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Some people have commented that my site is a bit confusing, due to the amount of information it contains. And others have asked if it would be possible to have a breakdown (like a synopsis) of all the vital information on one page.

This is that page, that place.

If there is anything else you would like to know or have me help with: please contact me. Life is hard enough… and I want this to be easy.


I am an integrative therapist. I blend counselling and psychotherapy with energy healing and intuition. I work with my higher self, your higher self, channeled entities (all high vibrational), and sensed/felt things. In other words: I see, hear and feel things in myself and in you that are coded messges and maps to healing.

I specialise in inner child work and adult self-compassion because, ultimately, everything is about forgiveness and understanding. My work is centered on personal empowerment, self-help/, healing and development, emotional well-being and physical health. Everything I do is love-inspired, love-driven and love-led. And it is always kind and gentle.



A typical session begins with an overview – why you are here, what you are looking for – followed by guidance, counselling and a reading from your energy and/or the cards. Then, if you have booked it or if there is time for it, some healing with spirit, reiki and crystals.

There will always be crystal water, flower essence tinctures and tea (in cute cups). And I will always leave you with suggestions of crystals, flower essences, supplements, foods and herbs… to support further healing, which you can either buy from me or elsewhere.



I offer 30, 60, 90 and 120 minute appointments and consultations.

I usually suggest 120 or 90 for a first time visit, depending on what you want. And 30 or 60 for regular repeat consultations.



These are the basic therapies that I offer. For a broader overview, please consult my treatments page, accessible from the main menu.

• Tarot + Oracle Card Reading
• Spiritual + Transpersonal Guidance
• Intuitive Energy Healing
  – Crystal Healing
  – Angelic + Spiritual Healing
  – The King Technique
  – Theta Healing
  – Emotional Freedom Technique
  – Matrix Reimprinting
  – Inner Child and Past Life Healing
  – Reiki
  – Chakra + Aura Reading
• Flower Essences Therapy



I charge per half hour of my time.

30 minute consultations are reserved for laser coaching and remote healing. And per card readings are only available via email or voice recording.

Below are my prices:

€60 / 60 minutes
€90 / 90 minutes
€120 / 120 minutes

everything else…

€30 / card – email or voice message reading
€60 / 30 minutes – remote healing
€60 / 30 minutes – laser coaching
€20 / week / bach flower essences prescription
€40 / crystal, per programmed stone
€20-200 / bespoke prescriptive jewelery, aides and accessories…



I am currently based in Palma de Mallorca and offer contact, distance and remote healing.

My time zone is GMT+1.

I am happy to work in-person, or via whatsapp video or Skype.

To be healed is having an awareness that you were never broken.

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