Have a look at the collection and pick the Wristlet that speaks to you or addresses your concern.

My pieces were made with love and they are for self-empowerment and healing. They have multiple layers: a beautiful accessory or a powerful aid.

For this reason, I work based on donation rather than price. Price makes it too commercial, too cold… and life is already far too chilly: brrr… The donation is simply to cover material expenses and my time.

To help, I have added a guide amount.

Wristlets guide amount:

β€’ Β£50-Β£60
(depending on time and materials)

For example: intricate patterns take longer to complete than simple ones, cashmere is more expensive than cotton and different weights (lace, fingering, 2ply, 4ply, dk, sports, chunky…) require different amounts of yarn and time. In addition, Wristlets addressing specific concerns will have more energy, intention and symbol worked into them.

For larger images, please email the name of the Wristlets you are interested in.


When you enquire or express an interest in a pair, I will let you know the suggested guide amount. If it is above your budget, we can always talk about making you a similar pair.

Any additional generosity will be invested in complimentary and subsidised healing for who need but cannot currently afford help.

Please email me with the name of the Wristlet (or Wristlets) you would like and your proposed donation and we can arrange getting them to you.


Scarlet Starlet *

Red ** is the colour of the first chakra ***. It represents your base/foundationsand how you source your life energetically and is associated with energy, strength, power and independence.

It can help you to create the things you desire in your life and strengthen your connection to the earth plane and your sense of self.

Great for enabling you to:

β€’ feel more vital and physically present
β€’ be more solid, stable and grounded
β€’ stand up for/assert yourself
β€’ release resistence and blocks
β€’ take back control of your life

and much more besides…

* named after the cushion star starfish, Culcita Novaeguineae.
** see colour chart for more details.
*** see chakra chart for additional benefits.

Sunset Boulevard *

Orange ** is the colour of the second chakra ***. It represents your emotions and how you relate to them and is associated optimism, enthusiasm, attraction and success.

It can help lift your spirits and assist you in letting go of unhelpful and outmoded things, and ease the transit and realisation of new ideas.
Great for enabling you to:

β€’ believe in the best possible outcome
β€’ feel good – about your life right now and also your future
β€’ embrace opportunity with confidence and excitement
β€’ attract good things into your world
β€’ realise goals and dreams

and much more besides…

* named after the Sunset Strip, a legendary street in Los Angeles.
** see colour chart for more details.
*** see chakra chart for additional benefits.

β€’ Saffronesta *

Yellow ** is the colour of the third chakra ***. It represents your intellect and reflects what is on your mind and is associated with instinct, identity, happiness and confidence.

Yellow asks you to consider how you move forward with your life in order to realise your desires and intentions.

When the Solar Plexus chakra is balanced, you are assertive and exert your will in a way that leads to results and harmonious relationship with your surrounding.



and much more besides…

** see colour chart for more details.
*** see chakra chart for additional benefits.

Wearing these Wristlets will help you to balance, cleanse and empower your solar plexus chakra, helping you

β€’ Appleita – for Heart Chakra balancing and healing
β€’ Pink and White – for Heart Chakra balancing and healing
β€’ Blue and White – for Throat Chakra balancing and healing
β€’ Indigo and White – for Third Eye Chakra balancing and healing
β€’ Purple and White – Crown Chakra balancing and healing

β€’ Brown and White – Earth Star Chakra balancing and healing
β€’ Silver and White – Lunar Chakra balancing and healing
β€’ Gold and White – Solar Chakra balancing and healing
β€’ Purple/Silver and White – Galaxtic Chakra balancing and healing
β€’ Rainbow and White – Universal Chakra balancing and healing


All Wristlets are made to the same pattern, although they may vary in width and length due to the weight and nature of the yarn.

They are intended, not to keep you warm (although by their very nature, they tend to do that too), but to help heal and protect you while you heal. In this sense, they are for wearing both inside and outside of the house, and while awake as well as asleep. If you can meditate with them on… even better, as this will help to increase their energetic resonance.

Think of them like a comfort blanket or a prayer shawl, their energy and the intentions and symbols knitted into them, there for the taking whenever there is need.

I have Wristlets for all of the chakras and Wristlets to address specific conditions… Each pair has been worked with different intentions, energy and symbols.

If you would like something more specific, please contact me for a bespoke prescription to be made up.

β€’ Glossary of terms
β€’ Visit my Etsy Store
β€’ Visit my Ebay Shop

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