, betrayal and loss… finding and holding onto that joy can be that much more difficult.

This reading is intended to give you a broader perspective, along with gentle guidance, on how you can better manage and walk your life path.

The Queen of Swords 🗡 encourages you to sit proudly upon your throne, the mistress of your queendom. There has been hardship, difficulty and loss and, at that, there has been (and still is) pain. This has stretched you and grown you and strengthened your resolve. It has given you your wisdom and access to your inner truth and outer voice (even if you haven’t found ways to honour and express it yet). Pay attention in this hour of searching and questioning to practices that can help ground you. Focus on your feet and your foundations. Work to really anchor your roots. Plant, not just your feet, but your legs, spine, throat, neck and head also. Your voice is your super power, a channel for expressing the very essence of you, but your feet are your roots and it is from them that the food, energy and life force you need to think, act and do is delivered. Create a strong channel. Knowing and owning your truth, honouring and feeding it, is the surest way to reunite with your joy.

The Five of Cups 🏆 I nvites you to take the road less travelled, to leave behind that which you once held dear but which has ceased to support you. It has cast you out anyway, so you might as well stop lingering on its threshold, eternally lamenting over things past, and instead turn towards the future and walk away. Your coveting the past, hoarding it’s memories in the hope that with time and focus you can bring them back, is like a dark-cloud cloak completely enshrouding you, and the sun, despite its valour and strength, struggles to get beneath it. Focus not on the three overturned cups, the opportunities, relationships and things that you have lost, but on the two remaining cups, the cups that are full. Express gratitude. Nourish and nurture them. Spend time honouring them daily. Then pick the empty cups up and (treating them like they are opportunities, brand new seeds that you can grow) work out how you would like to fill them.


If you would like to know more about what is going on right now and would also like to hear more about my thoughts… I discuss the things that are coming up for me and how I am attempting to mother, manage, navigate and clear them in my own life on my YouTube channel in a section called A Little Light.

There are also lots of tarot card readings covering topical issues, as well as love, relationships, career, health and life, etc.


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How can I heal my thyroid 🦋 and speak my truth?

Today’s reading is all about the thyroid and the throat chakra, an energy and a physical centre of much angst and confusion. We all struggle to speak our truth, some of us more than others. Childhood, schooling, life experiences… have pushed it into corners. Each slight or harsh remark. Each person who ignored us or shut us down. Each failed attempt at expressing what was in our heart. They all impact our confidence in who and how we are. Perhaps you suppress your truth in order to appeal or appease? Perhaps life is simply simpler that way. Perhaps owning your truth, your real you, would rock a steady boat?

Wherever you are in regards to that voice, that truth, it’s ok. This is not supposed to be a short journey or one you are meant to reach the end of too soon. It’s a continual expanding and growing, one that you will continue to nurture for the rest of your days. But your throat and your thyroid, if they are speaking/hurting, indicate stagnation and blocks, and this is what we want to be focussing on here. 

This two card reading will help you to do just that so that you can be you with more confidence.

The Page of Pentacles shows us where we are, which is actually a pretty good place, even if we might not currently think so. No matter how we feel and what we are experiencing, we have done a lot of work and moved a long way. Now, however, we are stuck, in that place of looking to others, higher powers, for answers… and maybe we have asked and learned all there is to know… and done our done due diligence and our apprenticeship… and are actually ready, armed with enough experience and learning, to go into the world? It’s time to take a deep breath, man (or woman) -up and trust. You’ve created and crafted a beautiful seed. Now you need to plant it.

The Knight of Pentacles is the perfect next step and partner to the Page. The future and the solution lie in finding out what tree that seed will grow. What is your calling? What is your cause? Who are you really supposed to be? Point yourself in that direction, take a deep grounding breath, and put your feet into action. One step at a time, checking in daily, follow that yellow (solar plexus, intuition, gut instinct) bricked road.


If you would like to know more about what is going on right now and would also like to hear more about my thoughts… I discuss the things that are coming up for me and how I am attempting to mother, manage, navigate and clear them in my own life on my YouTube channel in a section called A Little Light.

There are also lots of tarot card readings covering the pandemic, as well as love, relationships, career, health and life, etc.


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Everything is perfect


If the Universe could talk and if you could listen, he – she, it, the Universe – would tell you this:

“Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Give yourself a break. You are wonderful, both inside and out. You are doing so well and you are being so brave and I am honoured to be party to your journey and to be a part of what makes you unique.

Please stop worrying so much. And please, stop being so fearful. Nothing will hurt you more than you already hurt yourself.

Everything happens for a reason: it is there to guide and teach. Even heartbreak. Even hardship. Even difficulty and pain.”

“For without challenge we cannot grow. And without adversity we seldom heal. And neither do we choose to embrace the true path, the path of our destiny, the path that is our right.”

What got you here: to this page, to this blog, to this random space out of all of the numerous other random spaces on the Internet? What led you to click ‘HELLO’ when you could just as easily passed on by?

And then what led you to read when you could equally have gone: ‘NEXT’, ‘BORED NOW’or ‘TOO TIRED’… What led you to surrender? Don’t just continue… Think about it. Take a ‘time out’ to really consider it. Give that gift to yourself. Because there are no random encounters and everything happens for a reason. So if you are here, you are supposed to be here and there is something in these pages for the finding.

Maybe it’s a word? Maybe it’s a picture? Maybe it’s a piece of information about something you had forgotten or something you haven’t found out about yet? Whatever it is. And however you find it… There will be something just for you. Find it. Take it. Embrace it.

Because the Universe wants you to know that

“Everything happens for a reason,” and “right now is all there is.”

Forget about the past. It does not exist, except in your memory. Drop it and stop worrying about how you’re going to get through tomorrow.

Forget about the future. It hasn’t arrived yet. And worrying about it or attempting to manipulate it won’t help it accommodate you.

Live for right now. Live for the moment. It’s all you have. Pay attention to it and to the gifts that it offers and all will be well.

Surrender yourself instead of fighting. Embrace spontaneity, happenstance, chance and change. Allow life to step in and steer the journey.

Stop hurting. Stop avoiding. Stop hating and punishing, both other’s and yourself. Stop seeing life as a burden, yourself as a victim, situations and circumstances as things that happen to you.

Trust. Believe. Know. Everything is perfect. Everything is correct. Everything is exactly how it should actually be.

Absorb the present moment with gratefulness and wonder.

Say ‘YES’ instead of ‘NO’.

Explore. Investigate. Accept. Do.

Live with enthusiasm. Connect with sincerity. Move with confidence and passion.

Know that you are watched. Know that you are treasured. Know that you are loved.


To be healed is having an awareness that you were never broken

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So lovely. So true. So freaking difficult!

If you are struggling to see past the red crosses you have drawn all over yourself and self-love is this mysterious thing other people seem able to adopt and then apply but which you (no matter how hard you try – and you really do try hard) just can’t seem to be able to implement…

Forgive yourself.

It’s not something that happens overnight.

Neither is it something that comes from a place of punishment and guilt. So…

Stop beating yourself up.

And stop judging your insides against the outsides of others. Their insides are mixed up too. And most of them have issues with their outsides, no matter what you in your ‘not knowing’, in your ‘separateness’ from them, perceive. They’re only together, ‘fixed’, ‘sussed’, on the right spiritual/life path… because you, in your ignorance of their authentic truth, their blueprint reality, are attributing that quality to them. You’ve literally shone a halo over their head. And it’s beautiful and it’s bright. But in their mind’s eye (and that’s the eye that’s important), it’s not there, it’s not even remotely visible. In fact, if you were to ask them and find them willing to share, they would tell you that actually they’re scared, they’re stressed; they’re angry, depressed, sick, aching, damaged, battered and bruised. Because viewed in that light, none of us escape unscathed.

But who says injury is a bad thing?

And why does an outbreak of eczema or acne, a large birthmark, a scar, a burn, etc., make us any the less beautiful, any the less acceptable to the world?

And do we have to wear make-up; have clean, styled, freshly-washed hair, don tight bodies and fashionable clothes, in order to be deemed worthy to ourselves and our colleagues, our friends and family? No, it’s ridiculous.
Animals love themselves exactly as they are. They don’t even question it.

Babies and children too.

Watch a child. See how they treat themselves, the love they demonstrate.

They don’t see faults, flaws. They don’t look in the mirror and grimace, turn from their reflection when passing shop windows, apologise hundreds of times each day for their behaviour, their lack.

When they are in pain, they demand immediate attention.

And when they play, there’s no “you go first” or “it’s ok you hurt me… I don’t mind”. They protest. They stand up for their rights. They know who is supposed to come first and they make sure that in every given moment, encountered situation, received experience, that that person does.
Now, I’m not suggesting that we all start acting like two-year-olds or that we forget about kindness to others and consideration and care. These are important too.

What I’m saying is that somewhere in the process of growing up, we sort of lost ourselves and forgot that we need to be treated with respect. And that that respect ought to come from inside first before we even attempt to find it outside of ourselves. Because outside is, essentially, external, separate; subject to mood, location, season and whim. We need to have a firm, stable centre; foundations to draw from, to act from, to sit upon… before we start collecting people and things, adding them to what lights us up.
Acceptance and compassion (i.e. self-love) are all about learning to hold the space and to embrace yourself exactly as you are in any given moment or situation. Yes, that means loving the lesser as much as the better hair days. And treating the belly aches, back aches, headaches, foot aches, arm aches, breaks and sprains; psoriasis, eczema, acne, dry patches, wrinkles, shadows, creases and lines, and all of the other various nefarious illnesses, ailments, injuries and perceived misdemeanours – that, irritatingly (although I won’t judge), seem to multiply over the years – with care. By this, I mean tuning into the body-part or area in which we are experiencing discomfort: feeling it, seeing it, sensing it from inside. And then attempting to commune with it, striking up a conversation, building a relationship.

• What does it look like?
• What does it sound like?
• What does it want to say?

Finding out as much as we can so that we can get to know it, not just as a part of ourselves, but as a part in its own right.

For example: a spot might be telling us numerous things. That we are allergic to something in our diet or environment. That we need a good night’s sleep. That we would benefit from more exercise. That we are unhappy in our relationship. That we are stressed at work, etc.

And what about neck pain? What are we refusing to see? What won’t we turn and look at – thereby avoiding and, knowingly or unknowingly, allowing to dominate our lives…?

Every perceived problem is actually a communication, a message from our bodies, begging us to slow down, go inside, stop and listen.

And by learning to listen, we not only develop a much better relationship to ourselves; we improve all of our other relationships too. Our relationship to our life. Our relationship to the people around us. Our relationship to our job…
So, next time you’re beating yourself up:

• take a moment to stop and listen
• find a quiet space
• close your eyes
• put on some relaxing music
• hold where it hurts

– or where you think it (the discomfort, the thing you are ‘right-now’ hating, resisting in the moment; the thing that is perceived as a burden) is coming from.

• sense it
• see it
• feel it
• listen

And as you are listening, ask not “why are you doing this to me?” but “why are you doing this for me?”, “what do you have to say?”. And know that the answer is important, no matter what it is.

Because the truth is that:

Your insides can’t lie to you like your outside can.

Be brave. Be strong. Be reliable.

Instead of rejecting yourself, show up.

And when you do, be accepting and compassionate. Treat yourself as you would treat a plant or a small child. Get to know yourself all over again. And from that place plant many seeds that – with love and attention, with kindness and consideration – will grow.

Open. Unfold. Spread out and unpack. Expand, develop and communicate. Commence. Initiate. Set in motion. Set up. Raise the curtain and – when you are good and ready but not when you are too late, when you are in the here and now not in the goodbye – proudly step out to embrace and meet. 

by Rebecca L. Atherton


To be healed is having an awareness that you were never broken

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