magic beads

Have a look at the collection and pick the beads that speak to you.

My pieces were made with love and they are for self-empowerment and healing. They have multiple layers: a beautiful accessory or a powerful implement.

For this reason, I work based on donation rather than price. Price makes it too commercial, too cold… and life is already far too chilly: brrr… The donation is simply to cover material expenses and my time. To help, I have added a guide amount.

Magic Beads guide amount:

β€’ Β£35-55
(depending on materials used and time spent)

For example: amethyst and jade are more expensive than selenite and quartz, labradorite and larimar more costly than coral and mother of pearl…

When you enquire or express an interest in a bracelet or necklace, I will let you know the materials used and suggested guide amount. If it is above your budget, we can always talk about making you a similar one in different materials.

Any additional generosity will be invested in complimentary and subsidised healing for those who need but cannot currently afford help.

Please email me with the name of the beads you would like and your proposed donation and we can arrange getting them to you.


Rose Quartz Healing Necklace

Rose Quartz can bring love to those who struggle to attract, give or receive love, helping them to heal on a deep emotional level.

This includes:

β€’ manifesting healthy relationships
β€’ breaking free of toxic ones
β€’ forgiveness
β€’ letting go
– of the past
– of guilt
– of resentment and anger
β€’ self-love
β€’ self-esteem
β€’ confidence
β€’ learning how to
– accept, give and receive love
– trust, allow and appreciate life
β€’ joy
β€’ inner peace

And much more besides…

Labradorite Healing Necklace

Labradorite can bring self-awareness to those who would like to develop on a psychic and spiritual level, helping them to connect with their highest self and with God/Source.

This includes:

β€’ strengthening intuition
β€’ stimulating spiritual awakening
β€’ increasing feelings of self-worth
β€’ protecting the aura
β€’ balancing and clearing the chakras
β€’ alleviating depression
β€’ reducing stress and anxiety
β€’ increasing energy
β€’ building inner resolve, perserverence and purpose
β€’ regulating metabolism and digestion

And much more besides…

Carnelian Healing Necklace

Carnelian can bring courage and confidence to those looking to make changes, helping them to overcome challenges and embrance a new life path.

This includes:

β€’ motivation
β€’ concentration
β€’ will-power
β€’ confidence
β€’ self-esteem
β€’ emotional resilience
β€’ clarity and direction
β€’ joy and warmth
β€’ inner calm
β€’ protection from negativity
β€’ relief from anger
β€’ increased creativity
β€’ improved flow of life force energy
β€’ fertility
β€’ abundance
β€’ manifestation
β€’ grounding

And much more besides…

Smokey Quartz Healing Necklace

Smokey quartz can bring relief from negative energy, helping to cleanse the body on many levels.

This includes:

β€’ neutralising negative emotions
β€’ lifting depression
β€’ dispersing fear
β€’ encouraging positive thoughts
β€’ overall emotional calmness
β€’ relief from stress and anxiety
β€’ improved concentration
β€’ better communication
β€’ grounding
β€’ relief from
– cramps
– headaches
– back pain
– muscle spasms
β€’ benefits to
– the reproductive system
– the heart
– nerve tissue
– muscles
– circulation

And much more besides…




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