manifesting with mandalas


How much do you know about mandalas? How about meditation? Have you ever meditated with a mandala? Or drawn one, perhaps?

Mandalas are deeply powerful spiritual tools, which can be used (usually within meditation) for many things, enabling us to open to multiple possibilities and, as a result, to empower, re-energise and heal ourselves.

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The workshop, and what to expect:

This workshop is a chance for you to explore your creative side in a gentle, unthreatening environment. You will be invited to play with colour, line, symbol and shape and listen to your mind, body, soul, thoughts, head and heart in order to pick a theme that is uniquely relevant. Within the security of the group, you will be encouraged to allow whatever comes up to emerge and guided to accept and honour it. It will be a deeply healing process, applicable to multiple areas of you life.

Afterwards, there will be a group discussion and a chance to share. Followed by a meditation, where you will be prompted to talk with your mandala, exploring what it might have to say. Like the drawing part, no previous experience is needed. I will guide you with my voice and hold the space.

Contact me to find out more
or register your interest.

The details:

Time: 11am – 1pm, 1-2-1 (11am – 2pm, group)
Place: at my home in Palma de Mallorca *
Price: €40/person, to be paid in advance

* 3 mins walk from el Corte InglΓ©s, Jaime III

Please note, this workshop is available by appointment only. Contact me to register your interest and arrange a time.


I welcome you with love and light and hope to see you soon, x.

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