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I am who I am; and yet, despite years of study, I am still in the process of learning who that person is.

My life is a journey travelled without a map. Slowly but surely I am figuring out my destination.

The road is long and narrow. The road is light and dark. The road is previously untraveled.

For all of these reasons and many more besides, I am excited. Are you?


I could tell you all about my journey – how I struggled, how I fell, how I got bumped and knocked. And with those words, I don’t doubt that I could make you weep.

  • But where is the sense in that?
  • What good would it achieve?

So instead, let me tell you about how I rose up, how I became, how I went inside and healed, how I took responsibility for that broken and fragile part and (on my own) made it whole again.

For a more detailed explanation and to see my qualifications, see my biog page.


My message:

We all have this power inside of us. We all deserve to be whole.

Let me help you to navigate your way through those choppy and murky waters in order to release all that is holding you back.

Let me help you become who you were supposed to be before the world intervened and individual experiences landed in your lap.


My wish:

I look forward to walking beside you as you embark upon this amazing journey of self-actualisation, healing and spiritual wealth.

It will be a privilege to share the adventure.

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