You are a creatrix but you do not need to be beholden to the matrix.

This card is a beautiful reminder that what we see is not all there is, and, therefore, what we have in our lives is not all that is available to us.

If we can just believe in ourselves and remember that we are powerful creators – especially women, for they hold within them the wisdom to birth new life – then we can begin to generate new growth in our present reality each and every day.

You are not stuck. You are not powerless. You are not some helpless, hapless leaf, gusting around on every will and whim of air. You are a special, precious and unique being with the power to transform and create.

Set your intentions on the outcome you wish to generate. Channel energy into it multiple times a day. Visualise it as your reality. See it, smell it, hear it, touch it, taste it. Walk around it and interact with its contents. Pad out the people, animals, places and locations. Hug and talk to the trees, water the flowers, lie down on the ground and stare up at the sky while allowing the sun to gently caress you, etc. Wake up thanking it and go to sleep with it on your mind with the intention to visit it in your dreams. Become super familiar. Treat it like it already exists in a quantum universe you are experimenting with and checking out. Because it does. And you are.

Life doesn’t always gift us the path we desire or the journeying experience we would choose if choosing were an option. Oftentimes the course is hard and the direction unclear. There will be periods of hardship, heartbreak, health crises. We will be called upon to walk blindly and to rely solely on our faith. We might trip. We might break. We might fall apart. But inside all of us there is a bright spark, an inextinguishable light and an inexhaustible packet of seeds from which to plan and grow ventures. It doesn’t matter if you are down on your luck. It doesn’t matter if you are bereaved and bereft. If doesn’t matter if everyone has left you and you are entirely alone. This is but a moment in time and time is always changing. This too will pass. I say this not from ignorance or arrogance or to downplay the energy and strength rising up takes…. but from personal experience. If you are not dead, it’s not the end yet. And if it’s not the end, then the possibilities are still endless. You can heal if you believe you can. You can begin again if you truly will it. So go dream a new world into being and give birth to new life.

Deck used is the Work your Light oracle by Rebecca Campbell.

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Apologies to those who follow me…

Sorry for the lack of videos and for missing last Sunday’s scripture, it’s been quite a few weeks with time scattering and vanishing. Someone very close to me died after a long battle, which ended in an unexpected sudden short sharp fight and with their eventual surrendering my world fell apart.

I will be back and I will make more videos, I promise you. But for now I’m sitting still in my grief and letting the tide of it flow through me. And when I’m ready and when the cards also tell me it’s right, I will return, older and wiser for my scars.

How can I better support my inner child and meet them where they are at? 🐺

Our inner children are precious and vulnerable and need our love and attention, but typically they receive the opposite. Sinking into their emotions, holding space for all they have to say, can be too uncomfortable and triggering and often we just don’t have time in amongst the commitments and responsibilities of our day to listen to their experiences and be there in the way that they want us to. This leads to our inner children feeling unappreciated and undervalued, and when that happens they act out, just like a toddler would.

Learning how to support our inner children, therefore, and remembering to check in with them as we go about the business of our lives is important work and something we need to be doing regularly.

I know it’s hard. At 8 am when you are sprinting to get to work and already running late you don’t have time to deal with your inner child’s need for adventure and freedom. Their desire to journey to the country, find a forest, follow a path into nowhere, smell flowers, touch fungi, hug trees, picnic in a clearing… is impractical and inconvenient. In your world of responsibility and commitment, of bills and demands, it’s impossible to meet and you don’t want to feel the grief and abandonment at your denial of it.

And, yes, it’s inconvenient when you are on a call to your mother and your inner child is wounded by something that is said… or when you are speaking to you son and your inner child grows angry at how your son is treating you. No one said that parenting your inner parts was easy, or was supposed to be.

But it can be less hard. And it can be fun and rewarding, if you do it often enough and commit to it for the long run.

When you build up a relationship, when you reestablish that sense of connection and trust, when you form an alliance in which you take care of them and they take care of you… seeds are planted and in time a garden grows, a garden you can visit for a moment or for an hour to sit and pull shapes out of clouds, count butterflies, collect bugs, ride unicorns, take sewing lessons from mice, etc… the rules and the landscape and the activities are up to you. Whether it’s practical or fanciful, is yours for the choosing. What I’m saying is that you don’t need a real forest or a real picnic… or a real day or afternoon… you don’t need to break rules and skip meetings… you can show up and be there and parent and put back together and placate and nurture, simply by taking a short time-out in a common space to ground and commune.

So how can we better support our inner child and meet them where they’re at?

What do they need us to know today?

The Tower card is a card of intense emotions. In it we see a tower in the middle of nowhere, atop a high mountain, reminiscent of Rapunzel. The tower is burning, it’s top blown off by lightening; flames are falling, forcing its inhabitants to leap. And these poor people are heading head first into rock, or at least we imagine, as there is no ground in sight. Our inner child is communicating something pretty powerful: that they feel like their world is imploding. There is fear, chaos, uncertainty, unfairness, abandonment, victimisation and despair. In this card, the world is unkind and vengeful. It feels like it’s falling down. It feels like home has become a prison and then that prison is being attacked and the only means of survival is to leap. It feels like we are all alone and nobody cares and everything that was important, that meant anything, that meant everything, is falling away. It feels like the only way through is in surrendering and accepting great loss. Our inner child is showing us that they are having a monumental meltdown as a result of being shut up and silenced for far too long. Things have reached boiling point, breaking point, you call it. Whatever fancy gaol you built under the guise of fortresses of protection… there’s been a system crash and your inner child needs you to step in.

The Ace of Swords is how you do this. Practical. Loyal. Reliable. Fierce. Crusader of the truth. Keeper of justice. This card is all about being a bright light. But not a light of pretty parcels or fabricated fairytales. A light of a better tomorrow, a brighter future, one that you can believe in. This card cuts through the darkness like an Angel appearing from benevolent clouds, promising an end to the raging ocean and rumbling skies. If we are like lambs to the slaughter, the Ace of Swords is like God’s Heavenly Word falling upon us. It’s a promise, a commitment, a bond. If we surrender, we will be saved. If we trust, we will be brought in. Our inner child wants us to be like God, or a Guardian Angel or perfect parent. They want us to protect them, to stand before them, to see and feel their pain and anguish, their rage and messiness, and act like a bodyguard against the world. But not like previously, where we locked them up and seldom visited because we couldn’t bear their disappointment and hurt, but like a kindergarten teacher who teaches and interacts and comforts and rewards, but who also comes from a place of truth and honour and who will protect them no matter what. They don’t want to be molly coddled or fed lies. They want to be taught and told about the things that matter and informed so that they aren’t taken by surprise. In the Tower card they are subjected to our interpretation of the world and to our feelings of anger and hopelessness and grief and overwhelm at its agenda. In the Ace of Swords they aren’t saying they want us to pretend that everything is ok and that the world is made of roses and candy floss. But that there is hope in community and in like minded-people and in new thought leaders rising up. They want us to stand in front of the darkness like a lone wolf and to treat them like the most precious vital cub, a cub who needs nourishing and nurturing and growing up so that he/she too can become a crusader.


If you would like to know more about what is going on right now and would also like to hear more about my thoughts… I discuss the things that are coming up for me and how I am attempting to mother, manage, navigate and clear them in my own life on my YouTube channel in a section called A Little Light.

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What does my father want me to know? 💁🏻

It was Father’s Day recently and I wanted to do a reading in honour of it; one that would be all about fathers and our relationship with them and fatherhood itself as a concept in our lives.

More specifically, this reading is for those who, for whatever reason, do not have a relationship with their fathers at this moment in time. If this is the case, my heart goes out to you in acknowledgement of your pain and I pray for your healing.

So… whether your father is alive or deceased, whether he is currently in relationship with you or not… this is dedicated to you, the children; all those daughters and sons who live with the knowledge and the burden of things left unresolved.

If your father were able, either from the spirit realm or from his higher self, to send you a message: what would he say? That is the focus of this reading, because, sometimes, what is felt inside, what is wanted in our hearts, isn’t what we are able to share.

• Maybe your father didn’t have a chance to impart his last words?

• Maybe your relationship in life was just too charged to be workable?

• Maybe there was too much past life karma?

• Maybe disagreements were had, things said, others done… and the distance gradually widened?

Whatever reason you are here today: I want to acknowledge that I understand. For, just as Valentine’s Day can be painful for those who are single: Fathers Day can be painful for those who do not have an active, solid, earthbound, current and/or present etc., father in their lives.

And this one is a little personal; so forgive me if I get choked up.

The Five of Cups is all about regret and the man in this card is deeply regretful, ashamed and sorry for his part in how things were and what played out. He wants you to know that he is aware of the pain he has caused and can see his part in it. But he is trapped by something he promised and bound himself to. Because of this, he concealed his own truth and instead lived and acted by the truth of another, surrendering his control, mind and power. And he was never then brave or mature enough to rectify this. As a result, out of the five things he holds most dear, he has lost or broken three of them. And while he is happy, delighted even, with the two he has… he is more upset and sad about the three that he has lost. These could be you and your siblings, or you, your mother and his sister, or you and his career and finances. There is a bridge between you, a river of unhappiness and unresolved emotions, and that separates you and him from the comfort of home and familial harmony. In his message to you he wants you to know that he owns this and that he acknowledges his part in it. And he is sorry that he is unable to resolve it on the earth plane; it is something he will always regret.

The Heirophant is his wisdom gift and wish for how you can move on; his attempt now at healing what he wreaked upon you, and with it he shows you another five but this time one of order and goodness and harmony. The Heirophant is like the Pope or a High Priest, a person of moral integrity. The message in this card, and from your father, is to go out and seek a person to look up to; another father figure, but to choose wisely and kindly. Go find yourself a positive male role model, one worthy of you, the person who, right now, can be the best father to you in your life. Perhaps this person is someone you already look up to? A speaker, a writer, a blogger or vlogger, an intellectual, a mentor, a colleague or friend. He might be a guru you follow. Or an angel. Or an ascended master. Or one of your guides. He might be a friend’s father or grandfather. If you haven’t found him yet, your father urges you to find him now, because his permission and blessing is all that he can give.


If you would like to know more about what is going on right now and would also like to hear more about my thoughts… I discuss the things that are coming up for me and how I am attempting to mother, manage, navigate and clear them in my own life on my YouTube channel in a section called A Little Light.

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That which is like unto itself is drawn


If you haven’t had a reading,
healing or consultation before,
it can be a beautiful self-gift.



A consultation can be a
life-changing, mind-shifting experience
that can help you past blocks.



So… take a deep breath
and reach out your hand.
Help is here.



bless-ed       child
i am you and you are me
let me reflect back to you all
that I sense and see and
together we can heal
what hurts your


No. 62. At the core: what’s the matter with your Matter?

By this I don’t mean what’s the matter now; what ails or hurts, withholds or greaves. I mean what’s the existential matter with your Matter: the key, the kernel, the heart, the centre, the core. Or in other words… what did you as a thought seed, an angel, a pre-sentient being, sign up to heal? What was your sacred contract?


If you are not on track, still searching, or currently stopped or blocked: chances are you are unhappy on some level, smiling on the surface while inside there is a deep hole. For the afflicted, this feels terrible. It exists; it persists… never going away – like a nagging thought with an escalating voice, a Jiminy Cricket-style conscious hollering in your ear.

  1. What is that voice?
  2. Is it right to listen to what it has to say?
  3. Is it truth as truth pertains to you, or does it lie?


In order to find out, it is necessary to tune in. And to listen with patience, compassion and a bit of self-awareness… sifting past all of the other voices: the internalised mother, father, brother, sister, friend, enemy, teacher, boss…., etc., to get to the heart of things, the message coming from your soul.

Identifying what the Matter is is all about tuning in. Listen to that voice that you are here to hear. Accommodate that information and wisdom, even if it’s not palatable.

We don’t want to know that sugar is bad, drugs dangerous, tv thinly-veiled brainwashing… but we accept it when we are told and if we love ourselves and are working towards being respectful we try to quit.

I go to the gym not because I want to but because I know that it is good for my health. In return my body allows me certain leniencies: as many raw chocolate brownies as I like, my morning lacto-free latté, gluten-free bread, the occasional glass of x, y, z… And while I might sometimes feel resentful (hey, no one’s perfect are they and I kind of like the way Malteasers® taste and melt), when I do rebel I’m usually disappointed and realise pretty quickly I’m not missing out. Malteasers® will not change my life. At least not in a helpful way anyways.


In our heart we know what’s best. And we know that at the heart of it we are not here to enjoy. Life is not one big party. We are not here on a joyride. It’s like school. We are here because we want to learn. Some lessons are easy. Others are hard. To get to the top, to stand all peaceful and enlightened at the peak of the mountain, it is necessary to take them all.

When we get stuck, it’s because we are selectively picking instead of accommodating all. The TEN OF WANDS is a reminder of this, gently nudging you to remember. You are here to pick everything up, to accommodate all. And while some are here to carry less, perhaps only one or two separate burdens, wands… you are an older, hardier soul, further along on your planetary travels, capable of and contracted to carrying more.

The figure on the card is stooped, sad, exhausted.

  1. Relate?
  2. Empathise?
  3. Know how that feels?


If you are burning out it’s no wonder. It’s a lot.

  1. But isn’t the world also burning out?
  2. Hasn’t mankind done a good job of destroying it and everything else?

The role of the awakened is to look deeper; see more, and act.

Your burdens, your pain, your individual journey of constantly picking things up, suffering and struggling… has given you a knowing only available to a few. And it’s a precious gift.

  1. Use it to help the world.
  2. Use it to reach out and help one another.
  3. Be like Mother Earth, taking in and embracing, holding inside until it is healed.
  4. Use your skills.


This is your journey, your purpose, the Matter of you. Reward comes when we are true to ourselves. Help is given when stop fighting and trying to change and accept where and what we are.

Trust that you are protected.
Know that you are loved.
Believe that the support you need and want is there waiting for you to realise, surrender, let go and reach out.


Use the essence depicted to aid you in your progress and healing.

This card contains MUSTARD to cheer you up on the days when you feel burdened, grumpy and glum. Being a lightworker is not an easy job. It’s hard to always be bright and breezy and full of light. Even the en-lightened have bad days now and then. And sometimes often. It’s okay (on occasion) to feel blue. Mustard will help you be yellow again. And green too, if you want.


The decks used are the Dreaming Way Tarot by Kwon Shina and Rome Choi.

And the Bach Flower Oracle Cards by Susanne Winberg.

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* Prices referenced are the cheapest available at the time posted.


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To be healed is having an awareness that you were never broken

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The morning after

The morning after the full moon
there are seagulls everywhere
and crickets cling to the breeze.

The trees are alive with feathered song,
and somewhere far away where I cannot see
a cuckoo speaks.

by Rebecca L. Atherton

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Wishing you love, miracles and Beanie Boos, xxx.

And this is why…

• love: is everything that speaks to your heart,
• miracles: are all of the things that touch apon your soul,
• and Beanie Boos are all that is soft, warm, fluffy and cathartic to your inner you.

I wish you knowledge that you are loved and the deep resonance of it in your body.

I wish you magic, wonder, amazement and regular pleasant surprise.

And I wish you faith and belief in the world around you and in the beauty and glory of the human race.


To be healed is having an awareness that you were never broken

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Busses and bikes

In Australia it was pedestrians and skateboards. In Mallorca it was sports cars and yachts. In London it’s bodies, busses and bikes; one cannot move for tripping over the things. The amount of brainpower, of concentration… it takes to navigate a couple of streets; to walk from position A to position B without something heinous or nefarious manifesting, is actually quite exhausting. For me, especially. Sensitive to the environment, to the ebb and flow of its energies: these things pierce the skin, going deep. At times, I actually feel traumatised by it. And often I pine for my other life – the old one, the one left behind. I’m pining now, as rain invades yet another day and July steps even closer to its inevitable end.

So how does one cope in an environment where the pace is ‘all go’ and the attitude aggressive and heavy? How do you walk through the swell of the heaving thicket without incurring misfortune or injury? Lost to phones and worries and work, bills to pay and deadlines to meet… today’s commuters are imprisoned, bereft of awareness to anything ‘other’, ‘external’ or ‘else’.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, because it’s solution is vital to my health. My body needs movement, light, air. My mind needs change of environment, scenery, interaction with self and head. My soul needs contact with the world outside my flat: new things, familiar things, things with happy energy, things that light me up. And yet these ‘lights’, especially lately, have started to really hurt, causing me to suffer even as I repair.

So I’ve thought and I’ve fought and I’ve researched in depth and I’ve trialed and tested as well and I’ve discovered some things, which, although by no means a cure, are useful as both bandage and a shield.

My discoveries are as follows… Feel free to dip in and out and use at will, and to respond with suggestions, alternatives and feedback. This is important work and I have a genuine interest in its solution.



Things to do before leaving the sanctity of your residence.

The Protective Bubble: Every morning before you go out, take a moment to go inside and ground yourself. Begin by closing your eyes and sinking into your body, sending your feet into the floor, your head into your heart. Now, taking several deep, focused breaths, relax any tension and release any thoughts. Next, imagine a bubble of pink light above your head, big enough to fit you. Pull it down over your body until it surrounds you and then push it out several inches. Surround it in a thin layer of silver, more like a coating, a skin. Then draw an even-armed cross in front, behind, to your left and to your right, above your head and below your feet. Make these crosses gold. Feel the energy of the pink bubble, the protection of the silver skin and the love of the gold crosses. Absorb this feeling and you know that you are safe.

The Impenetrable Cloak: Call upon Archangel Michael (or, if angels aren’t your thing, who or whatever works for you: your guardian, your guide, your spirit animal, your higher self, the power of universe, the love of the earth, the grace of God, etc…) Ask to borrow his (or their) cloak. Picture it wrapped around you, covering your body from your neck to your feet. Give it a hood. Pull it up. See yourself standing in front of a mirror in the cloak. Know that while you wear this cloak, nothing can touch you, nothing can get in. Strengthen it daily and it will be like your new best friend. And give thanks for it too. And give it back after each outing, that way you remain respectful to the process and the gift.

The Enlightened One: Sit in your ‘special‘ space. Play some gentle music. Light a candle or some incense. Close your eyes and travel inside. Slow your breath, clear your mind, ground and centre your body. Remain until you feel calm and clear and ‘zen‘.

The Extra Enlightened One: Repeat the above. Then continue as follows… Imagine a hoover or a hose positioned high above your head coming down to you from heaven(or from your ‘place-of-choice-most-sacred’, if you are not a heaven fan). Allow it to enter through your crown, to turn itself on, and to start to slowly suck, gently removing any dark or heavy energy, anything that is unwanted and stuck. Permit it to continue, moving deeper into until it has cleaned every undesirable out. Then switch the button, which you now see positioned on the nosle, transforming the ‘In’ of the breathe into an ‘Out’. See a stream of white light emerge – like a jet of water if you were watering a garden. Send it into every organ, every appendage, every ligament and cell. Sense it filling you up: with energy, with charge, with power. Finish with the ‘Impenetrable Cloak’ or the ‘Protective Bubble’.



Things to do upon returning to your residence, arriving in another space, or in an emergency ‘spur of the moment’ moment.

Shaking it off: When animals experience a shock or anything unpleasant, they shake. Watch and you will see. Dogs do it all the time, the small ones especially. This is because they have an awareness of their regulatory system and a knowledge of what their bodies need. And, unlike us, they are grounded and exist in the moment. Like dogs, we too can apply this practice and there are several ways. Choose whichever one appeals the most, feels the best to you, or fits your environment.

1. The simple shake: Imagine you are nervous or experiencing a caffeine crash. Recall how certain parts of your body trembled of their own accord. Take this remembering and apply it (the shake without the emotion) to whatever part of your body feels traumatised, challenged or tense, thinking about the incident that caused you to feel this way. Shake/tremble either consciously or unconsciously until it feels like it has all been discharged. You can speak or remain silent, be gentle or be rough. It’s improvised: do whatever fits, the freer the better.

2. The full-on shake: Do the same as above: just up the energy, allowing your entire body to express itself; revealing not only the tension and trauma of the moment but that which has also been absorbed and suppressed. Let go: spilling the years, clearing the backlog. Keep going for as long as you are comfortable to do so. Make it as big or as small, as loud or as quiet, as external or as internal as you like. Sometimes, just imagining it works. Listen to your body and give it what it needs. Then thank it by giving it a hug or placing your hands over your heart, feeling the power of your own self-love.

3. The ‘real deal’: This one is the actual exercise shown on the TRE website. Start by preparing your space: a blanket on the floor, a pillow at its head, closed curtains or blinds, low or no lights, a candle or incense, music.

                  Step 1: the forced surrender

                  • find a clear space of wall
                  • stand with your back against it
                  • squat as if you are sitting on a chair
                  • hold this position for 1-2 minutes or as long as it takes to respond

Note: it is supposed to hurt, you are supposed to shake, this is the point.

                  Step 2: the passive surrender

                  • lie on your back with your legs bent, feet together
                  • allow your knees to fall open as wide as they wish to go
                  • relax your arms, letting them rest by your hips, several
                    inches from your body
                  • have your palms facing up, hands slightly curled
                  • allow quivers or tremors to express as they like
                  • if it gets too intense: take a break, extending your legs straight out,
                    then bring them in again and continue
                  • change position as you see fit and continue for as long as you like

At the end, lie in a relaxed position for several minutes. Be patient and wait, even if it feels like nothing is happening. This is not an acquired skill: it is something that is already there inside you but which you have forgotten how to do. The key is to let go, to surrender.

For tips, see the official homepage or try YouTube.

Smudging: Simple and effective, this is one of the most powerful tools you can use to cleanse yourself of negative energies or influences. You will need a smudge stick, an abalone shell and matches or a lighter and a feather, all of which can be bought from most ‘new age’ shops. You can also use incense, clearing sprays, or your hand. The general idea is to sweep your body from top to toe.

           How to use a sage or cedar stick:

           • place the stick on the shell and light the end
           • extinguish the flame once it has begun to smoulder
           • take the feather (or your hand) and wave the smoke towards you
           • start at your head and work your way down to your feet
           • relight and repeat as many times as you need to clear yourself
           • be mindful, taking care to stay well away from fire alarms,
             thoroughly extinguishing all embers at the close

Angelic Repair: Lie in a comfortable space (ideally a quiet room on a bed or a sofa) or simply stand with your eyes closed. Ask Michael or Raphael to come to you and to heal you – removing any tension, stress, negative emotion or sensation, and any chords. Feel the weight lift as they suck the tension out of you and cut the chords. Then feel as they fill you back up with white light and stroke you down with their breath, soothing the edges of the newly severed chords. Finally, picture them embracing you in their wings and feel the power of that love.

I wish you much fun experimenting, much joy discovering and much healing and relief in the execution of these processes.

by Rebecca L. Atherton

To be healed is having an awareness that you were never broken

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