Take a load off. You deserve a rest. 🪁

Welcome back to Sunday Scripture, a weekly three-card reading to help you to future-proof your week.

Hello lovelies, this is your reading for the week ahead, beginning September 14th, 2020. BUT, as with all readings, if you have been guided towards this page at ANOTHER TIME, trust that it is MEANT TO BE and applicable to your life now. This has always been true for me and I’m sure it will be for you too if you can just sit back and surrender to the he/she/it that guides you. There is a bigger energy present in all our lives – patient, ready, loving (albeit in a sometimes brutal way) – waiting for us to open up and let it in. The more you look, the more you learn to see. The more you listen, the more you start to be able to hear.

As we move into the third week of September, the focus is on looking at and reassessing our boundaries around what and how much we take on, paying close attention to what we are carrying and what new tasks and chores we agree to add. Instead of all work and nothing else, incorporate play into your life and spend the latter half of the week enjoying and even sharing that activity worth others. That way, when it comes to the weekend, you will be revved up and recharged, ready to take on the world again as you see fit.

This reading’s cards come from the Dreaming Way Tarot; deck by Rome Choi, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. with artwork by Kwon Shina. Check out their website – if you can find it (I can’t) – if you like what you see and see or go to Amazon to get your own deck.

The cards drawn are:

  • The Ten of Wands
  • The Queen of Cups
  • The Page of Wands

Watch the video below to get the full reading, then send me a message and share what it awoke or sparked in you.

Our card for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday is The Ten of Wands. In it we see a man – worn thin, exhausted, bent double – picking up sticks. Yet as he stoops to pick the next one up, note how he’s also dropping several more from the pile he’s collected previously, sabotaging what he already has in attempting to manage and juggle more. This card is is telling you to stop being everyone and eveyrthing’s “yes” (wo) man and instead start becoming your own personal advocate, for if you don’t look after yourself, pretty soon you won’t be much use to anyone else either and nobody wins. Try putting down a few wands. Experiment with how it feels to have a “later” list and even to say “no”. Saying “no” can be super scary and even rock a few boats, but it gets easier and people do adapt. And soon you’ll be feeling so much better anyway, what other people say and think won’t matter so much. Start by listing the things you are carrying and sorting them in order of importance. You aren’t super human. You can’t be all things to all people. So work out who and what you want to serve and put that and them first. Later – if you have space, energy and time – you can add to this with things further down your list.

Our card for Thursday and Friday is The Queen of Cups, a super lovely and really positive card. Here, we see a woman and her child sharing a wooden throne, looking out across the landscape together. This card makes me think of a mother and daughter curled up on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn watching their favourite movie. It feels special because usually the mother, who is after all a queen, is working and the child is left alone to entertain herself with her own devices and here they are united in a treat, both indulging in time off. Take YOUR weekend early this week and put your feet up. You DESERVE a rest. Better yet, check in with your inner child and ask them what they would really like to do. Maybe they want to bake something or draw a picture? Maybe they want to go out foraging? Maybe they want to visit something of cultural interest or go somewhere entirely new? Whatever your inner child wants – and your real children too if you are a fur or skin child mother – indulge them for a few days in order to recoup, fortify, refurnish and restore. You will thank yourself for this later.

Our card for Saturday and Sunday is The Page of Wands, which basically means time to go back to work. After having treated your week like a weekend: the message now is treat your weekend like your week, taking advantage of all of the power and energy that slowing down and resting and playing has cooked up. There is encouragement here too, because in order to leap into this new space of creating you will need to get wet. That means take off your socks and shoes and risk damaging your pedicure because the real treasure is in that dark inner place where the things you resist hide. The universe is calling upon you to birth a new project, or to release the one you have been nurturing and cultivating for some time. But in order to do so you need to also get up close and personal to some of the things you have been carrying around in order to release them. To have a healthy birth, for that baby to be healthy, there first needs to be a purging – much like in an actual birth where the body rids itself of all that it has been carrying in advance of delivering the infant. First purge, then labour and deliver. Do it this way and you will be more likely to achieve the success of which you dream.


If you would like to know more about what is going on right now and would also like to hear more about my thoughts… I discuss the things that are coming up for me and how I am attempting to mother, manage, navigate and clear them in my own life on my YouTube channel in a section called A Little Light.

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Hit me where it hurts 💔

Sunday Scripture: to help you to future-proof your week.

This is your reading for the week beginning September 7th, 2020 – but as with all readings, if you have been guided towards this page at another time then trust that it is meant to be and applicable to your life now.

As we move into the second week of September, the focus is on weathering emotional injury (injury that is incurred as a result of the actions and words of others), turning our attention to new projects and rising above and riding the storm. In the first half of the week, we find ourselves challenged on multiple levels by those around us and their words and actions hurt. The second half of the week lends some catharsis to this in the form of purpose and work, providing us an outlet and a channel for our hurt. And the weekend opens up a space for introspection and self-evaluation, a time to be thankful for how far we have come but also to acknowledge the price we have had to pay and the storms we have and still are having to weather.

This week’s reading comes from the Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot deck, published by U.S. Games Systems, INC., with artwork based on drawings by Pamela Coleman Smith. Check out their website if you like what you see and see or go to Amazon to get your own deck.

The cards drawn are:

  • The Three of Swords
  • The Three of Pentacles
  • The King of Cups

Watch the video below to get the full reading, then send me a message and share what it awoke or sparked in you.

Our card for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday is The Three of Swords. This card is often a difficult card, especially while we are travelling through it, but it is also a valuable resource and an opportunity to go inside. Find stillness and really take time to learn from your experiences. What are the messages that you are receiving from these altercations and slights? Get out your journal and make notes, you will look back and thank yourself for the gems you left. The Three of Swords tells us that the start of the week could contain some emotional conflict. This might be an argument with a friend, a disagreement at work, a lover betraying you, or a stranger flinging insults for no apparent reason. Or it might mean loss; loss of someone you really care about. All of these things hurt and the wounds they inflict last. Be gentle with yourself and find time to tend to this. BUT… this is also an ideal time to let the tears flow and really open up and empty out what is trapped inside your heart. What other long-held grievances are you keeping in there? What trials and traumas rest hidden so that only you can see them? Embrace the gift of the suffering this week and use it as a vehicle to release a life’s worth of carrying. Cry and be proud of yourself for the gift of this purging.

Our card for Thursday and Friday is The Three of Pentacles, a much lighter and brighter card than it’s sister above. This card is all about starting new projects, being creative and building things, and working with others to combine skills. And it’s about working on something of worth and birthing a project that is sacred, whether it’s sacred with a big ‘S’ and applicable to the world as a vehicle for transformation and healing, or sacred with a small ‘s’ and meaningful just to you. Perhaps, too, you could use this energy to transform your pain into purpose, betrayal into beauty, trauma into triumph, rejection into radiance, taking the hurts from the start of the week and releasing them here.

Our card for Saturday and Sunday is The King of Cups. This is a good end to the week as cups are all about love and relationships and kings represent mastery, so the King of Cups reveals our having achieved (or being in the process of achieving) mastery of these things. The king tells us we have a good grasp of our emotions having done a lot of deep inner work over the years, facing up to our demons and successfully releasing as many of them as was possible; maybe even more of them than we think we have. And for those we still carry, we are able to be honest about them now and are in the process of purposefully attempting to put them out. BUT… as we all know, some things – people, places, events – are harder to part ways with than others. However, doing personal work results in growth and growth results in becoming different from what we were before and therefore to those around us. So if you are feeling alone and without a tribe, because your tribe no longer feels like a safe, friendly space or a comfy home to reside within, have no fear. Your new tribe is coming, you are just in a liminal, central holding space where there is still old stuff that needs to be released before your true SOUL TRIBE can come in.


If you would like to know more about what is going on right now and would also like to hear more about my thoughts… I discuss the things that are coming up for me and how I am attempting to mother, manage, navigate and clear them in my own life on my YouTube channel in a section called A Little Light.

There are also lots of tarot card readings covering topical issues, as well as love, relationships, career, health and life, etc.

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Why does this keep happening to me? 🐞

Ever wondered why – when you are just going about your quiet, polite business – you suddenly get attacked? Or asked: what is it about me that just attracts this kind of behaviour? Ever had your day totally turned upside down by another person’s outburst when all you were doing was minding your own business and trying to be inconspicuous and nice? I think most of us have.

But why does this happen? And why, specifically, is it happening now?

This reading is intended to dial in to the energy of the perpetrator, the he or she who is or has attacked you, in order to better understand it and from there proceed with a bit more compassion for the source. After all, if we better understand our own energy and see him or her not as an antagonist but as a teacher and a guide, life becomes more pleasant and manageable. The medicine, the lesson they are here to help us to learn, is sweeter.

So… why are you attracting this behaviour and why does it keep happening?

The King of Swords is a sad and lonely individual. See how he sits in isolation on the top of an uninhabited hill, perched on the edge of a cliff with no one for company. See how his clothes are heavy and oversized, like they were intended for someone else. His sword too. And his throne is narrow and hard. It is not a comfortable or a family-oriented place. He has great ambition and lofty goals – he seeks to rule and own a kingdom – but just keeping his throne and not getting usurped takes up all of his daily energy. And somehow he doesn’t trust the world or anyone in it anymore, so he can’t let anyone come close in case their softness and goodness rubs off on him and makes him weak. When he attacks you, therefore, it’s not personal. It’s not what you did or said. It’s your energy and light, coupled with his unconscious awareness of your desire to step in and be of service were you to get to know him in any way. He senses your empathy and compassion for all people, your desire to help those who are in need, and this threatens his code and agreement with the world, because if he were to also see all people as good and worthy, then he couldn’t be king, because being king requires that you trample those who are beneath you and consider them underfoot, and you cannot hope to acquire wealth and great fortune unless you are aloof, disassociated and strong. A king lives, after all, off the taxes of the people.

The Seven of Pentacles reveals who the King of Swords used to be, before he lost himself to ambition. This man is the boy next door, a man who has come from humble beginnings and who has big dreams, a man who believes in the universe and in a kind world. But while the king dreams of owning a kingdom and ruling over those whom he considers weak, while he considers his own importance paramount regardless of the cost: the Seven seeks only to own a humble plot and to manage his crop. He too seeks to own and rule over a kingdom, but it is a private one and it has a cap. He would like a few fields, a few vines, enough wealth to manage his land and employ help where necessary, the means to clothe and feed his family and meet their needs. He is the same man as the king, but he is open and trusting and grounded and he does not fear that what is his will be taken if he isn’t always on the offensive and up for a fight.

So now we understand the personality of the energy that is attacking or draining us, and have more compassion for it and understanding of its nature, the Ladybird is here to offer us some wisdom and advice.

  • Accept happiness and good fortune where you find them.
  • Look for the gifts that are scattered subtly and sweetly about your life.
  • Focus on the good things and use them to balance out the things that you don’t like.
  • Practice gratitude daily.
  • And when you have dark forces, chords and entanglements that need to be cleared, turn to the ladybird for help. They are specialised in flapping their wings and flying you back home.


If you would like to know more about what is going on right now and would also like to hear more about my thoughts… I discuss the things that are coming up for me and how I am attempting to mother, manage, navigate and clear them in my own life on my YouTube channel in a section called A Little Light.

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How can I attract more clients and grow my business? 🌳

In any business clients are key, because without people searching you out who are prepared to pay for what you are offering, you are really just an uninhabited house full of useful things, a tv playing to an empty room.

Clients are eyes on the page, subscribers to your channel, people following and liking you. They are influencers who share, recommend and widen your reach. Depending on your field, they are like children seeking toys, companions, parents and cures… or adults sourcing solutions, tools and mentorship. Clients need to be celebrated, rewarded, honoured and appreciated for what they are, because they are not just a means to an income, but a family and a life tribe.

Finding your tribe, building your community, therefore, is the secret to success. But how do we get there if we are stuck on that journey? What is blocking us from building the business and the life we desire?

The King of Cups shows where you are right now, which is deep in your heart. You have desire, passion, a goal and dream… but you are led by your emotions. This has got you a certain amount of the way – you know what you want, you care deeply about what you are trying to create – but beyond that you are stuck. You keep implementing the same strategies, carrying out the same tasks, but nothing is really growing. By focusing on what lights you up and brings you joy alone, you are neglecting the other components necessary to make a business function. Or maybe you are being carried away by what is in your heart and therefore not seeing things clearly. There is a lack of balance here. You are awash in emotion. And as necessary as it is to be in touch with your heart and honest and accommodating of your emotions: it is also important to be grounded and practical. Do you want to be clinging to a concrete throne in the middle of a changeable ocean, vulnerable to every inner and outer shift? Wouldn’t you rather be sat reclining on cushions beneath a shady terrace overlooking a landscaped garden bordered by a gentle stream?

The Magician shows us what the King of Cups has indicated, calling for the cultivation of more structure, order and balance. A master creator, his trick is in bringing all things together. Right now your focus is from the heart, on everything represented by the cups and water. You are doing what you love and what brings you joy because this is what you have been told will be successful. “Follow your heart,”, “do what lights you up,”, etc. But in order to succeed, to attract more clients, to build your business and community: you need to also include the other suits; the pentacles, wands and swords. Lay them all out on your table, use them equally, polish them all as tools. You don’t have to know it all intuitively or even do it all really well, you just need to acknowledge where there is an imbalance or a deficit and find someone who can help you or teach you what to do. The more you lean into the energy of balanced creation – a little bit of earth, a little bit of fire, a little bit of air and a little bit of water – the more you will start to see a return. For just as a garden needs soil, sunlight, fresh air and rain: so do all things we are looking to create.

The Four of Wands is the big reveal, showing us what lies ahead. This card represents balance and harmony, as well as celebration, union, community, family, homecoming, abundance, fortune and success. Essentially, everything we want to have and experience in life. This is a thumbs up card for what you are currently trying to grow, the universe signalling to you that it will happen if you follow the Magician’s advice. Bring together all your talents. Balance any deficits. Seek mentorship or tutelage where necessary. The four wands illustrate that we have grounded our desires and used our emotions to water and grow sturdy legs, creating a table upon which we have laid a rich spread. In addition, there is a shady canopy providing space and protection for your tribe to congregate beneath. This is one of the most positive cards in the tarot and one to be excited about. There is greatness in your future. It is within reach. Knowing this you have everything that is necessary to dream and do big.


If you would like to know more about what is going on right now and would also like to hear more about my thoughts… I discuss the things that are coming up for me and how I am attempting to mother, manage, navigate and clear them in my own life on my YouTube channel in a section called A Little Light.

There are also lots of tarot card readings covering topical issues, as well as love, relationships, career, health and life, etc.


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Why am I getting so upset? Dialing into triggers and the truth behind what they are really about. 🧯

Emotional triggers can be difficult to understand and even more to influence because they tend to be automatic, meaning they happen in the heat of the moment before we have a chance to see them coming or intervene.

For example:

When our boss admonishes us at work for something we have done incorrectly… we are cut to the core: the wound is visceral, and we might weep.

Equally, if a waitress is short with us, or a bus driver bemoans us for not having the correct change: we might freeze, losing our voice or else shrink inwards in shame.

These reactions are exaggerated. We are having a large response to a small event. On the physical plane, at least, the trauma is minor. In our minds, however, and energetically, it is immense. It has snatched us up and taken us hostage to an earlier time; an instance where we were treated in a way that didn’t feel safe. This could be being disciplined as a child in a setting where we were forced to be silent. Or the constant daily repetition of being told we aren’t good enough.

Emotional triggers are serious because they rob us of our composure and when we lose it, our foundations are weak. We are strong only when we are ourselves as a fully integrated adult, when we are calm and reserved and grounded in our sense of self and place.

We all have people and things that cause us to lose it. And sometimes we are more than justified in our response. Perhaps we need to stand up for ourselves and exert our boundaries, because if we don’t no one else will. Perhaps we are on the path of learning to treat ourselves with more respect and love. But perhaps, too, this response is harmful, filling us up with excess cortisol and adrenaline, causing our nervous system to go into overdrive.

With all things, there is a balance and getting it right is a skill that constantly needs to be tweaked. Nobody is perfect. Even after years of therapy, I still unravel when the circumstances are right. What we can all do though is learn to see more clearly and endeavour to be more conscious, because the clearer we see and the more conscious we are, the less likely we are to shape shift in the heat of the moment.

The King of Pentacles reveals how we want to experience the world and how we would like to be treated by others.

In this world: we are king. We own a sizeable kingdom, over which we have control. We have everything we need: its presence guaranteed. As such we are comfortable and secure. And we feel protected and provided for.

It’s kind of like how our inner child envisions our life. Or how we wish it was and are always working towards achieving. We get upset, therefore, when we are challenged (our actions, choices, opinions…) because anyone questioning us and our ability threatens the foundations. We do not have deep roots. Any sharp breeze or medium-strength gust could uproot us.

This card indicates that what we most strongly desire – home, sanctuary, love, status, financial security, etc., still eludes us. And suggests that attempting to hold onto what we have managed to accumulate: a property we rent, a job that’s unstable, a partner who we don’t like or who might leave us, etc…? is causing us conflict. In many ways, we feel like an imposter because we are trying to balance two things – what we want and what we have – and it is dividing us, and this is where the triggering occurs. The King of Pentacles reveals this and shows us that we need to make a choice. Do we play it safe and stay where we are, or do we opt for transformation and adventure?

And this is where the Two of Wands comes in. In this card we see a man holding two poles, grappling with a decision. Does he choose the left, representing staying put, or the right, representing action? This here is our trigger. We are unhappy with where we are in our lives. We are tired of all of the compromises. We want mastery and to be in control. We are old enough, surely, and wise enough. We have worked hard thus far. But we are like this man: a peasant standing guard over someone else’s kingdom.

This card is a call to action. Decide to stay put and choose to accept what you have now and where you are and put down all complaints against it, surrendering your free will. Or act, walking away from everything that you know and have built in order to start again.

The Four of Swords is how we move towards a revolution and how we lend support to our triggered parts. In this card we see a tomb inside a sarcophagus, inside of which, we presume, there is a man. This card is suggesting that we allow a part of us time to rest, laying him or her aside for a period. In this sealed and protected space, we can drift into sleep, away from anxiety, worry, fear, concern, drama and conflict. A part of us can take a break, going on an inner retreat. This part isn’t dead, only sleeping, and once he or she is done, rested and recovered, they can be returned to us and our world.

The King of Swords offers us an alternative to the King of Pentacles energy: a new throne, and suggests we work to own it. In this picture the wealth we possess is knowledge and the kingdom we have mastery over is truth. If we can understand that our learning and what we choose to do with it is our power, far more than money ever will be, then we can have freedom from our triggers. Because no one can take the wealth of what we know and choose to believe away from us unless we permit it.

Are you ready to walk this path?

Are you brave enough to make some decisions?

This reading is a call to action, if ever there was one, but if you are here you are ready.


If you would like to know more about what is going on right now and would also like to hear more about my thoughts… I discuss the things that are coming up for me and how I am attempting to mother, manage, navigate and clear them in my own life on my YouTube channel in a section called A Little Light.

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What does my inner child need from me right now and how can I be of better service? 🧃🍦

If you are anything like me, you will have found the past four months deeply triggering: external events and the lack of solid facts waking wounds and insecurities you thought you had healed. As human beings, we need certain things in order to function properly; one of which is control over our lives. We also need to feel financially secure, or at least secure enough so that we can keep a roof over our heads and food on our tables in whatever way that translates for us. And we need people too, to take us out of our heads, to be a mirror to who we are and how we act, and to act as family and community. None of this has been available, at least not in the way we have previously known, and this has challenged, changed and provoked our thinking, seeing and experiencing, along with what we think we can expect to think, feel and experience in the future.

So our inner children are unsettled and creating chaos, because if you were little and suddenly got told by your parents that you couldn’t go out anymore and do the things that you love, or see your friends without wearing a mask for protection and didn’t know if you would still have your house next month, your parents their jobs, and you couldn’t go on holiday or buy new things because money was scarce and needed to be conserved not squandered, you’d be asking to be held and heard too.

So what can we do and how can we help?

The Eight of Swords shows us exactly what our inner child is experiencing and this looks a lot like persecution. The woman in the picture has been cast out, exiled from her rose-coloured castle on the mountain top. Left in the middle of nowhere in a clearing on the edge of the forest; tied up and blindfolded: she is unwanted and imprisoned, or this is how it feels to her.

She experiences this as:

  • nobody cares about me; and
  • I am a burden.

And, to a degree, she is correct. We have abandoned her – because she makes us feel uncomfortable, because she experiences the world viscerally, and in our current position of worry and overwhelm, we do not feel able to accommodate that. We are just about able to hold ourselves together, to contain our current version of self-created reality. To let her in, to experience her in all of her anguish and discomfort, all of her messy rage, is to risk all of that crumbling and with it the full weight of the truth as it comes crashing in. This card is predominantly about difficulties in overcoming restriction. It is a metaphor for both the external world and also the inner one. Look closely at how you feel about the world and how you feel it treats you and then reflect on how you treat your inner child. Could there be synchronicities here? If you were kinder to your inner child, do you think maybe the world, the Grand Mother and Great Father, would in turn be kinder to you?

The Nine of Pentacles shows us what she would prefer and what is possible if we can reintegrate her. We can view this card as a mirror for the previous card, an alternate version of the same reality. Instead of being cast out from the rose-coloured castle, this woman lives happily inside of it, free to move around as she pleases, visiting the garden, tending to the plants, mixing with and befriending the animals. The creatures are her friends here, and the environment works in harmony with her own energy system. She is a co-creator in this landscape. Think how happy and healthy we could be if only we could trust this, if we could open ourselves up to the possibility that our inner child is both our ally and our friend. This card represents success and enjoyment and what could be ours with a little work.

The King of Pentacles is the ultimate goal, for he not only lives in the castle but also owns it. If we can trust in our inner power, in our ability to do and create what we set our hearts to and our minds upon, we can live with our inner children, trusting in our ability to take care of both them and ourselves, all working together to create wealth, health and harmony. If we look at the journey of the cards, all we need in order to feel settled, safe, secure, sane, cheerful, capable and grounded, is to take off the blindfold and trust in our version of the world. Be the creator. Make pretty pictures with grey crayons. This card represents financial stability and security, a future that is waiting to come in when we are ready.


If you would like to know more about what is going on right now and would also like to hear more about my thoughts… I discuss the things that are coming up for me and how I am attempting to mother, manage, navigate and clear them in my own life on my YouTube channel in a section called A Little Light.

There are also lots of tarot card readings covering topical issues, as well as love, relationships, career, health and life, etc.


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The King Of Swords


This is a one-card reading with the pulled card representing the present. The decks used are the Original Rider Waite and the Sharman-Caselli. I chose to use both decks because one is a little more modern and the images clearer to see. At times I struggle with the vintage-ness of the Rider Waite, for while the illustrations are timeless, the details can be hard to make out.



The Suit of Swords is all about the intellect and is associated with our thoughts and mind; in essence, our mental pursuits and how we navigate from here. It can also be about action, power, force, battle, ambition, challenge and control.

The King, when pulled on its own, is a warning or a calling to centre – bringing our awareness to a situation or an area of our lives where we are either being too or not swordlike * enough.

The king asks us to look inside and to query:

• Are we letting emotion cloud our judgement?
• Or are we shutting feeling and sensitivity out?

The King of Swords – also known as the King of Winter and the King of Air – brings all of this to our awareness, encouraging us to take a subjective look at both our story and our surrounding landscape so that we might learn to see new and different angles, accommodating all parties and trying on their shoes. If we are too caught up in our head; if we are disengaged and dispassionate; if we are focused only on looking sensibly and acting rationally, etc… we are looking and acting without involving our better parts or our highest selves. The King of Swords asks that we bring all of our parts into play, allowing each one a vote.

• What does your heart want?
• What does your spirit want?
• How about your gut?

To make it simpler, go through each chakra in turn, scanning for blockages, disparities or imbalances:

• earth star – 6 inches below your feet
• root
• sacral
• solar plexus
• heart
• throat
• third eye
• crown
• soul star – 18 inches above your head

Pay attention to all that comes up, then allow this information to guide you. The key, essentially, is to do the opposite of what you are doing now. So if you are already fully present, all possible appendages in: assess if perhaps you are being overly passionate, energetically messy, irresponsible, dramatic, needy, selfish or childlike? If so, pull back. Try to slow down, take a breath and think before you act. Try counting to ten. Look for what is missing. Seek out the discrepencies and add more of that. On the other hand: if you are cold and detached, sitting in your kingdom and looking down from way up high, from the priviledge and security of your castle – seek to soften and remedy that, allowing yourself to exit and wander in the garden awhile.

The King of Swords does not call upon you to be unfair; simply just. If there is a person who is disappointing or disrespecting you, or a situation that is no longer serving your highest good: the King asks that you be your own mentor and protector and battle it out. If you feel unable to do this, perhaps find a teacher or a counsellor to help?

* Swordlike: ambitious, intellectual, righteous, immobile, ruthless, courageous, forceful, aggressive, sharp, pointed, blunt, cold, detached, socially dysfunctional/inept.



So who is this King that sits before us? Asking this question is perhaps the best way to get to know him and the easiest way to unpack his insight and wisdom so that we can learn what he has to say.
First off: he is serious. In the Rider Waite version, I would go as far as to say sad, burdened, worried, concerned, pained, suffering, shouldering much, struggling under the weight of considerable responsibility… And I’m not sure he likes his sword: look at how he is holding it, with such reluctance and disgust; and his hand – right, slightly bent – indicates it is far too heavy to keep balanced for long. I sense that it has been used recently to draw blood, inflict punishment or take life and it is this that has made the King unhappy. He is human. He feels bad. He knows he had to, or thinks that he did. It made sense at the time. He was defending his kingdom… But now, afterwards, alone with his thoughts and the full responsibility, he is besieged by guilt and remorse. The ‘trampled’ were people. In another life, some could even have been his friends.

• Is it right to step over another in order to achieve one’s own end?
• Is personal gain, or gain for one’s kingdom, one’s family, enough justification
   for aggression, violence and force?

Sometimes, yes. Sometimes, no. I’m not sure yet which situation we are looking at here.

And yet there is also an air of peace about him, shown in the Sharman-Caselli deck. This King is bigger, stronger. He wears a slight smile. His sword is clasped eagerly and lovingly, held with ease. In this case, it is not a burden; more a symbol – like a magician’s wand or a businessman’s phone. He looks comfortable on his throne, cushioned and supported by pillows and throws, surrounded by favourable weather and flat, peaceful landscape. I sense a woman’s touch: a loving queenstanding just out of picture whispering words of encouragement and love. He also has a family (of children or pets): a background to come home to and be recharged by.

• So which card do we, you choose?
Which King do you/we root for?
Which ruler speaks with the most clarity?

I know my answer; I have known it all along, for when drawing the cards I drew first from one pack and then the other, reaching in only to find the matching King. And from the first deck I didn’t so much draw as have it delivered, the King flying out and landing on the table in front of me. The Rider Waite is rather like that: clear, concise, no hanging around.

Looking deeper… this King is a proud man. He is also competent and used to taking care of himself. He was brought up this way, abandoned by parents who had other commitments, other concerns, and who were themselves raised likewise. Clever, wise, intellectual, he sees the world with clear eyes, unclouded by fantasy. He would love to indulge in things like angels and spirits but his life doesn’t afford him that luxury. He believes in God and is a humble and obedient servant to the words and advice he regularly receives, but that is as far as his journey goes. Some would call him pious, but again this is just how he was reared. He is not really forging his own path: he is following where the one given him goes and this is why he is often unhappy.

He sits upon an inherited seat. He is the oldest son amongst other children; this was his destiny from birth, he couldn’t have avoided or escaped it if he wanted to. And to begin with, he was happy enough. But now, years later – battles, decisions, arguments, disputes, wins, losses, uprisings, unrest, riches, poverty, sickness, health… all far too familiar: he is tired and no longer content. As the lives taken mount up; as the sickness and pain around him escalates and grows; as the world changes and his ability to affect it diminishes, shrinking and shrinking: he feels increasingly suffocated and desperate to break free. If he could, he would throw down his crown, let his sword fall to the floor and rise up and run naked until he could no longer feel or see his kingdom. Then he would take a plane and a boat, and find a quiet island where he could live out the rest of his days in quiet contemplation, unaware of the nature or disparity of external events. But he can’t, or doesn’t feel that this would be right: responsibility traps him; he has others to think of; he is not his own man.

So why is this King here and what does he have to tell us?

First, ask yourself who he is:

• Is he you?
• Is he someone else in your life?
• Is he a situation?
• Is he something you have?
• Or something you need?

Look to his strengths and his qualities. Do they resonate with you or do you find yourself, or who or whatever he stands for, lacking?


Let’s unpick the image to understand why:

   – plain
   – simple
   – no frills
   – gold
   – RWS * heavy, large
   – SC ** light, padded, adorned with velvet
   – stuck to the throne
   – pointing upward
   – two
   – overhead
   – far away
   – RWS * dark, ominous, close, low
   – SC ** white, fluffy, distant, high
   – RWS * sparse, dry, red/yellow, sickly looking
   – SC ** flat, lush, green, thick
pillow/soil (depending on the deck)
   – grounding
   – connection with the land
   – symbolic of bloodshed?
   – stone
   – simple
   – elegantly carved
   – seat of God
   – many-layered
   – richly coloured
   – expensive
   – restrictive
   – uniform

  * RWS: Rider Waite Smith
** SC: Sharman-Caselli

A sword is a powerful weapon. It is also a tool. And it is very personal, functioning almost as an extention of the body. The wrong sword – be it too thick, thin, light or heavy: and the wielder experiences impairment to his ability to fight. Think about new shoes that don’t quite fit: heels aching, toes rubbing, limping and slow. This is what a sword is like, only the consequences are more severe. The king’s sword – plain, simple, no frills – shows a man who takes fighting seriously with little concern for trappings and wealth. The sword is of the highest quality. It is clean, sharp and polished. It functions well. And while some may like to add gold and gems and intricate carvings… there is no actual need and the king, realising this, feels unpressurized to do so as a result. This is important to him, because while he got to choose his sword, his crown and robes were chosen for him, most likely handed down.

For this reason, regarding our analysis, his crown and clothing hold little concern. They do not speak to the true depth of the man or address the intricate layers of his soul. They do not tell us what we need to know. And the fact that there is such a disparity of colour – with the RWS being blue/green and brown/red and the SC purple and indigo – only makes it more confusing. One speaks of a man who is overly serious, someone who has allowed himself to become trapped in a role that does not suit him, who is deeply unhappy, who continues on because he believes it is the right thing to do for his kingdom and his country. And the other a person who is relatively happy; secure on his path, certain of why he is here and what he would like to achieve. This man is deeply connected: to the land, the kingdom, his people and family. His clothing and crown suggest the church is very important to him, as is spirituality. And I believe he feels called to his role as ruler and accepts it willingly.

Returning, therefore, to the RWS; disecting it further for its story, its truth; looking at the whole picture and not just the seperate details: this card is telling us that the King is a strong and just man who speaks his own mind with confidence, unshy about sharing his truth. He is learned and has a quick mind, having spent many years in study. Education and knowledge are important to him. He studies still, whenever he has the time: soaking up information like a sponge, adjusting his angle amd view to suit; acccommodating, moderating, evolving. This has taught him to be fair and just. He hates to hurt but will do so when necessary. He is certain of his beliefs and opinions and is not easily swayed. He is, or would like to be, very spiritual, and will be genuinely one day when he has time. He knows that the world is much bigger than him – he is just a pawn, a simple man on a personal journey – and he would like to do his best to earn his passage, so to speak.

But alas, he is trapped: within a role, by expectation, by the ‘he’ he has been and the ‘he’ those around him therefore perceive him to still be. He is burdened too, with guilt and remorse. He would like to go back and change certain things, do them better, different, not at all; try out different alternatives.



The King of Swords calls our attention to how we are ruling our life and asks:

• Are we balanced and just?
• Are we compassionate and kind?
• Are we grounded and reasonable?
• Are we rational and mature?

At the same time, it also encourages us to look deeper:

• Are we spiritually connected?
• Do we have a regular spiritual practice?
• Are we respected, sought out, turned to, honoured and obeyed?
• Are we stimulated intellectually?
• Do we have the freedom to come and go from our seat and our role,
   or is it, and the expectations we and others place upon it, restricting us and
   keeping us from being happy?

Next, ask yourself who this King is:

Another person?
• A situation?

If he’s you: add more of what he is lacking; softening or hardening him as you see fit.

• Maybe you need to listen before you take action and speak more gently?
• Maybe you take too long to say you piece and let others walk all over you or
   take the lead?
• Maybe you are living in the past, believing that this is the only choice available,
   when really, fully grown, you have the power to make up your own mind?

If he’s another person, is he:

• Someone you already know?
• Someone you would benefit from having in your life?
• Someone you would like to meet or leave behind?

Work out who he is and then you will be able to figure out what the card is telling you and the best course of action to take.



Right now this card is a message to reassess and reconstruct your life, to look at how things are weighted and get rid of that which does not serve you.

Look at all of the ingredients. Ask what makes you happy and what makes you sad. Examine what you need more of and move towards that. Walk away from what is old, outmoded, detrimental and bad. If it dulls your energy, if it diminishes your light: you aren’t treating yourself with enough love and respect. If it makes you sparkle and brings out your inner geanie: embrace it.

Pulled September 1st, 2016: this card is all about the surrounding energy, the new moon and Mercury retrograde. The new moon is a time of awakening: we are leaving the darkness ushered in by the arrival and departure of the full moon and travelling back towards the light; each night the small slither grows, delicate fingernail swelling into ripe fruit. For us this symbolises re-entry, emergence, rebirth, reinvention, restoration, inspiration, creativity and growth. It is a time to make plans, to start things, to begin again.

And yet this energy is juxtaposed by Mercury retrograde and the widely-held belief/superstician that surrounds it; for in Mercury retrograde we are supposed to keep it simple and small. To avoid making a big decision, entering into or leaving a relationship, signing a contract, moving house, using electrical equipment, driving a vehicle, speaking in public, taking an exam, etc. A fair few exceptions, and there are doubtless more…

So what are we supposed to do when one energy says YES and the other warns NO: freeze like a rabbit in headlights? No, we look to the cards and we reinterpret the cards from here.

Perhaps the King is actually Mercury in retrograde, ruling with an iron rod and firm hand; and we are simply his people: bound, whether we like it or not, to his will? Perhaps, too, because of the surrounding energy and the energy of the card, we are stuck beneath a steely woman or man? Is our boss a tyrant, partner a pig, best-friend selfish, father violent, mother hard? Are we supported or silenced?

The card is calling upon us to go inside, to take this period – lasting roughly until the 22nd – as an opportunity to reassess. What do we need to get rid of, let go of, lose? What do we need to balance, moderate, reduce, elevate? If our own energy is out of whack, we should take responsibility for this and focus on inviting more masculine or feminine energy in, softening and hardening as necessary. This is the key and the ultimate message.



To get the most from this reading, you also need to do the homework. Work your way through the list of below, observing what surfaces:

• Answer all of the questions in the article
• Take note of your insights, deductions and evaluations
• Become your own mentor or spiritual consultant:
   – or find someone who can
Empty out all that no longer serves you
• Figure out what will
• State and repeat your intention to allow and invite more of this into your life

You have read this article and found these cards today because they are meant to guide you. Honour yourself with the permission and freedom to really appreciate that.


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