Essential Commandments

While the original Ten Commandments might be out of place in today’s world, or at least ignored for the most part by a large percentage of society; it doesn’t mean that they are irrelevant, wrong, or that their essence doesn’t carry energy.

How we act and behave as we travel our own individual journey affects everything around us – ourselves and others, even trees and plants.

When we are careful, we help. When we are careless, we harm. If more people can learn to live with presence and positive intent, there will be more ‘happy energy. And as everyone knows… happy energy makes a happy world.

Just think how powerful the smallest gesture is: a compliment from a stranger, an unexpected smile, a free coffee from your local coffee shop, an email from a friend, a phone call from a relative, a ‘sorry’ photo from someone who has hurt you by mistake…

These things matter and change our day. When they mount up it can feel magical, like miracles are abound.

The more you do for others, the more you receive in return: you build up good energy, you shine; other good people are attracted to your glow.

Polish your aura, create a clear channel to operate through, look always to how you might better the world.


Below is a ‘tweaked‘ version of the original Ten Commandments, which allows you to live in accordance to The Word while also incurring a bit more modernism and freedom.

1. Be still.
2. Trust yourself.
3. Speak with love and understanding in your voice.
4. Honour yourself every day by doing something you really love.
5. Let go of resentment and appreciate your life.
6. Keep your heart open.
7. Be happy with what you have right now.
8. Act honourably – don’t deceive yourself or others.
9. Don’t take your opinions seriously.
10. Remember that everything you need already lies within you.

* This list is taken from an article by Rochelle Taylor and Kevin Niv Farrow, the founder of AcuEnergetics®. If you would like to read it in full, you can do so here.


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