altar(native) ornamental hoon-icorns


A collection of energetically-charged ornaments…

Everything holds energy and energy vibrates. And different frequencies of energy affect the mind and the body in different ways…

When our energy is low or out of sync, out of alignment with our ‘authentic’ self – we feel discomfort, pain.

β€’ Maybe we catch a virus?
β€’ Maybe we hurt our foot?
β€’ Maybe we discover something more serious?

Whatever the case: unhappy energy makes for an unhappy self.

These pieces are designed to support you in your healing process, encouraging your energy to return to its authentic blueprint.



The use of altars dates back many years, its purpose varying slightly from faith to faith. An altar or a shrine can be many things, and each of these things can have many purposes.

For example:

β€’ a power centre for manifesting
β€’ an energy hub for healing
β€’ a channel for communicating
β€’ a portal for sending
β€’ a platform for supplication and offering

It can contain many objects or it can be almost bare. It’s scope of purpose and potential is up to you…

Essentially though it is a place of worship; a space to come to to offer gratitude, reverence, love and respect.


Handmade out of Fimo and infused with essential oils, flower essences, crystal chips, palo santo and sage: these ornamentals will enrich and empower your special space.

Each one is filled with pure focussed intention and much love.

In addition, having been charged in a quartz energy grid and given several generous lashings of Usui and Angelic reiki, they have an elevated vibration and energy.

Have a look. See what you find. Pick the ornamental that speaks to you.

β€’ Hoon-icorns: fifth dimensional freedom-fighters
β€’ Remind Me Rainbows: sunshine for the cloudy days


And if what you see isn’t quite right: not to worry; simply email me with your concern and I will either prescribe the right companion from those I already have or create a bespoke one.

β€’ Email me with your concern
β€’ Contact me for a bespoke prescription

Please note: not all of my items are listed online. Many more are awaiting digital display. If you are after something special or specific and you can’t see it, don’t be afraid to ask as there is a good chance I have it. And if I don’t, I can always make it as part of my bespoke prescription service.


For more information, or if you have anything you would like to ask (anything, I promise I don’t bite), email me.

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