How can I be more successful in my career? 🎡

When it comes to success and career, we all have certain blocks. If we aren’t manifesting in the ways that we desire, chances are it’s because something inside is restricting us. Whether that’s a bad experience in the past, a childhood trauma, lack of direction, motivation, self belief, etc… the result is the same: we flail around treading water; working hard but getting nowhere.

This reading is intended to shine a light on one or many of these blocks in order to start you moving.

The Wheel of Fortune is all about decisions and choices. These are the roads that we can, want to, or are thinking about taking. Which can be a good thing, right?, because we like to have options and possibilities. But when it comes to career and manifesting and achieving financial abundance and success: sometimes less is more; sometimes we need to hone in on something specific instead of being a Jack or Jill of all trades. It’s much easier to do one thing really well than ten things moderately, and that’s what is going on here: you have too many ideas, skills, thoughts and desires, and they are blocking you. Cut through the 🐂 💩 to who you really are at your centre and what you want to do with those skills. Making a decision will set you free.

The Ten of Cups shows you what is possible in your future if you do the work discussed above. It is within you to make a success of this and to achieve all you desire, not just abundance in career, but abundance too in love, and relationships and family. The Ten of Cups is the complete package of everything. Know that this is in your future and it will help fuel you when it comes to breaking free.


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