keeping it healthy


All of my jewelery is programmed to be self-clearing and self-charging and to only attract the highest energies. This means that it will independently release and neutralise everyday energy deposits, recharging itself afterwards. And that it will only attract high vibrationaland positive energies.

All you need to do is cleanse it under moonlight every so often. I would suggest doing this at least once a month, ideally at either the full or new moon. Simply leave it on your windowsill when you go to bed and in the morning it will be ready to go.

If you accidentally drop it or someone else touches it: don’t panic, no harm done. Just cleanse it in moonlight that evening.

If you are under the weather or have a bad day, one where you feel like you got stuck with a lot of heavy or negative energy, you will need to do this more often.

Because I give healing to lots of people, helping them with a variety of physical and emotional concerns, I cleanse my jewelery at least twice a week to keep it clear. I also sleep with it under my pillow when I feel the need for extra strength. And I talk to it, asking that it help me.


If at any point you feel like your necklace needs an extra boost (I would suggest this if you have experienced a serious illness, been challenged or been through an especially trying time), I am happy to top it up. Simply send me an email and we can set this up. 

Alternatively, you can take it to an independent energy practitioner and ask that they do this for you. This shouldn’t be necessary more than once a year.

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