Will this relationship last? β›©

Relationships are tricky and complicated things. Whenever there is more than one person involved, there are more feelings, memories, wounds and past experiences to be taken into consideration in the union. And, if we or our partner, be they our actual partner or our desired partner, have traumas that have yet to be released, the landscape gets more muddled.

Hurt people hurt people. Lost people don’t know how to find themselves, let alone find and be there with you. Abandoned children aren’t very good at connecting and communicating. And that’s just the start.

This reading aims to help you to work out if this relationship is a keeper, and then, if you decide it is, offer up some guidance about how to keep it.

Make a tea.
Grab a blanket.

Get comfy.
Settle in for a slightly bumpy ride.

The Emperor presents to us a person who is aloof, unreachable almost. He sits upon his lofty throne in his far off, hard to reach, kingdom, protected by his armour and his minions. He is cold, hard and unmovable, stuck in his ways and fixed on his points. His opinions are like rock upon which your quiet voice is rebuked and silenced. This person is trapped in the past, fighting distant childhood battles only they are privy to. In the present they are distant, sad, shut off. The harder you try to reach them the harder they push back. Perhaps feelings of unworthiness are the issue? Beware of their anger, it is like a mighty fire that will try to consume you. Treat them with care like you would a wounded dog, for cornered they will likely bite. This is who they are right now, if nothing else changes. Their mind is fixated on their work and on empire building, it is them against the world, and you, my dear, are part of that world too.

In order to get close to them, you first have to find a way to lead them to heal. This work is not for the faint hearted.

The Knight of Pentacles offers some hope, for this is who this person can become if they take action. This will require looking directly at the things that scare them the most and the things they have spent their life trying to run from. It might well be triggering and release some pretty powerful emotions. And if you are standing too close you might well get hurt. But the way is clear. Instead of focusing on their own empire, working solely for themselves and their own gain, they need to step down and join the people, becoming part of a common goal. In service to a greater population, they will find a more righteous path and in doing so release and heal what they have long been carrying. The key is in turning their passion, their goal, their desired means of income and career, into one that can help many people. Essentially being of service. For in healing others we, in turn, find ways to heal ourselves.


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The Queen of Pentacles


This is a two-card reading, with the first card representing the present and the second what is blocking you from what you would like. The deck used is the Original Rider Waite Smith.



The suit of Pentacles represents abundance, manifestation, realisation, material possessions, health, wealth; work, business, career success. It is about our outer surroundings, the physical world; how we create, shape and guide it. On a more esoteric level, it is also about the ego and how we let it and not our higher self determine that journey. For this reason, it can also represent possessiveness, jealousy, over-indulgence, greed, materialism and selfishness.

It’s element is earth and its season is Autumn; or, if we are looking at timing, years.

Pentacles people are serious, hardworking, practical and realistic. And while they might like dreaming about what they want, need, wish they had, etc., they never lose themselves in the future; they will not wait to win the lottery: they will live their lives, doing their best to create their own fortune. They are also loving, kind and tactile/kinaesthetic, relating to the world and their surroundings and filling themselves back up through the practice of touching, feeling, smelling, tasting, hearing, etc…



The suit of Cups represents our heart and how we see, hear, feel, live and create from inside. It is all about our emotions, feelings and mental well-being and determines the quality of our inter-personal relationships, interaction with others and connection to the surrounding world. It is spontaneous, passionate, authentic, honest, optimistic, romantic and imaginative. As a result, it can also represent the opposite – especially when drawn upside down, as it was in this particular reading: indicating a situation or person who has untidy/mismanaged energy, is emotionally unbalanced, disengaged, dispassionate, unrealistic and fantastical. There will be unresolved traumas and issues and negative compulsions and behaviours blocking their Path.

It’s element is water. And it’s season is Spring.

Cups people are highly-sensitive: they feel everything inside. They love with every molecule in their body and care deeply about others and the world. Because of this, they get hurt often and easily by simple interactions which would not bother others: a snub remark or careless comment can injure them. In a bid to protect themselves, they have a tendency to overreact: jumping in fear to defend themselves when there has been no intended slight.



The Queen of Pentacles card stands in the position of the present; it tells us about where we have come from, what we have been through and where we are now. It is a card full of emotion: of things pent-up, repressed and/or denied. And even though the card was drawn the right way up in this instance, usually pointing to a reading indicating manifestation, accumulation, prosperity and success… the energy coming through, especially when paired with the Ace of Cups which crosses it, leans me to intuit and report the opposite.

Let’s unpick the image slowly to understand why:


β€’ cheerfully coloured in yellow, blue, green, orange, pink and red
β€’ landscape ripe and abundant, rich with flowers and fruit,
  roses and tulips
β€’ rabbit – suggesting energy, strength, youth, birth, fertility and new life
β€’ queen is sat beneath a canopy of flowers
β€’ sun is shining
β€’ background is gold
β€’ throne: big and strong and finely made
β€’ clothing: expensive and tailored
β€’ gold coin, engraved with a pentacle
β€’ she, the queen, sits: grounded, surrounded by a reality of her own making
β€’ setting looks warm and balmy
β€’ feels peaceful and relaxed
β€’ energy is slow and somnolent

I imagine a rich mountain pasture or meadow, an accompanying orchestra of birdsong and crickets, a tinkling goat bell, the bleat of a sheep, busy bees… The trees overhead creak gently as a bird shifts. There is the melody of a stream playing out in the distance. Occasionally, there is a sigh as the queen shifts, stretching her arms and legs. Her dress and cloak rustle against the cold hard throne; she cannot get comfortable no matter what. With the side of her sleeve she polishes the coin, continuing until her arm is tired and its surface is a mirror. Inside she can see her face: a wistful woman looking back, tired and worn. Childless, widowed or single, bereft of one or more important family members: her heart is made of water and ice. Having been denied within her personal life and internal world the abundance she is seemingly creating all around her, she looks upon the landscape with its roll-call of flowers and feels hollow and empty. She has made things, she is surrounded by accolades and achievements; she sits up high on her throne, central in her kingdom – and yet she is profoundly alone, her life a puzzle of misplaced and missing pieces.



β€’ rabbit is running
β€’ throne is:
   β€“ grey
   β€“ stone
   β€“ covered in disturbing carvings
β€’ there are blue/grey mountains in the background, barren and cold
β€’ gold coin, oppressive and heavy
β€’ crown, more befitting of a man
β€’ clothes too large
β€’ posture stooped
β€’ face down-turned, pensive and sad
β€’ lethargy in her body, and despair
β€’ I feel acutely sorry for her, like weeping

So while I am looking at an image of wealth and prosperity; feasting on splashes of vibrant colour, rich indulgent landscapes, floral festivity, accumulation, decadence and ownership: the queen at its centre, our main concern and focal-point, looks detached and sad: lost in thought, preoccupied by problems in her own personal relationships and/or her domain.

Maybe the coin in her lap is to blame?

It is very large and must therefore also be very heavy too.

Did she sacrifice too much in its attainment?

Has she had to fight to keep it close?

Has she lost things and people she cared about in its ownership or protection?

She is staring into it as if it were a crystal ball, as if the answers she seeks might be lodged there.

What does she regret?

What does she desire?

What does she long to undo?

Maybe what she holds is an imaginary coin – real wealth on a physical level still alluding her?

It could be all and any of these things. Answer the questions, look at the card and read it intuitively, then summarise what it means to you.


I feel that the role is stifling her, that she longs to be released from her obligations, that she feels the weight of the world on a daily basis, and that she carries too much in her mind and on her frame.

Why are her clothes so much bigger than her frame, their fabric thick and heavy?

Why does her crown suggest that it was made for a man?

Why is her throne covered in ghost-like wraiths and demonic-looking creatures?

It feels like she is imprisoned in a masculine role, having perhaps lost her husband, brother or father and been forced to then inherit. It doesn’t strike me as a gentle kingdom: one full of laughter, fun, lightness and life. It looks serious, heavy and hard, full of burdens and responsibilities.

Even with the flowers, which typically are full of positive energy, potential and new life: there is the feeling of oppression and being closed in. They feel as if they mean to devour or stifle her, inhabiting her person and throne like a garden gone to weed.

Look how bright the sun is; the sky without a trace of blue. Imagine sitting beneath it for hours and hours. Breathless, devoid of space and movement and breeze: it would drain and harm you.

The ground by her feet is also barren, with great big bald patches spilling outwards – further evidence of the neglect we are witnessing. It’s almost as if she sits in the middle of the jungle – her kingdom the Congo, wild and untamed; her life dictated by the political climate and the changeable nature of her family and friends.

As I sit and stare into the card, my eyes keep coming back to the throne and it’s nightmarish creatures. Here is a queen dressed like a person who believes in human kindness and God, who looks like she goes to church on a regular basis, says her prayers and tries at all times to be nice. But she is sitting in a chair that is designed for ritual and sacrifice and waking the dead. I could not sit even for a moment in that chair, without feeling immediately compelled to leap out.



The Queen of Pentacles represents prosperity, security, hard work, practicality and independence. She is caring and kind and gives freely to others. She is a good mother, both to her family and friends: the person you go to for comfort and advice when you need help. She is grounded and down to earth. She does not live in the clouds but exists in reality, sourcing from her surroundings, from things that are visible, imaginable and tangible. She sees the world as a puzzle, everything inside it a lesson to learn about life. She is highly creative and thinks outside of the box. She is resourceful and versatile and has an answer for most problems that present themselves. She is a descendant of Mother Earth, good at growing things on the physical plane – be it a beautiful garden, a delicious meal, a family, a successful business and career…

In this reading, she speaks of a situation that has been hard-won and things that have been lost: a person who is in mourning for their passing. For while there has been some measure of success (the measure varying for each person reading this article…), of changing and obtaining: there has also been the need to let go of and lay much aside.

Have you had to sacrifice things that were important to you?

Have you had to walk away from people you love?

Have you had to leave one life behind in order to embrace another?

Have you been working too hard for too long without a break?

Do you have enough fun in your life?

When was the last time you laughed until you collapsed on the floor, ran out of breath, hurt your stomach or cried?

Are you holding onto things that you know you have to release?

Be honest about these things. Ownership is the first step towards resolution.



There is conflict in your life, and repression and denial, and it is standing in the way of your happiness and growth. You have to let go of the past in order to embrace the present. And permit change in the present if you wish to manifest what you desire in the days and the years to come. And while this is hard and requires yet more sadness and sacrifice, it is for the greater good.

Have faith in the universe and trust in a better future. Embrace the help that surrounds you and all of its gifts.



The Ace of Cups card stands for what blocks our path. It tells us what is out of balance, what needs changing and what we need to do in order to right the wrongs revealed in the Queen of Pentacles. It is all about contrasts and opposites; making sure that instead of just the one, we take both presenting roads – allowing and denying, laughing and crying, joining and rejecting, advancing and retreating, depending upon and choosing solitude – filling up with new experiences and opportunities and letting go of those we no longer need.

As a result, there is a lot of turmoil and what feels like an overload of emotions. Life feels intense, everything happening in technicolor: small things, like a simple disagreement, amplified so that inside they feel like World War ll.

Let’s unpick the image slowly to understand why:


Please note: to begin I am reading the card the right way up, telling the story as it is meant to be told. This is not the outcome for the reading we are working on. I am presenting it as a study aid, to help you to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the tarot and to learn as you follow along.

β€’ water:
  β€“ lake
  β€“ droplets
  β€“ five jets
β€’ ten * water lilies
β€’ ghostly white hand, surrounded by mist
β€’ golden cup or chalice
β€’ white coin with a cross in its centre
β€’ white bird, either a dove or an eagle
β€’ sky light and clear

Imagine the cup as your soul and the hand the ‘Hand of God‘ holding you up and giving you healing, (like reiki only much more powerful). As you receive it you are reconnecting to all that is sacred – remembering what you once knew, where you originally came from, where you have been, how it felt and why you are here. It has appeared out of nowhere to catch you – lest you fall and disappear into the the water below. Or else raise you up out of the edgeless lake you have been swimming in for many years, the carpet of water lilies the only things keeping you afloat. It’s touch is gentle and kind. You feel safe and supported.

While you are receiving this exchange of energy, you are visited by a white dove, which swoops down from the heavens and deposits a single coin in your cup (essentially the crown of your head). You immediately begin to weep, overcome and touched. The dove is an angelic messenger, the coin a holy prayer, the words the sweetest you have ever heard. You release all of the pain from your heart; empty years of hurt and anguish; feel yourself becoming lighter and lighter until you can stay afloat on your own.

His job done, the Dove returns to the sky leaving you in the capable hands of God. God shakes you, waking you from an enchanted sleep. You slowly re-enter the world. Inside you feel alert, alive, deeply rested. You also feel incredible peace.

* see this article on numerology to learn more about the significance of the number ten. Remember to then apply the opposite of these things to this reading: eg. abundance becomes lack, love becomes loneliness, confidence fear, etc…



β€’ card drawn upside down/reversed: crossing your present,
  blocking you from what is best
β€’ down-turned, disembodied hand: heavy and pressing
β€’ water above your head
β€’ lilies like a virus attacking your blood
β€’ five jets, ropes or chords: holding you imprisoned, keeping you suspended
β€’ bird flying up into you, invading, like rape
β€’ coin – less a gift, more something to shut you up
β€’ raining tears

Again, let us consider the cup as your soul and the hand the ‘Hand of God‘; only this time He is the God of the Old Testament, wrathful instead of kind; or else another presence entirely – like a ghost, phantom, spirit attachment, possession or negative chord… Instead of holding you up (see positive scenario…): He, it, is pushing you down, treating you as an obstruction/threat.

Perhaps it resents your desire for expansion and seeks to repress you before you can rise up?

Perhaps you are starting to shine too brightly, challenging its very life?

Perhaps your voice, silent for so long, is now speaking it’s truth and to the hand this is poison?

Look at how you are glued to its centre, rootless and stuck. Note how your base resembles a suction pad. Your stuckness is further amplified by the five jets, which here look more like vines or ropes. You are not releasing tears, emptying out your centre. You are being drip-fed stagnant water.

Imagining myself as the upturned cup (slender-waisted, wide-hipped), I feel like a patient on a mental health ward living off a diet of pills. Here the dove is a well-meaning nurse; the coin a tablet, a concoction of chemicals. I am branded with the letter M, which is the cry of the small me appealing to its supreme mother, begging for salvation and help.

So while I am looking at an image of love, support, compassion, reassurance, healing, forgiveness, rescue, remedy and repair: it is all turned on its head and instead the message coming through is one of sadness, isolation, aloneness and fear; a person living inside a situation or alongside a person that has them trapped.



The Ace of Cups is here to call our attention to the imbalances in our life, encouraging us to pull out and examine all of the constraints that contain us.

Who and what is keeping you small?

Where and when do you lose your strength?

What causes your doubts, your fears, your insecurity..?

Where do you lack love?

The right way up, this card is full of love, support and guidance. This is what you want more of in your life.

However, there is a lack, long overdue, stemming from school, home and childhood.

In opening up and learning to trust again, in re-evaluating your current image of God, in having faith in the universe and calling upon the help of all that surrounds you – friends, family, qualified professionals, your higher self and your guides, etc., you will slowly leave the darkness and move into the light.



The Ace of Cups calls upon you to let go of all that no longer serves you, realising that it is these things and not the universe or God that is letting you down, for in allowing your circumstances and situation to guide you and call the shots, you are in essence allowing life to drain you.

No one has the right to tell you what to do, how to feel or how to behave. Only you control that.

If you are surrounded by negative energy, hurtful remarks, belittling opinions, people who seek to suppress you, etc., you need to exit that environment and return some balance to your life.

You were not born small. God did not intend for you to be powerless. It is only the words and actions of others, the hardship and pain of the world, that has turned your mind.

The Ace of Cups is an invitation: to rise up and take back control of your life, walking with confidence around the beautiful garden that you were given at birth and have, for your entire life, tended and nurtured; to see all of the wonderful things that are yours and know that you have it within you to do anything you want, change anything you don’t like… so long as you set your mind to it and believe in your own power.



You have read this article and found these cards today because they are meant to guide you. Honour yourself with the permission and freedom to really appreciate that.

  1. Write down the answers to all of the questions in this article, then think about how those answers apply to you.
  2. Do your own reading of the cards and compare your answers to the questions in the article to your reading of the cards. 
  3. Make a list of the main points, those that strike you as important. 
  4. Check back in with your notes, first daily and then weekly, to inspire change and healing in your life. 
  5. Ask yourself where you need healing, where you need help, where you need balance and where you need love, then commit to spending half an hour each day towards working to achieve this.


If this article has stirred things up for you or made you realise there are things in your life you would like to resolve, please feel free to visit my contact page or email me me to discuss both these things and the possibility of our working together in the future to accomplish these things.

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To be healed is having an awareness that you were never broken

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The Queen of Summer


I’ve elected to do another multi-deck reading. This time I will be comparing the Fairy Tarot to the Original Rider Waite Smith. The ideal juxtaposition between old and new: it presents the opportunity to contrast the weight of the Smith archetypes – individuals all trapped to some extent within life’s drudgery – with the light of the Virtue/Valentine elementals who have the ability, always, to up and fly away; people v.s. fairies, so to speak.


To begin, let’s look at both cards, paying attention to the similarities:

β€’ the colour way is predominantly yellow, orange and green
β€’ we are outside
β€’ there are sunflowers
β€’ the main protagonist is a queen
β€’ she is female
β€’ she wears a crown

Now look again, only this time for the differences. We will start with the Queen of Summer:

β€’ It is night, sunset
β€’ She is surrounded by small fairies

Lighting up the field in which she stands, illuminating her environment and bringing comfort to the night: they appear to be dancing or messing around. Are they celebrating, or are they instead bored – with prolonged waiting for something which has yet to manifest? Is this something daylight, morning..?

β€’ She is dressed in orange and red
β€’ She looks wistful and subdued
β€’ She is looking to one side, her right, as well as slightly behind

What is she reminiscing about? Does this activity make her happy or sad?

β€’ The wreath of flowers on her head looks heavy
β€’ Her wings look like fallen Autumn leaves
β€’ The sky is full of fire

We get the sense that her position is a burden as well as a delight; that her role as queen, leader, has many responsibilities. What might these be? And how might they be affecting her? Can you yourself relate to these same burdens and responsibilities, these worries and fears?

How would wearing a crown make you feel? Would you feel liberated or trapped, special and singled-out or released and set free?

What has happened to her wings to make them look so worn, or at least to appear so much older than her? Have they been on a long and exhausting journey? Are the small fairies attending her hard at work repairing her wings? Or are they fussing over her or inspecting her for damage and reporting back warning signs?

Look at the background. It’s orange and red. It’s full of pent-up energy waiting to be released. It looks like there is a storm brewing out there. Something big is about to happen. Something that will change everything as it is right now. Something that will wipe out the sunflowers in the field, scatter the tiny fairies snuffing out their lamps, cause the queen to step away from her position guarding the people and the land… What does the fire represent? What does fire symbolise? Can you relate the energy of that to something happening right now in your life? When is it coming? Is its purpose good, helpful, healing… Or is it more of a threat?

Now we move on to the Queen of Wands:

β€’ There is a throne
β€’ It is decorated with lions
β€’ There is a tapestry, also with lions, and sunflowers
β€’ There is a black cat, her face almost imperceptible amongst the blackness of her fur

In this instance, the cat symbolises magic, watchfulness, independence and discernment. She is cool, calm and collected. She is noble, regal and aloof. She is a keeper of secrets. She is also inquisitive and curious. She likes to explore the night, travel under cover of darkness. She represents the divine feminine, the goddess inside each and every one of us. She doesn’t require permission in order to act. She knows her own mind and has the power to honour it. Do you have some of this cat inside of you? Are you a keeper or a sharer of secrets? Are you confident within yourself and your own femininity?

The cat calls upon us to balance this energy, to add more social interaction and trust, to share and let in to our lives. Or to step back a little in order to achieve the opposite, to ask if we are giving all of our power away, weakening ourselves and dissolving our boundaries.

β€’ There is a plinth
β€’ There are mountains
β€’ She is outside but it is day
β€’ She holds a wand, a long staff of polished wood with little green leaves at the end
β€’ Her dress is yellow

Feel the picture and its energy. Enter into its story. Be the queen. What do you see, hear, feel? How did you get here?

I see a woman surrounded by space and peace. The night has passed. The mountains are far away. The sky is clear. She is sitting without company, apart from the cat, in an elevated positioned, able to survey her people and the landscape below. Her throne is solid and ornate, she is not in fear of her power or of it being taken from her. She has travelled in order to get here and in doing so learned more than most. This has given her confidence and empowered her and earned her wisdom and integrity. Her crown celebrates this, as does her wand/staff, along with being a further source of strength. Like a tree, she draws energy from it and uses it to manifest.

The green/blue of the sky speaks of lots of self-healing, things already done. And the red of the tapestry, personal power and strength, security and grounding. She belongs in this role. She has always lived it, even before she formally wore a crown. The yellow speaks of instinct, identity, intellect, self-discipline and self-esteem, along with freedom of choice and happiness. It represents thought/thinking and reflects what is on your mind, how well you connect to it. And yet, while she looks confident and powerful, she also looks very sad and alone. I sense separateness, isolation, a life with acquaintances but few friends. Do you have so much confidence and courage that you have perhaps become too independent and shut the rest of the world out? Or are you alone because you fear interaction lest you get hurt?

This card asks you to look at these things and right the imbalance. It is necessary to have a little of both.

β€’ There is a black upside down triangle at her neck
β€’ On her crown, along with the gold, there are green leaves (similar to those on the wand)
β€’ She is seated, poised
β€’ She is looking in the other direction, left instead of right and into the fore– and not background
β€’ She looks determined

Her mind is set. She knows what her obligations are and she is resigned to honouring them. This feels heavy, like her head is ruling her heart, disallowing her true emotions.


Neither queen, however, feels powerful in this moment. They have their title and the responsibilities and burdens it imparts. But they themselves appear to be humbled, weighed down and worn out by its demands.

How long has it taken them to get to this place of summer? What price have they paid? Have they sacrificed too much, perhaps; given too much of themselves and their energy away? Is this the cause of their haunting? Are they all worn and washed out? Are they empty and hollow inside? Are they sitting/standing in their position of power and success looking around and observing all of their abundance, all of their physical wealth (be it assets, talents, accomplishments, people, career…) but internally bearing the cost.

I feel pain and sadness. I sense regret. There is a yearning for something that has been lost. Perhaps a past self who was lighter and freer, who saw more colour in the world?

Who is this queen? What is she like as a person? If she was a friend or an acquaintance, how do we think she would think and act? How would her company make you feel? Would you be drawn to or repelled from her energy? Would her voice be strong and fill you with confidence? Or would it be gentle and soft, lending you peace? Is she serious and mature, or silly and childlike? Talk to her in your mind. Get to know her.

In the Fairy cards, we are told she is loving, comforting, emotional and intuitive. Does she sound like someone you know? Can you yourself relate to this energy? She strikes me as someone who cares very much for those whom she considers ‘her people’; someone who would do anything for them, no matter the personal cost. Someone who hates to see human suffering, who wishes always to help and to heal. Maybe because of this she is denying her own emotions, repressing core needs?

I sense her inner child is screaming, calling “Mummy, mummy…”; longing to be comforted and held, heard and allowed.

And yet the dominant message of this card is one of celebration and success, of having worked very hard to arrive at a certain point and of being able to sense, see and feel that.

Perhaps it’s calling you to take stock, to slow down enough to integrate all of that, to honour your achievements?

Perhaps you are being too hard on yourself, fixing your gaze on the finishing line without realising that you are well on your way to completing the journey you set?


This card calls you back to your heart, asking that you listen to its messages and to the intuitive insights you receive from deeper down inside, trusting what comes up.

It is also asking that you stop ignoring, suppressing, denying… the core needs of your soul and inner child and instead start paying attention to them.

What is missing from your life? How do you find happiness, excitement and joy? When did you last you look into whether you might be taking too much care of others, of ploughing too much of your energy into external things, into manifesting materially… while neglecting your spiritual life?


Spend some time meditating on both queens.

Stand in the field in the place of the Summer Queen. Be her essence. Feel her energy.

β€’ what troubles her mind?
β€’ what pains her heart?
β€’ what is the main source of her discomfort?

Stand next to her.

β€’ what does she want to tell/show you?
β€’ what does she want you to learn?
β€’ does she have an important message?

Now sit in the throne of the Queen of Wands. Feel her energy. See what she sees.

β€’ what is preoccupying her thoughts?
β€’ what is she emotionally like inside?
β€’ why does she appear, despite having everything, not to have the one thing she needs?

Stand next to her.

β€’ what story does she want to share?
β€’ what is its moral/metaphor?
β€’ does she have any warning, any healing, any advice?

Write down the answers to all of the questions in this article. Do your own reading of the cards. Look at how what you have written down relates to your life. Ask yourself where you need healing, where you need balance, where you need love. What needs stirring and what needs rest.

You have read this article and found these cards because right now they can help you in some way. Honour yourself with the permission and freedom to really appreciate what they offer.


If this article has stirred things up for you or made you realise there are things in your life you would like to resolve, please feel free to visit my contact page or email me me to discuss both these things and the possibility of our working together in the future to accomplish these things.

Or, to book an appointment directly, see my contact page.

To be healed is having an awareness that you were never broken

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The Prince of Spring



This card is known as the Prince of Spring or Knight of Cups, depending on what deck you are using. Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine’s Fairy Tarot has us looking at the Prince of Spring, an illustration of a winged man, a warrior, a knight… sat upon a robed rabbit; reminiscent, to me, of Alice and Wonderland and the White Rabbit, only this one is brown and looks more tamed. The Rider Waite Smith’s Original Tarot, on the other hand, depicts the more traditional Knight of Cups, showing us a knight on a horse, richly clothed, a gold cup held aloft in his right hand. His helmet and boots have decorative wings, symbolic of flight and adventure. He has travelled far, succeeded his body to journey the landscapes of his mind, his inner yearnings, his heart path. His cloak, adorned with fish, show us that he is an emotional man, in touch with his feelings, aware of his thoughts, his needs, on a deep level. So, a knight on a rabbit and a knight on a horse: not so very different; only the energy behind them is, leading to both cards giving a very different reading if read apart. Which this is why I like to compare decks, making the most of all that is on offer to me. I find it helps me to get a more complete picture of the story contained and to obtain a deeper reading. And it’s fun to blend, mixing old with new, fairies and angels against symbols and archetypes; unpicking and unpacking, examining and analysing, holding things imagined and things romanticised against things experienced and thing felt. I like the contrast, the challenge, the opposing messages and stories that present. I like when I mix unicorns with dolphins, mermaids with ascended masters, messages from the universe and messages from Louise Hay… The symbols vary, and the text, but the depth and the meaning is there. The magic is not lost.


This card is a call to action, encouraging us to awaken our inner warrior and ride out into the unknown. It is asking that we make him charming and confident and passionate and restless. That we cast him, as if in spell, in the exact model we need to achieve and accomplish all that we need. His purpose, we are shown, is to stir us out of inactivity, to coax our gentler “I’ll just put up with it for one more day…” side into the idea of leaving, departing the security of the known and comfortable, certain and safe, for the “anything and everything might happen” of the unknown. For while we have created this space that we feel safe within, we are also arguably trapped, living a small version of the story we were born to live.


The two cards have many parallels:

β€’ a knight
β€’ a beast
β€’ a talisman
β€’ a wild terrain
β€’ purpose, poise and confidence

Looking at the Rider Waite Smith version: I see a proud knight, a man in his element; his courage, his compassion, his creativity… extended in his right hand, almost as if in offering to the gods. He has these things and he is proudly proclaiming them to all who will listen, declaring “I am an honest man. I am diligent. I have worked hard and paid my dues. I have won, I have not taken. I have lost sweat and shed blood. I have earned through my efforts and my wealth furnishes me on multiple levels. I am physically fit. I am emotionally balanced. My mind is quick and exercised often in a broad variety of things. I read. I write. I study. I pray and meditate. I am spiritual. I am travelled. I am cultured. I am resilient and strong. I have all or most of the things that I believe I need: food, shelter, companionship, clothing, weapons, books. I believe in the future and the benign nature of the universe. I life is on my side… You can feel all of this looking at him. He is not a shy man. He is not secretive or closed. And neither is he cowed or humbled. If life hasn’t always been kind to him, it is on his side now and he embraces this fully.

On his outfit we witness a suit of armour with a colourful coat, adorned, as mentioned before, with fish. From this we know that he is in touch with his unconscious and his emotions and his inner self; that he journeys as often on the inside as the out. He appears to be wealthy, successful and strong.

The horse, on the other hand, looks slightly reluctant: shy and bashful, a little unsure of itself. It looks tamed, obedient instead of in command. So even though this animal is a symbol of power and strength and speed and energy, here that seems to be contained. It’s not easily visible. Maybe it isn’t quite ready? Maybe it’s still thinking and dreaming about other things? Or hard at work on the landscape of the mind, the dreamscape it wishes one day to turn into a reality but isn’t ready yet to put it to the test outside. For dreams kept hidden are arguably safer than dreams shared, and dreams put to the test are subject to trail and error and road blocks and ruts. I sense, in this respect, that the horse is more of a feminine energy. And maybe reluctant to allow herself to be ridden by a man, to be taken over by this other more powerful force. But the card is calling upon her to trust, to allow, to temporarily be submissive, to act more from her head than from her heart, so that she might be led for a while. For it is only in bending to this other, this man, that she will pass through the desert of loneliness and drought she finds herself stuck within and reach the verdant meadow full of companionable horses just out of sight. A place where the sun always shines, where the flowers grow in December, where the rabbits lie down with lions and the horses with butterflies.

Take action today, this is what the Knight of Cups calls for. Be brave so that you can manifest your dreams into tangible reality. Listen to your mind as well as to your heart. Trust all sides of yourself – both masculine and feminine, knight and horse, fairy and rabbit – and act in unity, a little bit of one with a little bit of the other, never leaning too much one way. In doing so, it promises, you will move from where you are towards where you want to be. I like this card. It speaks of all things happy.

And the Virtue Valentine? Here we fall instantly into a field of bulrushes, towering, or so it feels, above us. We are small, and they are big, like the sky. Everything is magnified and splendid in its magnification. We are a knight, only this time a winged one. We carry a long wand, wrapped in vines with leaves like stars. It is an object of power and success, of victory. It is not a battle worn sword, it is not a bloody knife. It is a cared for and polished object that our rider has taken the time to bedeck. His armour is golden, like his wings. He shines with confidence, courage, achievement, self belief, certainty, direction and purpose. He has a mission and he is determined to accomplish it. 

His stead, the rabbit, looks somewhat less sure. Her eyes show a degree of sadness, like she has been pulled away from somewhere she cherished, forced to venture out when she was perfectly content at home. And I’m not so sure she likes the heavy bright outfit, which declares to the world that she is owned, that she belongs to another not side by side but underneath, as in less than. She is wise and she is silent. She is of a certain age. She knows the world and her place within it and she has come to accept her lot. She no longer fights or argues. She has her life and she she lives it. And while it might not be all that big or grand or contain all of the things her younger self set out to achieve and own, it is alright with that. She knows enough of what now lies in the future to align her mind with it and relinquish the things that were always wanted but have yet to come.

As with the Knight of Cups, the Prince of Spring is a call to action, a demand for the currently slumbering to be awakening. The ‘you’ who is in acceptance with the current status quo is being shaken by the universe, asked to saddle up, to be the rabbit/horse, and to accommodate the rider. For this is how your dreams will be won, your desires achieved, your goals materialised.

Reassure your softer nature that this change is alright, that it is to be accepted, that it is what your higher self would like. Tell her that she will be protected and kept safe and secure, that nothing will harm her. That even if it is painful for a time and even if the change to her routine is uncomfortable, even unbearable: it will pass, as everything eventually does, revealing a shiny new future.

You have read this article and found these cards because right now they can help you in some way. Honour yourself with the permission and freedom to really appreciate what they offer.


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To be healed is having an awareness that you were never broken

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The word temperance means to moderate or reign in and this card is asking that we do just that – to our thoughts, feelings, public expressions and physical actions.

β€’ Are we being messy with our emotions, throwing our toys around and creating havoc for the people in our lives?

β€’ Are we acting out – without consideration, without thinking about how this energy is also affecting us, deep inside?

β€’ Are we moving too fast, acting too rashly, feeling too deeply about stuff…?

Think about what you might perhaps be overly energetic or passionate in your life right now and ask yourself if this is the correct energy to be spinning. If it is healthy and balanced.


Or perhaps, inversely, instead of being overly energetic and extrovert you are being overly insular and passive, holing up inside, hibernating as if it were winter, and this card is calling upon you to summon up more oomph!, more passion, energy and drive and to start acting upon your desires, your wishes, thoughts and dreams, instead of just standing there frozen, like a rabbit in headlights?


Think about the word temperance.

Think about your behaviour right now.

Think about your thoughts and feelings.

β€’ What is your current energy – fast or slow, high or low, shiny or dull…?

β€’ What do you need to do to balance it, so that when you go inside it feels calm, safe, still and peaceful? What do you need more of?

Add this to the mix and keep adding it daily, until you feel your imbalances balance out.


Now look at the image.

β€’ What feelings does it evoke?

β€’ What does the Angel represent to you?

β€’ What do you think the two cups are; the circle in the centre of her forehead; the triangle at her chest?

β€’ And the flowers around her, what are they?

β€’ Look at the water, the lake or pond, and her feet and the grass and landscape behind it? What do they tell you?


To me, the Angel is an emissary from above, bringing us an important message to integrate into our physical lives. She is telling us that we are doing well, that we have come far, that we are on the right track, that we should keep going. She is encouraging us to keep moving forwards. But she is also calling us to a temporary halt so that we might go inside, take a moment to connect to our deepest most intimate parts, in order to confirm what it is that they want, need; what their life path is: to make sure we are still walking in the right direction at the right speed with the right energy attached, and to correct the imbalances.

She is holding two golden cups, showing us the potential we have for spiritual, emotional, mental and physical wealth; for creative abundance; for turning thought into substance, dream into reality. She is letting us know that we have these things, that we have achieved and collected much, but that we are currently keeping it separate – spiritual in one box, emotional in another; mental and physical again, apart… and, because of this, we are missing out. She is telling us that we need to mix them, pour an amount from each one into all of the others, tip it back and forwards until it feels integrated, balanced, complete.

It is the same with her feet. Look how she has one foot in the water, in the sea of her emotions, in her subconscious, in feelings and desires, in her true pure essence, and one still on the land, hesitating, unsure, clinging to all that is material and superficial and outside of her, clinging to social conditioning and expected behaviours and external achievements, allowing them to determine her worth.

The triangle at her heart is a sign of the feminine, a reminder of what we are, a calling to be true, to be balanced, to be loving and compassionate, to express grace in all that we do, and, above all else, to remember ourself and be attentive to our inner self’s needs and to the needs of our soul.

On the right there are two flowers: narcissi. Remember the tale of the beautiful God Narcissus, how he was proud and vanity. The narcissus as a flower is a symbol of vanity, of the material and superficial things in life, highlighting what the left foot is already attempting to point out, showing us that we have an attachment to material things, an over absorption in the ego and the self, an inherited societal belief that we are what we do and how much we have and how young and how beautiful we are or once were.

The right foot, on the other hand – the one in the water – is in touch with deeper truer things; it is more balanced and temperate. And this message is further expressed in the brilliance of the sun cresting the mountain in the distance, acting as a simple and accessible reminder that, no matter what, the sun will continue to shine, will continue to rise and set, will continue to pour light and warmth and energy over all that we do have, over all that we do, over all that we are… if we are courageous enough to believe that even when we cannot see it it is still there, way up high beyond sight, beyond touch and feeling, always constant, always true, for it is not the sun that changes but our relationship to it and our physical perception of these things. We are in fact a part of everything. We are infinite and exist beyond matter and time, beyond space. We are the sun and the moon and the stars and the sky and the rain and the clouds and the hail and snow. We are all at the same time and in that same instance we are nothing. There is nothing to fear because at the same time as existing and feeling and being and inhabiting all that is heavy and so tragically typically human, we are also removed and separate, light and free, not a part of and yet in everything. We are bigger than and as small as can be. We are infinitely precious and we don’t matter at all. All of our burdens, all of our fears, are entirely human, they matter only right now, in this reality. On our spiritual path, on our path of purpose and reason for being here, these things are simply lessons and experiences we have drawn ourselves towards us in order to grow and learn.


Keep the image of this card with you throughout the day. Meditate upon it for a week. Write down your thoughts and what it calls to mind. Record where your life needs balance, moderation, temperance. And apply these things in all of the ways that you can.

Then share this card with others and invite them to bring its energy into their lives. Love this card and thank it, appreciating all that it has shown you, all that it will continue to reveal. Do not forget it until you have allowed its seeds to be planted, its potential to take root; until you are sure it will grow to produce bright and brilliant offspring, flowers that you will cherish and value forever more, that you will allow into and to totally transform your life.

If this article has stirred things up for you or made you realise there are things in your life you would like to resolve, please feel free to visit my contact page or email me me to discuss both these things and the possibility of our working together in the future to accomplish these things.

Or, to book an appointment directly, see my contact page.


To be healed is having an awareness that you were never broken

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β€’ Ask me a question or book an appointment
β€’ Buy remedies, healing aides and helpful accessories
β€’ Check out my Etsy shop Lemon Rose Petals πŸ‹ to see what else I do