Words To Live By…

Happiness never derives from power over others.
And peace never comes from getting your own way.

Look, therefore, to be strong with, not strong over – this includes those in the world, those in your home; your own thoughts, feelings and emotions, and whatever else may be lurking inside your proverbial bed.

The best way to experience positive emotions, cultivate happiness and enjoy greater moments of inner peace, is to give it away. Make someone else feel good, special, important… and you become twice as good, special and important too. Make someone else feel beautiful, cherished, loved… and you become twice as beautiful, cherished and loved as well.

Give without harbouring an agenda, abandoning your need to receive or exact payment in return. Share as often and as graciously as you can, not only material objects but also your time. Include, invite, incorporate, conjoin; put together when- and -wherever possible. We were designed not only to cohabit but also to co-employ. We are are better in partnership.

It doesn’t get any purer than this, and it’s all so simple.


To be healed is having an awareness that you were never broken

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