Throughout Spain it is Three Kings Day, a day as special as Christmas and celebrated with as much pomp and flair. So last night while the parade was taking place outside, I sat myself down in my sacred space and slipped into meditation travelling to Bethlehem to pay my own respects to the baby Jesus. Kneeling before the manger, I felt three hands: upon my shoulder, on my head and at the small of my back, belonging to the Three Magi: Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar. They informed me that I too had three gifts and as I stared into their eyes each took my hand, placing something in its centre.


The first gift was a beautiful shell: iridescent, intricate and delicate, to reconnect me to the flow of my emotions so that I could listen to them more deeply and so set them free. It was also to remind me of my original self, the part of me that comes from the water and to return me to my true family, the whale and the dolphin.


The second gift was two chess pieces, simple carvings made from wood or bone. The pawn to symbolise sacrifice, being part of a longer game and belonging to the people. The queen to symbolise empowerment, competence and capability, awakening to oneself and service to the Creator.


The third gift is a handheld mirror: silver, decorative and old; it’s purpose, to show me my true self and to allow me to see the true self in others so that I can more easily help them as well as tell who means me well and who means me ill.


Afterwards, I felt incredibly peaceful, as well as supported and safe. These were special gifts, each with a profound and pertinent message.

I decided that in order to keep their message close by me all of the year and to really make the most of it, I would find a physical token for each and add them to my altar.

I would welcome donations from anyone who has a physical object like my gifts and gladly give a free reading in return.


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To be healed is having an awareness that you were never broken

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