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I have been journeying through the tarot personally and with clients for many years but I have never written any of it down. Recently I was asked to write a series of articles based on my reading of some of the cards and (for those who are interested) I have decided to share them here.

MY INTERPRETATIONΒ …of some of the cards.

In addition, after starting a one-month Instagram challenge on Tarot in January, I was guided to continue with the journey for as long as felt right (or until I was instructed otherwise). When it was done, I was to collect each card interpretation and produce a book so that they would be easier to access and study. The book would be a powerful resource and self-help tool for those looking to gain greater self-understanding and inner and outer child healing.

We all have wounds the only difference is whether we choose to commit to the job and the journey of healing what is quintessentially wrong.

What follows is my personal interpretation of the cards. It comes from my head, my heart, my gut, my womb, my higher-self, my ancestors and my guides…

I have combined it with a daily flower essence remedy to further deepen the healing. And – being a firm believer in taking one’s own advice – I took as I wrote. If you choose to undertake this journey, you walk where I have been.

An intuitive Journey through the Tarot,
for Divine Guidance to Pressing Concerns
by Rebecca L. Atherton



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To be healed is having an awareness that you were never broken.

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