A collection of handmade lotions, potions, wards and remedies…

• Pocket Remedies
  – Midpoint Mice
• Chakra Balancing Accessories
  – Wristlets
  – Birds of Balance
  – Healing Hats
• Healing Trinkets
  – Magic Beads
• Altar(native) Ornamentals
  – Hoon-icorns
  – Remind me Rainbows


Typically, though, I work to order, crafting the lotion, potion, ward and/or remedy specifically for you. This ensures you get exactly what you want, and, having communicated (whether by email, Skype or phone), the creation will be infused with your own energetic blueprint.

For a bespoke prescription, email me so that we can arrange a time to chat.

I offer prescriptions for all curatives listed on my website, as well as:

Space Clearing Sprays
Reiki-charged Crystals
Flower Essence Remedies
Essential Oil Blends

Glossary of terms
• Visit my Etsy Store
• Visit my Ebay Shop

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