creative arts therapy



Sometimes feelings are too difficult to talk about, even with a therapist.

Drawing them – in shapes, symbols, lines and colours, etc. can make the process easier and provide a means of dialogue which then leads to understanding, clarity, wisdom, forgiveness, release, resolution and peace.


In this clinic we will work together to restore your confidence and re-empower you so that next time you have a bad day or hurt yourself, you know exactly what to do.

We will also look at anything you bring into the room, looking to your heart and soul for guidance as well as dialogging with your inner child. Depending on your needs, we will do big or small things.


What to expect:

A peaceful space
A safe and relaxed atmosphere
Lots of candles, crystals, music, sage and incense
Acceptance and respect
The opportunity to talk, receive healing and learn new skills



Creative Arts Therapy provides a safe and supportive environment in which to explore issues and emotions non-verbally through the use of the certain art materials: pen, pencil, paint, collage, clay, fabric, etc… Upon termination, the client is then invited to share the artwork in order to assist in the process of bringing personal meaning and insight to what has been created. The creative piece becomes the ‘voice’ of the pain, providing a safe and non-threatening space in which to process difficult emotions, providing insight and clarity.

Subsequent sessions are then used to further the process, relating the art to the individual and their specific issues. The therapist’s role is simply to support the client in this process of discovery and to reserve judgement about the artwork and/or the presenting issues.

The Theory: human beings think in images, and painful emotions and traumas are stored in the brain in the form of images. Therefore, it is easier to express these feelings through art, especially when it seems that the language to express them is not forthcoming or present.

Creative Arts Therapy can provide a connection to emotions and difficult issues that have been impossible to access through other means and can facilitate emotional expression, self-awareness and positive change. It can be an extremely effective treatment modality for people who find it difficult to express their issues verbally.


In Summary

Creative Arts Therapy is the clinical application of art and psychology as a vehicle for communication, healing and growth.

Art is used in exchange for verbal communication in order for unconscious material to be explored and meaning found in a non-threatening and non-invasive way.

In the presence of a trained therapist, a safe space is created where emotional conflicts can be expressed and reconciled and where self-awareness and personal growth can be nurtured.

Ultimately, it is a gentle process, moving only as fast as the client is willing or able to go.

Spontaneous art expression is without evaluation or critique. Emphasis is on the person and the process and not on the product and clients do not need any art background or artistic skill in order to participate or benefit from the process. For this reason, it works just as well with children as with adults and is non-elitist.

N.B: For your own safety, it is suggested that you consult an experienced practitioner before attempting to confront any serious issues on your own.


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To be healed is having an awareness that you were never broken

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