Rise up, rise up sweet darling…

The world today, (I’m talking to you from the 28th April, 2020) is much different from the world just weeks ago and in those weeks much has occurred and everything has changed.

  1. We’ve all been in quarantine; lock-down or house arrest, as I call it.
  1. We’ve all been spending a lot of time alone.
  1. We’ve either not been working or we’ve been working less or we’ve been working from home.
  2. We’ve not seen our friends and we really miss them.
  1. We have and still are feeling worry about our family and wondering when we might be able to see them again, especially if there are members who are elderly or sick.
  1. We worry about ourselves and those we live with.
  1. We worry that we aren’t living with anyone and wonder if we will ever be able to imagine living with someone ever again.

And the list goes on and on… we are sad, angry, numb, overwhelmed, depressed, restless, worried, paranoid, deep in despair, wide open and all shut down. We are determined to survive this. We want to make a difference, be different, speak up and count. And we also just want it all to go away so that our lives can go back to normal.

Only they never will, because normal has gone away. And what is coming next will be a whole new world with new rules and new ideas about who it is and how we are all to live in it.

I wanted to write this piece because I haven’t written anything for a while. You see, even before this, I was in flux, experiencing my own Dark Night and my own dark world. And I’m still kind of there, thanks in part to the pandemic and thanks also to the things that upended my world that I have little to no control over. But I’ve travelled a long way and this isn’t my first Dark Night, so I’ve got a lot of experience on how to navigate it. And that’s why I do what I do, because I can take my consciousness up above you, above your situation and your fear and grief, and see the path to healing and guide you onto it. And while there are some things we can’t fix, we can come to acceptance and then peace with most of it. If we are willing…

I will you to be inspired. I will you to rise up. I will you to want to live more than you want to die. I will you to fight for yourself and your rights and your inheritance, and I will you to fight for those you love, those you know, and those you haven’t met yet. I will you to become, to grow, to heal. And I will you to be brave enough to reach out and form connections and relationships with others who are also journeying into the light.

And if I can be of any help… please reach out to me, because I can hold space for you and energetically hug you while you rant and lament and rage and cry.

I wish you rebirth and enlightenment and purpose and peace. Bless you all, earth’s darling little ones. The world needs us. Let’s be the best versions of us that we can be.

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