Ceromamcy, divination using wax

Ceromamcy is a form of divination using wax, a bit like scrying for tea leaves in a cup – only different because at the end you get to take your wax shapes away with you instead of their being stuck in the Teller’s cup.

As a form of seeing, it can be incredibly revealing… as powerful as using a crystal ball or tarot cards.

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If you would like to try it at home by yourself, you will need:

1. a candle
2. a vessel
3. a bottle of mineral water
4. a lighter or match
5. a notebook
6. a pencil
7. crystals to support your question
8. a quiet undisturbed space

Step one: set up your table as an altar. Make it special. Add ornaments, flowers, incense, tea lights, shells, stones, feathers, pictures, etc.

Step two: centre and ground yourself. Call upon the surrounding energies. Invite high vibrational (and helpful) beings in to support you.

Step three: take the water and bless it with a self-worded intention or prayer, then pour it into your vessel. Add supportive crystals to the water. Eg. rose quartz for love, amethyst for healing, yellow topaz for abundance.

Step four: take your candle, invoke its energies and connect to its life force. Thank it. Bless it.

Step five: think about your question, then light the candle and let it start to burn. Turn it on its side so that it drips wax into the water. Either hold it steady in one place or move it as you feel called. You can draw if you like. Make as many different shapes as you feel you need to.

Step six: right the candle… thank the energies and the candle… and blow out the flame.

Step seven: now get your paper and pencil and translate what you see. What shapes and symbols stand out? What do they remind you of? What is the first thought that comes into your head? Trust your intuition and go with your immediate response. Try not to let your head get too involved. Listen instead to your gut.

Step eight: sit back and look at what you have written and work out what it might mean in relation to your question. You can then either clear away the space, making sure to first close it; or leave it there until it feels done.

End thoughts and prompts:

• What did you learn?
• How can you apply this information?

For further clarity you can:

– pull a card
– mediate on the shapes and symbols
– talk to your guides
– connect to your higher self
– ask your dreams for answers
– look for external signs
– book a consultation with me or another reader


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To be healed is having an awareness that you were never broken.

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A pelican sits on a rock
alone in the centre of a circle,
the circle of a cup.

The Rock is like a tree,
with roots that reach into the centre,
travelling into the sea.

They descend,
like a trail of dirty water,
like the body of a snake,
like the arms of an octopus –


pushing down;
taking everything,

until the pelican is left:
master of a puddle,
lord of a stump.


Turn him upside down
and he becomes an angel,
a back-to-front J.

J for Jeremial:
He who helps those who are stuck.

He is also the angel of death,
but I don’t think this particular point
is applicable here;

unless the meaning is
part of what since
has passed.


Above the angel is a trunk:
of rock,
of wood,
of light;

a trunk that is a portal,
to both the pelican
and God.

Standing beneath this shaft,
showering in all that comes over:
he fills his soul up,
then disappears into the All that Is.


Horses gallop across the sky.
A crow complains.
A dog looks at the moon;

And in amongst it all –
in an indistinct nowhere,
in an irrelevant somewhere:

a woman unravels,
beginning to stand up.

by Rebecca L. Atherton


To be healed is having an awareness that you were never broken

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