Summer Resolutions

Do you want to let go of some long-held emotional baggage, heal from a persistent illness, ailment or injury that just won’t go away no matter what you do or take, release the past in order to move forwards into a new life, learn how to love yourself or love yourself more, heal your heart, discover confidence, optimism, happiness, peace, joy? Do you want to awaken to a new way of looking and seeing and feeling and being; one that is richer, deeper, profoundly beautiful? Do you want more energy, health, motivation, strength?

If so, together we can achieve just that.


The healing I offer is part coaching, part therapy, part energy, part spiritual.

I combine a bespoke set of techniques, tailored just for you:

β€’ crystals
β€’ flower essences
β€’ aromatherapy
β€’ tarot
β€’ oracle cards
β€’ channeled messages
β€’ reiki and spiritual healing
β€’ imagineering, guided visualisation, meditation
β€’ breath and bodywork
β€’ smudging and energy clearing
β€’ chakra balancing
β€’ aura repair
β€’ past life regression


If this sounds like something you could benefit from and/or you would like to know more, please send me an email so that we can find out what would work best for you and get you started on that healing track.

For more details, email me or see the relevant pages on my website.

I look forward to hearing from you.
And, in the meantime, I wish you love and light. πŸ’–πŸŒž