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Different colours have different properties and are associated with different things. Understanding these can lead to powerful healing, especially when combined with other treatments and remedies.

Below is a list of the main colours * and their applications and uses. By no means difinitive; it reflects my own experience, learning and understanding.

If different colours have different meanings, purposes and benefits to you… trust your intuition; this is what you should be working with.

* If you have any questions. If there is a colour you would like to know more about or that I haven’t listed here. Or if you have anything you would like to ask; anything, I promise I don’t bite: email me.



Red is the colour of fire and blood and is associated with energy, strength, power, independence, assertiveness, determination, passion, desire and love.
It can help you move forward and work towards achieving goals, and give you grounding, energy and drive.

Great for enabling you to:

β€’ feel more solid and stable
β€’ stand taller (metaphorically speaking)
β€’ grow and evolve
β€’ be more physically confident
β€’ weather storms
β€’ avoid energy vampires
β€’ release resistance and blocks
β€’ move past obstacles
β€’ recover from illness (and other drains)
β€’ rekindle your inner flame
β€’ shine brighter on the outside
β€’ set and protect personal boundaries
β€’ motivate goals and ideas
β€’ assert yourself in the workplace
β€’ be more powerful

Orange combines the energy of red with the happiness of yellow and is associated with enthusiasm, optimism, creativity, determination, attraction and success.
It can help lift your spirits and assist you in letting go of unhelpful and outmoded things, and ease the transit and realisation of new ideas.

Great for enabling you to:

β€’ enjoy life more fully
β€’ feel fulfilled and satisfied
β€’ live an authentic life
β€’ reconnect to your sacred core
β€’ heal and transform wounds and grievances
β€’ release behaviours and habits (that no longer serve your best interests)
β€’ develop emotional resillience
β€’ act from a place of strength and maturity
β€’ be honest about your desires
β€’ step into your personal power
β€’ assimilate ideas
β€’ realise goals
β€’ attract prosperity and abundance
β€’ start seeing new possibilities
β€’ walk through closed doors (metaphorically speaking)

Yellow is the colour of sunshine and is associated with joy, happiness, warmth, confidence, self-esteem, intellect and energy.
It can help to clarify times of confusion, aid the perception and maintenance of boundaries, and offer the stillness of a broader view that reconciles the paradox of dualities.

Great for enabling you to:

β€’ focus more fully
β€’ make wise decisions
β€’ achieve greater clarity
β€’ relieve ‘brain fog’ and mental confusion
β€’ avoid procrastination-inducing distractions
β€’ protect yourself from energy drains
β€’ transform toxic energy (like saddness, resentment, unforgiveness,
  doubt, guilt, shame, fear, anger, etc.)

β€’ feel worthy and confident
β€’ be more vital and present
β€’ experience greater levels of enthusiasm, happiness and joy
β€’ communicate thoughts and ideas
β€’ respect personal boundaries

imageGreen is the colour of nature and is associated with growth, fertility, health, harmony, peace, prosperity, abundance, comfort and hope.
It can help to bring healing to all areas, and support manifestation and abundance in new ventures.

Great for enabling you to:

β€’ recover from illness and injury
β€’ release negative emotions
β€’ balance your energies
β€’ release inner conflict (and make peace with the past)
β€’ make new connections
β€’ experience deeper relationships
β€’ bring wishes and dreams to life
β€’ attract money and success
β€’ feel more vital and energised
β€’ give and receive (unconditionally, without expectation)
β€’ adapt to challenge and change
β€’ transform chaos and conflict
β€’ be more practical and self-sufficient
β€’ enjoy and appreciate nature
β€’ relax more
β€’ come home to yourself and your family

Pink brings together the energy of red with the purity of white and is associated with love, romance, femininity, friendship, emotional healing and self-care.
It can help to stimulate the capacity to receive and feel love, kindness and warmth (towards ourselves and others), and put us in touch with our softer, more compassionate, side.

Great for enabling you to:

β€’ love yourself more fully
β€’ foster self-love, esteem and care
β€’ transform negative emotions
β€’ release unhelpful relationships
β€’ attract and encourage positive interactions
β€’ form deep attachments
β€’ heal the ‘mother’ wound
β€’ move on (from grief, loss, saddness, heartbreak, etc.)
β€’ release stress and anxiety
β€’ trust others (and yourself)
β€’ experience loving-kindness
β€’ open your heart
β€’ accept the things you cannot change (at least for now)
β€’ be softer, lighter, brighter…

imageBlue is the colour of water and is associated with truth, communication, guidance, wisdom, patience, peace, loyalty, honour, healing, dreams and astral projection.
It can help to bring our attention to the breath and the flow of energy throughout the body, fostering personal peace, clarity, creative insight, a deeper awareness and sense of self, and being in the here and now.

Great for enabling you to:

β€’ balance your energies
β€’ combat unhelpful emotions
β€’ clear mental confussion and ‘brain fog’
β€’ speak your truth
β€’ be more authentic
β€’ have greater conviction (in your thoughts and actions)
β€’ relax
β€’ sleep
β€’ meditate
β€’ dream (passively, peacefully and lucidly)
β€’ release fear
β€’ fight infection and inflammation
β€’ silence inner chatter
β€’ hone and develop psychic gifts

imageIndigo combines the wisdom of blue with the objectivity of red and is associated with spiritual growth, psychic advancement, personal development, intelligence, intuition and power.
It can help to calm, cleanse and centre the mind, and stimulate the higher senses.

Great for enabling you to:

β€’ see the ‘bigger picture’
β€’ think more clearly
β€’ silence and resolve mental chatter
β€’ trust in the Universe
β€’ let go of what no longer serves you
β€’ overcome fear
β€’ feel more connected
β€’ pray
β€’ meditate
β€’ remember your dreams
β€’ be more spiritual
β€’ deepen your intuition (and other psychic skills)
β€’ communicate with angels and guides

imagePurple combines the integrity of blue with the strength of red and is associated with deep thought, high ideals, individuality, success, wealth, power and imagination.
It can help stimulate a sense of wellbeing, and deepen our sense of spiritual awareness and connectivity.

Great for enabling you to:

β€’ pray
β€’ meditate
β€’ relax
β€’ release negative emotions, beliefs and blocks
β€’ reverse bad luck (and curses)
β€’ transcend chaos
β€’ develop and enhance psychic abilities
β€’ feel more positive
β€’ be more original
β€’ shine brighter
β€’ start over
β€’ weather storms
β€’ find meaning and purpose
β€’ be kinder, gentler and more compassionate
β€’ receive messages (from other dimensions and your higher self)

White is the colour of new beginnings and cleanliness and is associated with innocence, purity, perfection, efficiency, equality, independence and calmness.
It can help to heal and harmonise across all levels – etheric, emotional, mental, astral, etheric template, celestial and ketheric template – and bring clarity and insight to situations.

Great for enabling you to:

β€’ cleanse and detox
β€’ heal your physical body and your mind
β€’ balance your chakras
β€’ repair your aura
β€’ raise your vibration
β€’ purify your feelings, emotions and thoughts
β€’ break free from negative behaviours
β€’ release addictions and habits
β€’ be more:
  β€“ vibrant
  β€“ present
  β€“ efficient
  β€“ organised
  β€“ positive
  β€“ optimistic
  β€“ thankful
β€’ love yourself (and others) more
β€’ simplify and let go of what no longer serves you
β€’ seek new direction and move forwards
β€’ bring light to situations
β€’ contact your higher self (and spiritual helpers)
β€’ feel more peaceful inside

imageBlack is the colour of absence and is associated with power, strength, authority, protection, grief, banishing and grounding.
It can help bring perspective to troubling situations and closure to repetitive cycles of behaviour and thought.

Great for enabling you to:

β€’ release negativity
β€’ break free from bad habits, addictions and dependency
β€’ protect yourself from evil and danger
β€’ defend yourself from negative energies
β€’ deal with times of stress, confusion and grief
β€’ be physically and emotionally stronger
β€’ heal old wounds and past life issues
β€’ deal with blocks affecting your Journey-Path
β€’ make wise decisions
β€’ become Master of your own fate
β€’ meditate more deeply
β€’ develop your psychic abilities
β€’ be more solid and grounded

Rainbow is the colour of the 7 chakras and is associated with promise, prosperity, new beginnings, blessings, balance, transition, wish fulfillment and luck.
It can help us to connect to our inner master and higher self, aiding the flow and harmony of all of our subtle energies, and promote balance and wellbeing.

Great for enabling you to:

β€’ seek new direction and move forwards
β€’ let go of the past and leave it behind
β€’ cleanse your physical and emotional body
β€’ feed your soul
β€’ feel more excited and hopeful
β€’ be more peaceful and balanced
β€’ be more spiritual
β€’ have faith (in God, the Universe and the future)
β€’ attract success and abundance
β€’ contact your higher self (and spiritual helpers)
β€’ speak with those who have passed
β€’ be more present
β€’ achieve higher states of awareness
β€’ connect to nature, people, animals, life, etc.


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