areas of study

These are the qualifications I have:

• Reiki, Grand Master Teacher (Usui Shiki Ryoho)
• Reiki, Advanced Practitoner (Original 7 Levels System)
• Reiki, Advanced Practitioner (The Radience Technique)
• EFT, Advanced Practitioner
• Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner
• Spiritual Healing Practitioner (The King Technique)
• Angel and Tarot Card Reader
• Bach Flower Remedies and Essences Practitioner
• Crystal Therapy Practitioner
• Aromatherapy Practitioner

And these are the additional areas of study I have attended:

• Angelic Guidance
• Art Therapy
• Aura Cleansing and Repair
• Automatic Writing
• Bodywork
• Breathwork
• Chakra Balancing
• Colour Therapy
• Connecting with Angels and Guides
• Divination
• Energy Grids
• Energy Medicine
• Guided Visualisation
• Hypnosis
• Imagineering
• Intuitive Reiki
• Intuitive Tarot
• Karma Yoga
• Kriya Yoga
• Meditation
• Metaphysics
• Past Life Healing
• Pendulum Dowsing
• Prayer Energy
• Psychic Development
• Raja Yoga
• Re-birthing
• Self-Healing
• Self-Hypnosis
• Space Clearing
• Spiritualism
• Spiritual Healing
• Tarot
• The King Technique
• Transpersonal Counselling
• Trauma Release
• Writing Therapy (inc. poetry and journal)
• Yarn Therapy
• Yoga Breathing
• Yoga Nidra

They are a combination of things I have learnt through research and diligent practice, as well as workshops, mentorship, courses, classes, lectures, seminars, talks, podcasts, books and videos.

This is my mini-biog:

I am a natural empath and an intuitive. I am also clairsensitive, clairvoyant and clairaudient. I have always been these things but it is only now in the middle section of my life that I am truly learning to appreciate what that means.

In order to further improve and enhance my abilities, I am constantly studying. I have attended The College of Psychic Studies and workshops at Alternatives, The Aetherius Society, Inner Space, The Light Centre, The London Spiritual Mission, The Study Society, and the spiritual centres Mysteries, Gateway, Buddah on a Bicycle and Oh So Lovely.

I intend to continue to follow the messages that guide me in terms of further self-development, for they have served me well so far. However, it is becomming increasingly apparent that this is not a short path: it is a journey; one I expect to last my lifetime.

To be healed is having an awareness that you were never broken

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