How can I help my heart to heal? 🐠

Our heart is one of our most important organs. It’s the organ that keeps us alive and helps us to breathe. Without it, we simply aren’t. It’s not like a kidney, where we can live without one. Or a brain, where a part can be damaged but the rest still functions fine. Or a spleen or appendix, even, where we can do without. Our heart is vital to our existence and we are very much connected to and wrapped up with it.

But our hearts are also our emotional centres and whatever happens to us happens to them. A bereavement, a betrayal, a rejection, a loss… all affect our heart. As does a compliment, a hug, a confession of love. Words and actions can lift, energise, empower and heal, as well as hurt, harm and destroy.

How we treat our hearts, therefore, and how we allow others to treat them, is pretty important if we want to lead healthy, happy, full lives.

We have all suffered heartbreak. We have all experienced harsh words and actions. This isn’t what is important though. It’s what we do afterwards that counts. Emotions themselves aren’t dangerous. There is only danger when we harbour them and refuse, whether consciously or unconsciously, to let them go.

Oceana reminds us that our emotions are like the ocean. She also reminds us that we are all connected to this one huge body of moving, flowing energy, as wide and as vast and as deep as the ocean herself. By tapping into that energy and that water, by sitting still and questioning and then quietly, patiently listening, we can hear what our body and heart want us to know.

Heart communication exercise:

Place one hand on your heart and another on your belly, tuning into your life force. Take your time to feel out the gentle movement, the energetic pulse. Listen and ask yourself what you hear. Look and allow yourself to see. When you feel confident, ask a simple question that you know the answer to and wait for a felt response. For example: Should I make myself a green juice, should I take a walk, should I go to bed earlier tonight than I usually do? Unless you are allergic to certain vegetables, injured and unable to exercise and/or already getting enough sleep,the answer to all of the above should be a yes. Then you ask something that would be a no. Like: should I drink this Coke, should I smoke this cigarette, should I cut off all of my hair? These questions, or similar, will give you a sense of what is yes and no to you energetically. And then you can move on to the real questions, like: is he/she/they good for me, am I in love with him/her/them, should I accept his/her/their proposal, etc? Using this method you can energetically tune into your heart centre and your solar plexus and make better, more loving decisions about your life.


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