β€œI am committed to bringing forth my greatness. I will no longer play small.” Spirit Junkie card deck by Gabrielle Bernstein

The first thing to notice about this card is that the centre looks like an eye, or even, dare I say it, a vagina, opening up to embrace the world. It’s a waking up of something that has been barely awake or even absent and sleeping. We are being encouraged to focus on our intuition, to work on feeling through and seeing clearly from our all-seeing eye, and also feeling into and birthing from our centre for creating. Arise, therefore, and bring forth.

The next thing of note is the linking in the centre of the coloured ribbons or stripes, indicative of joined hands. It is a clarion call, a cry to action, asking those who are on the same page as this message and who are here receiving it to rise up and join in with others who are also awakening to speak of what they see.

There is blue: truth, emotional freedom. Yellow: that which your gut shares, the message in your belly. Green: health and healing through and from the heart. And pink: love, friendship, forgiveness, a softening into a more accepting and accommodating way of living your life.

And it’s a bit like a zebra, only you are being asked to be different. Stop thinking in terms of black and white. Stop choosing left or right, A or B, him or her, up or down, etc. Expand. Grow. Be bigger. For there are multiple explanations for everything that exists and many paths down which to flow.

Do not limit yourself. Be not afraid.