Have a look at the collection and pick the Hoon-icorn that speaks to you.

My pieces were made with love and they are for self-empowerment and healing. They have multiple layers: a beautiful ornament or a powerful tool.

For this reason, I work based on donation rather than price. Price makes it too commercial, too cold… and life is already far too chilly: brrr… The donation is simply to cover material expenses and my time. To help, I have added a guide amount.

Hoon-icorn guide amount:

• £20-40
(depending on materials used and time spent) *

* NB: Small things take a while to get right, and there’s the blending of sage, palo santo, selenite, essential oils and flower and crystal essences, etc… and the honouring of each individual character.

When you enquire or express an interest in a Hoon-icorn, I will let you know the materials used and suggested guide amount. If it is above your budget, we can always talk about making you a similar one in different materials.

Any additional generosity will be invested in complimentary and subsidised healing for those who need but cannot currently afford help.

Please email me with the name of the Hoon-icorn/s you would like and your proposed donation and we can arrange getting him or her to you.




The magical powers of unicorns are legendary. Unicorn horns are harder than diamonds and can neutralize poisons. Unicorn tears can heal both physical wounds and sorrows of the heart. Unicorns have the ability to remove toxins, negativity, karmic energy and guilt, along with other emotions which stand in the way of letting go.

The unicorn represents love, purity and the seeking of natural truth. It symbolises balance of the yin and yang and recognises the power and mystique that animals can bring into our lives; which can ultimately help us learn the core of who we really are.

These unicorns will enrich and empower your special space as well as help you to cleanse, balance, energise and heal.


If what you see isn’t quite what you need, email me with your concern and I will prescribe the right companion for you.


• Contact me for a bespoke prescription

You can also go to Etsy or Ebay and buy them direct from there.


For more information, or if you have anything you would like to ask (anything, I promise I don’t bite), email me.

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