essential oil blends ~ purchasable samples

Below are the oil blends you can buy straight off the shelf. Have a look at the collection and pick the blend that speaks to you.

My blends were made with love and they are for self-empowerment and healing. They have multiple layers: a pleasing scent or a powerful remedy.

For this reason, I work based on donation rather than price. Price makes it too commercial, too cold… and life is already far too chilly: brrr… The donation is simply to cover material expenses and my time. To help, I have added a guide amount.
Essential Oil Blends guide amount:

β€’ Β£10-15* (+p&p)

* depending on materials used and time spent

When you enquire or express an interest in an Essential Oil Blend I will let you know the ingredients used and suggested guide amount. I will also give you an idea of the postage. If it is above your budget, we can always talk about making you a similar one using slightly different ingredients.

Any additional generosity will be invested in complimentary and subsidised healing for those who need but cannot currently afford help.

Please email me with the name of the Essential Oil Blend/s you would like and your proposed donation and we can arrange getting it or them to you.



Sweet Like Chocolate

Tea tree, lavender and vanilla to lift, clear, comfort and heal. The ultimate under-the-weather antidote.

Great for:

β€’ blocked noses
β€’ viral infections
β€’ coughs and colds
β€’ low spirits
β€’ stress
β€’ anxiety

A bit like After Eight mints and chocolate mint chip ice cream.
Some Bunny Loves Me

Honeysuckle, camomile and vanilla to hug, hold and repair. Medicine for the heart.

Great for:

β€’ loneliness
β€’ heartbreak
β€’ low spirits
β€’ betrayal
β€’ forgiveness
β€’ letting go

Think puppies, babies, butterflies, big smiles and warm sunshine… all directed at you.
Spiced Pumpkin Pie

Cinnamon, orange, vanilla and clove to ground, warm and enliven. Root chakra empowerment.

Great for:

β€’ energy
β€’ fear
β€’ strength
β€’ grounding
β€’ balance
β€’ stress
β€’ anxiety
β€’ anger
β€’ resentment

Gorgeously autumnal.


Each blend that I create has a different purpose. Some will give you clarity and some will give you confidence, some will boost your energy and some will lift your spirits, some will offer comfort and some will offer health, some will protect you from the outside and some will reduce the clutter of your own head. Depending on your need, you may wish to select more than one.
How to use:

Gently shake the bottle, then apply: to an oil burner, to a bath, to your skin… Use sparingly: 4-8 drops in a burner (with water if you want a softer smell), 3-6 drops in a bath, 1-2 drops on the skin. Do this mindfully, keeping your attention on what you want to achieve: confidence, calm, clarity, peace, stress relief, relaxation, protection, healing…

Afterwards, you might like to take a few moments to clarify your intention, state your goal or desire or call in love and light to infuse the act with positive energy and healing.
What’s inside:

Each bottle is intuitivly hand-blended with 100% all-natural* ingredients, including…

β€’ a top note
β€’ a middle note
β€’ a base note
β€’ crystal power
β€’ full moon magic
β€’ reiki energy
β€’ love and light

* No alcohol is used.


If what you see isn’t quite what you need, email me with your concern and I will prescribe the right blend for you.


β€’ Contact me for a bespoke prescription


For more information, or if you have anything you would like to ask (anything, I promise I don’t bite), email me.

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