Just breathe, if you can, however you can, and start there. Anything else is icing on top. 🧁

Welcome back to Sunday Scripture – a weekly three-card card reading designed to help you future-proof your week, providing guidance and channelled insights to empower you to make better choices and decisions.


This reading is for the week ahead, beginning October 13th, 2020. BUT, as with all readings, if you have been guided towards this page at ANOTHER TIME trust that it is MEANT TO BE and applicable to your life now. This has always been true for me and I’m sure it will be for you too if you can just sit back and surrender to the he/she/it that guides the way. There is a bigger energy present in all of our lives: patient, ready, loving (albeit in a sometimes bullying kind of way)… waiting for us to open up and let it in. The more you look, the more you learn to see. The more you listen, the more you start to be able to hear. Follow me on this journey and TOGETHER we will navigate the winding path that is the fool’s journey.


As we move into the third week of October it’s time to pause and slow down, stopping even, if you have to. This is not a week for action, just know that now. Instead, surrender. It is a week of resting and taking stock and just being happy with being you. Once you’ve recouped a little bit and recovered your energies, you can begin to move and plan and look to the future again. For now, just enjoy where you are and try to make the best of it if you can.

This week’s reading comes from the Animal Tarot Cards deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, published by Hay House with artwork by Dan Craig. Check out their website if you like what you see and see or go to Amazon to get your own deck.

The cards drawn are:

  • The Five of Autumn – Manatee
  • The Three of Spring – Sea Turtle
  • Balance – Zebra

Watch the video below to get the full reading, then send me a message and share what it awoke or sparked in you.

Our card for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday is the Five of Autumn, represented here by the Manatee. Manatees are gentle and slow creatures, as we can see by the picture. They are also very trusting. This little guy looks like he is on pause, looking out of the card to the world beyond for answers, almost like a child or a pet wondering how they can be helped or be of help. This card is reminding you that you don’t have to go it alone. It’s ok to ask for support and guidance when you need it. It’s also ok to not know what to do, not know what is going on, not know what you need by way of solutions and answers. Know that you can always ask God to help you and also turn to higher energies, like angels, archangels and guides. They are there, always, just waiting to hear from you.

Overriding message: you are not alone and it’s ok to need help.

Our card for Thursday and Friday is the Three of Spring. This card represents hope for the future, it speaks of a return to life, as well as growth, movement and new things coming into being. Be patient. Take your time. Don’t leap to any decisions or conclusions. It’s ok to start looking ahead, but don’t move forwards into the future too far. Instead, look to what you already know and work out how to move that into the next phase of being and doing. Ask yourself if you want to keep travelling in the same direction, mixing with the same people, or if you want to try something entirely different instead.

Overriding message: Plan. Plot. Prepare. But don’t put into action just yet.

Our card for Saturday and Sunday is Balance. The message here is to consider all possibilities and mentally test them out. Dip a foot into a new option and see how it feels, but don’t dive in until you’ve explored multiple possibilities and gauged which one is right. Be like Goldilocks: don’t just settle for the first chair, bed, bowl you see… try them all out, if not physically then mentally, to see which one feels, smells, tastes, looks just right. The future is bright and full of possibilities: don’t rush; make sure you make the right and best decision for you. And, again: collaborate. This card is yet another card calling upon reaching out and connecting with others as the solution to where you are. Being a solopreneur in any and all walks of you life might have served you well up until now, might serve you well most of the time, but could you be having a more enjoyable journey, could you be reaping more rewards, could you be gliding over your roadblocks instead of having to stop and dismount and scramble over them if there was more than just you? You may have been taught that it’s better to stand alone, that you can only really trust and rely upon yourself, and maybe in many cases that is true. But it’s also true that there are some really wonderful people out there who would love to work with you. Think about this and then consider reaching out. There are better solutions than the ones you are playing with right now.

Overriding message: consider working with others and building a support team. There is strength in numbers. Asking for help does not make you weak.


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Thank you for reading and have a brave and beautiful day. x



The word temperance means to moderate or reign in and this card is asking that we do just that – to our thoughts, feelings, public expressions and physical actions.

• Are we being messy with our emotions, throwing our toys around and creating havoc for the people in our lives?

• Are we acting out – without consideration, without thinking about how this energy is also affecting us, deep inside?

• Are we moving too fast, acting too rashly, feeling too deeply about stuff…?

Think about what you might perhaps be overly energetic or passionate in your life right now and ask yourself if this is the correct energy to be spinning. If it is healthy and balanced.


Or perhaps, inversely, instead of being overly energetic and extrovert you are being overly insular and passive, holing up inside, hibernating as if it were winter, and this card is calling upon you to summon up more oomph!, more passion, energy and drive and to start acting upon your desires, your wishes, thoughts and dreams, instead of just standing there frozen, like a rabbit in headlights?


Think about the word temperance.

Think about your behaviour right now.

Think about your thoughts and feelings.

• What is your current energy – fast or slow, high or low, shiny or dull…?

• What do you need to do to balance it, so that when you go inside it feels calm, safe, still and peaceful? What do you need more of?

Add this to the mix and keep adding it daily, until you feel your imbalances balance out.


Now look at the image.

• What feelings does it evoke?

• What does the Angel represent to you?

• What do you think the two cups are; the circle in the centre of her forehead; the triangle at her chest?

• And the flowers around her, what are they?

• Look at the water, the lake or pond, and her feet and the grass and landscape behind it? What do they tell you?


To me, the Angel is an emissary from above, bringing us an important message to integrate into our physical lives. She is telling us that we are doing well, that we have come far, that we are on the right track, that we should keep going. She is encouraging us to keep moving forwards. But she is also calling us to a temporary halt so that we might go inside, take a moment to connect to our deepest most intimate parts, in order to confirm what it is that they want, need; what their life path is: to make sure we are still walking in the right direction at the right speed with the right energy attached, and to correct the imbalances.

She is holding two golden cups, showing us the potential we have for spiritual, emotional, mental and physical wealth; for creative abundance; for turning thought into substance, dream into reality. She is letting us know that we have these things, that we have achieved and collected much, but that we are currently keeping it separate – spiritual in one box, emotional in another; mental and physical again, apart… and, because of this, we are missing out. She is telling us that we need to mix them, pour an amount from each one into all of the others, tip it back and forwards until it feels integrated, balanced, complete.

It is the same with her feet. Look how she has one foot in the water, in the sea of her emotions, in her subconscious, in feelings and desires, in her true pure essence, and one still on the land, hesitating, unsure, clinging to all that is material and superficial and outside of her, clinging to social conditioning and expected behaviours and external achievements, allowing them to determine her worth.

The triangle at her heart is a sign of the feminine, a reminder of what we are, a calling to be true, to be balanced, to be loving and compassionate, to express grace in all that we do, and, above all else, to remember ourself and be attentive to our inner self’s needs and to the needs of our soul.

On the right there are two flowers: narcissi. Remember the tale of the beautiful God Narcissus, how he was proud and vanity. The narcissus as a flower is a symbol of vanity, of the material and superficial things in life, highlighting what the left foot is already attempting to point out, showing us that we have an attachment to material things, an over absorption in the ego and the self, an inherited societal belief that we are what we do and how much we have and how young and how beautiful we are or once were.

The right foot, on the other hand – the one in the water – is in touch with deeper truer things; it is more balanced and temperate. And this message is further expressed in the brilliance of the sun cresting the mountain in the distance, acting as a simple and accessible reminder that, no matter what, the sun will continue to shine, will continue to rise and set, will continue to pour light and warmth and energy over all that we do have, over all that we do, over all that we are… if we are courageous enough to believe that even when we cannot see it it is still there, way up high beyond sight, beyond touch and feeling, always constant, always true, for it is not the sun that changes but our relationship to it and our physical perception of these things. We are in fact a part of everything. We are infinite and exist beyond matter and time, beyond space. We are the sun and the moon and the stars and the sky and the rain and the clouds and the hail and snow. We are all at the same time and in that same instance we are nothing. There is nothing to fear because at the same time as existing and feeling and being and inhabiting all that is heavy and so tragically typically human, we are also removed and separate, light and free, not a part of and yet in everything. We are bigger than and as small as can be. We are infinitely precious and we don’t matter at all. All of our burdens, all of our fears, are entirely human, they matter only right now, in this reality. On our spiritual path, on our path of purpose and reason for being here, these things are simply lessons and experiences we have drawn ourselves towards us in order to grow and learn.


Keep the image of this card with you throughout the day. Meditate upon it for a week. Write down your thoughts and what it calls to mind. Record where your life needs balance, moderation, temperance. And apply these things in all of the ways that you can.

Then share this card with others and invite them to bring its energy into their lives. Love this card and thank it, appreciating all that it has shown you, all that it will continue to reveal. Do not forget it until you have allowed its seeds to be planted, its potential to take root; until you are sure it will grow to produce bright and brilliant offspring, flowers that you will cherish and value forever more, that you will allow into and to totally transform your life.

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