How can I find the right mentor? πŸ‘³πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

Finding a mentor is a really good way of navigating out of a block, whether that block is worry, fear, confusion, apathy, grief, procrastination, boredom, frustration, anger, hate, overwhelm or fatigue. But with so many distractions – the world today is non-stop, 24/7 – it’s hard to know who to look to or trust. Add to that the number of options – you can’t open your inbox or Instagram or Facebook account right now without being bombarded by fitness instructors, cookery, coaching and health coaches, etc., – it’s almost claustrophobic, verging on being suffocating before you even start. Maybe it even feels easier just to retreat and let things lie, hoping that sooner or later the chaos will die down and it will be easier to come out?

This reading is intended to help you to cut through all of that, picking up the first crumb of a fresh trail. Then, with a little sustenance, with a bite or two inside, the journey will feel that much easier.

Our first card, The King of Wands, indicates where to start: with your creativity. Whether you are talented at cooking, painting, sewing, knitting, pottery, print work, scrapbooking, needlecraft, singing, songwriting, creative writing, poetry, etc… find someone whose creations you admire and who inspires you and read, watch and listen to what they have to say. Let their interests and beliefs inform you, breathing fresh energy and life into what you already possess.

The Chariot, our second card, then reminds us pick a side, and to take care whose mission we attach our fire to. We need to choose what energy resonates – male/female, light/dark, sun/moon, etc., – and allow that to steer us true. Mentor secured, the message is to pack everything you have learned (making space for everything you will learn), and start running after it, picking up the crumbs along the way. The further you travel and the more crumbs, the clearer your own path will be. After all, food heals, nourishes, encourages, comforts and inspires. And what better food for the mind than inspirational words.


To stop you from becoming overwhelmed, I suggest the following things:

Limit the voices. More is not always merrier,

Choose one or two people who you are drawn to and who you resonate with and start there. Spend a week or a month or longer solely in their space. Then, once you feel like you have learned enough and would like to broaden your knowledge base, you can add another one or two.

Treat it like an apprenticeship. Show up every day. Make a commitment. Be on time. Take notes. Do your homework.


If you would like to know more about what is going on right now and would also like to hear more about my thoughts… I discuss the things that are coming up for me and how I am attempting to mother, manage, navigate and clear them in my own life on my YouTube channel in a section calledΒ A Little Light.

There are also lots ofΒ tarot cardΒ readings covering the pandemic, as well as love, relationships, career, health and life, etc.


Have a browse, give me a thumbs up, subscribe and leave a comment if you have anything you would like to share, ask or add.

Thank you for reading and have a brave and beautiful day. x



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