Thank you, I love you, I am because you are.

Do you have special people in your life that, when they are around, when they text you, email you, phone you or you in-person meet up, light you up? And if you do, who are they and are they the people you would wish, expect, pick..?

I have a handful of precious people and each day I thank God for their love. I’m not sure who I’d be or how I’d fare without them. And I think what makes them even more special is the fact that even with their trials and troubles, of which they have many, they have space and time for me; little old me, to them, is important.

One of those people was my grandmother, who sadly passed away almost nine years ago now. As a child she was such a positive influence to me, such a vessel of supportive, un-judgy love. When she died she left a gap and I still miss her most days, but I do talk to her too, and I smile at her advice. She has a way with words. She doesn’t mix things up.

Another one of those people is my aunt, and I guess because she is further away in terms of location and because our relationship has been on and off over the years, I’m constantly stunned by the room she allows me in her heart. If I had to pick one breast, one pair of arms, to curl into when I’m upset or sick, when I’m needing a mother… it would be hers. I feel I could completely relax there. And also, no matter what, be myself.

I have three more relatives who I rate pretty highly, an unofficial mother-in-law, and a surrogate island-side mother. They are all wonderful, special, precious people; there if I need them but not necessarily able to be constant in my life.

And then there’s my dog, who I honestly could not live without. Not only is she loving, loyal and totally present; she’s forgiving, gentle, patient and kind too. And the most magical thing: if I’m sick or hurting or crazy inside, she knows just where to lie to make it go away, or at least feel better.

Who are the important people in your life?

How do they show up?

What do they give you?

Do they know what they mean to you?

This weekend, write them a letter, send them a email or better yet drop in or give them a call… let them know how important they are. Just as we appreciate it when people thank us for a job well done, or for a nice thought or effort, so do those around us too. And it’s such a little thing.

So, to all of my nearest and dearest, those mentioned and those held silent… thank you, I love you, I am because you are.


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