How can I find more joy?🥛🥛

In a world full of bad news and hardship, where at every turn and click unhappiness is projected outwards, it can be hard (even for the most fortunate) to remain untouched. For those who are experiencing their own dramas; who have suffered rejection, abandonment, betrayal and loss… finding and holding onto that joy can be that much more difficult.

This reading is intended to give you a broader perspective, along with gentle guidance, on how you can better manage and walk your life path.

The Queen of Swords 🗡 encourages you to sit proudly upon your throne, the mistress of your queendom. There has been hardship, difficulty and loss and, at that, there has been (and still is) pain. This has stretched you and grown you and strengthened your resolve. It has given you your wisdom and access to your inner truth and outer voice (even if you haven’t found ways to honour and express it yet). Pay attention in this hour of searching and questioning to practices that can help ground you. Focus on your feet and your foundations. Work to really anchor your roots. Plant, not just your feet, but your legs, spine, throat, neck and head also. Your voice is your super power, a channel for expressing the very essence of you, but your feet are your roots and it is from them that the food, energy and life force you need to think, act and do is delivered. Create a strong channel. Knowing and owning your truth, honouring and feeding it, is the surest way to reunite with your joy.

The Five of Cups 🏆 I nvites you to take the road less travelled, to leave behind that which you once held dear but which has ceased to support you. It has cast you out anyway, so you might as well stop lingering on its threshold, eternally lamenting over things past, and instead turn towards the future and walk away. Your coveting the past, hoarding it’s memories in the hope that with time and focus you can bring them back, is like a dark-cloud cloak completely enshrouding you, and the sun, despite its valour and strength, struggles to get beneath it. Focus not on the three overturned cups, the opportunities, relationships and things that you have lost, but on the two remaining cups, the cups that are full. Express gratitude. Nourish and nurture them. Spend time honouring them daily. Then pick the empty cups up and (treating them like they are opportunities, brand new seeds that you can grow) work out how you would like to fill them.


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