chakra chart

Different chakras have different properties and are associated with different things. Understanding this can lead to powerful healing, especially when used in combination with other treatments and remedies.

Below is a list of the main chakras * and their applications and uses. By no means difinitive: it reflects my own experience, learning and understanding.

If different chakras have different meanings, purposes and benefits to you: TRUST YOUR INTUITION; this is what you should be working with.

* If you have any questions; if there is a chakra you would like to know more about or that I haven’t listed here, or if you have anything you would like to ask – anything, I promise I don’t bite, EMAIL ME.



The first chakra or base/root chakra is associated with the colour red *. Its element is earth. It represents your foundations and how you source your life energetically.

It’s keywords are:

β€’ stability
β€’ strength
β€’ passion
β€’ power (masculine)
β€’ security
β€’ survival
β€’ independence
β€’ growth

Think of your base as your ground floor flooring, the foundation upon which everything else you build resides. A strong base means a strong floor. And a strong floor means plenty of scope for significant building – towerblocks and skyscrapers, perhaps, not just bungalows and garden sheds.

A strong base can help you to feel grounded, protected and secure, less vulnerable to the flux of your surroundings. A strong base can give you energy, drive and the confidence to move forward – plotting dreams, goals, desires and planning the future.

If you are not yet creating the things you desire to have and have little in your daily life that you value, you may need to reinforce your connection to the earth plane and to your sense of self.

Focusing on your base will enable you to:

β€’ strengthen your roots **
β€’ feel more solid, stable and grounded
β€’ feel more vital and physically present
β€’ be more powerful and bodily confident
β€’ be more daring/courageous
β€’ improve your self-esteem and sense of self
β€’ set and protect personal boundaries
β€’ concentrate better
β€’ think more clearly
β€’ relax
β€’ embrace stillness
β€’ release resistence and blocks
β€’ transform negative emotions and beliefs
β€’ move past obstacles
β€’ motivate goals and ideas
β€’ attract prosperity and abundance
β€’ grow and evolve
β€’ embrace change
β€’ assert yourself
  – at home
  – among friends and family
  – in the workplace
  – inside the world at large
β€’ trust others (and the Universe)
β€’ befriend your environment
β€’ heal from physical and emotional illness
β€’ recover from energy drains (betrayal, loss, heartbreak, etc.)
β€’ wake up to your true self

* See colour chart for additional details.
** Your connection to the ground beneath you.

The second chakra or naval/sacral chakra is associated with the colour orange * . Its element is water. It represents your emotions and how you relate to them.

It’s keywords are:

β€’ emotional maturity
β€’ sensitivity
β€’ sexuality (feminine)
β€’ self-esteem/self-worth
β€’ playfullness
β€’ creativity (unconscious)
β€’ spontenaity
β€’ authenticity
β€’ inner balance

Think of your sacral chakra as a manifesting device (a bit like an oven, in that you use it to turn many seperate ingredients into one complete thing) where what you put in reflects what you get out. If you are sourcing from healthy ingredients – strong foundations and a solid base, a thriving mind/body/spirit: you will be like the cook whose meals (made from ethical, organic produce) not only energise but also transform, leading to metamorphosis, rebirth and growth, on multiple levels.

A strong sacral can help ease the transit and realisation of new ideas, lift your spirits and assist you in letting go of unhelpful and outmoded things. A strong sacral can help you feel radiant, beautiful and strong and enable you to enjoy a healthy and passionate life.

If you are struggling with your feelings – vacillating between vulnerability and volatility, capability and ineptitude – you may need to strengthen your connection to your emotions and your understanding of how you react to them.

Focusing on your sacral will enable you to:

β€’ enjoy life more
β€’ feel more deeply
β€’ get in touch with your true feelings
β€’ be more sensitive/receptive to:
  – external stimulants and influences
  – your physical and emotional body
β€’ reconnect to your sacred core
β€’ celebrate and embrace your sex(uality)
β€’ inhabit your body
β€’ feel more comfortable inside yourself
β€’ own your third dimensional desires
β€’ experience fulfillment and satisfaction
β€’ step into your personal power
β€’ be more ‘real’/authentic
β€’ act from a place of strength
β€’ understand:
  – what you are attracting/repelling
  – what is supporting/blocking you
β€’ release behaviours and habits
β€’ develop emotional resillience and maturity
β€’ heal and transform wounds and grievances
β€’ actively pursue dreams
β€’ confidently push goals
β€’ assimilate ideas
β€’ attract prosperity and abundance
β€’ start seeing new possibilities
β€’ embrace spontaneity
β€’ be more playful

* See colour chart for additional details.

imageThe third chakra or solar plexus chakra is associated with the colour yellow * . Its element is fire. It represents thought/thinking and reflects what is on your mind.

It’s keywords are:

β€’ instinct
β€’ intellect
β€’ identity
β€’ integrity
β€’ personality
β€’ power (personal)
β€’ freedom of choice
β€’ self-esteem
β€’ self-discipline
β€’ happiness

The hub of intellectual feeling and mental security, the solar plexus is like a barometer picking up the energy and emotions of your immediate surroundings, allerting you to the nature of a person, animal, object, place or space.

When you trust in your instincts – the feelings in your gut/stomach – you are acting in accordance with your solar plexus and your highest self. Things work out. You feel satisfied, settled, comfortable and content. When you experience the opposite – feel hollow, restless, irritable and depressed: you are in conflict and denial of things essential to your Self.

A strong solar plexus can help you tune into the messages you are receiving from inside your gut, better hear and understand them, and have the courage to be expanded and guided by what comes up. A strong solar plexus can lend you a deeper understanding of why you do what you do and help you feel positively empowered and successful in all of your ventures.

If you are overwhelmed by fear, confusion, repressed emotions and self-doubt; struggling with things like repeating thoughts and nervousness… you may need to spend some time working on your solar plexus in order to repair your relationship with your inner self and your ability to respond when it communicates.

Focusing on your solar plexus will enable you to:

β€’ be happy and joyful
β€’ see the positive side of things
β€’ exude confidence
β€’ feel secure and self-assured
β€’ feel better inside
β€’ be open and honest with others about your needs
β€’ be open and honest with yourself about your needs
β€’ form healthy relationships
β€’ have a healthier sense of self (and a clearer definition of who that is)
β€’ be wiser and more knowledgeable
β€’ embrace spontanaity
β€’ be authentic in your outward behaviour and expression of yourself
β€’ know your mind and act in accordance with it
β€’ hear and listen to your instincts
β€’ respect your own inner messages
β€’ be intuitive in the moment (as opposed to in hindsight)
β€’ think more clearly and understand your thoughts
β€’ grow stronger
β€’ plan better
β€’ be more practical and organised
β€’ complete tasks
β€’ resolve issues
β€’ believe in miracles and your ability to manifest them
β€’ allow their magic to enter your life
β€’ appreciate fun, silliness and humour
β€’ laugh and play more, more often

* See colour chart for additional details.

imageThe fourth chakra or heart chakra is associated with the colour green – and also pink * . Its element is air. It represents health and love and governs what you embrace and what you resist.

It’s keywords are:

β€’ love
β€’ healing
β€’ balance
β€’ growth (spiritual)
β€’ peace
β€’ connection
β€’ freedom
β€’ relationships

The emotional centre of the body and the centre of the chakra system, the heart is primarily a mediator – seeking, correcting and instilling balance between spirit|matter, mind|body. When you trust in your heart you trust in the goodness of humanity, the benevolence of the Universe, the sincerity of your inner child and the importance and validity of your core needs; you embrace your true You, appreciate the connectedness of all life, and transcend and transform the ego and its demands. Free from criticism, judgement, disappointment and hate: there is only love – above you and below you; within and without.

A strong heart can help you form healthy relationships, unconditionally accept yourself, heal physical and emotional wounds and experience a deeper connection to your environment and others. A strong heart can help you reach beyond yourself, encountering something greater, wider, deeper, etc.

If you are full of self-doubt, exaggerated-concern for others and a tendency to over-work, consumed by feelings of distrust, anger, misery, torment, extreme inner-conflict and/or emotional isolation; if you have multiple ailments, aches and pains: you may need to do some deep self-healing, acknowledging, accepting, accommodating and then letting go of incidents, relationships and events that have longsince been allowed to haunt.

Focusing on your heart will enable you to:

β€’ be kind (a.k.a. love, accept and forgive) to yourself
β€’ enjoy your present form
β€’ know that you are loved simply because you are here
β€’ allow yourself to be vulnerable
β€’ release denial and victimhood
β€’ form healthy relationships
β€’ let go of what no longer serves you
β€’ ask for help when you need it and accept wise counsel in return
β€’ see what must be healed
β€’ find the courage to heal it
β€’ take responsibility for your health and be the healer that you need
β€’ grow spiritually
β€’ dissolve separateness
β€’ connect to the Universe and everything in it
β€’ feel valued and wanted
β€’ give unconditionally
β€’ receive without discomfort
β€’ know your heart
β€’ lay claim to your life
β€’ live in accordance wit your truth
β€’ see whether you are truely invested in the actions you are willing to take
β€’ only say “yes” when you mean it
β€’ recognise when to say “no”
β€’ be calmer inside
β€’ be more abundant in your ventures
β€’ attract more goodness into your life
β€’ experience deep inner balance and peace

* See colour chart for additional details.

imageThe fifth chakra or throat chakra is associated with the colour blue *. Its element is sound. It represents communication and speech and governs how you express yourself verbally.

It’s keywords are:

β€’ truth
β€’ communication
β€’ self-expression
β€’ creative identity (conscious)
β€’ peace
β€’ spirituality
β€’ transformation
β€’ trust

The hole through which we satiate the needs of the mind and body, our throats are like portals with megaphones attached – conveying inner to outer; making insubstantial concrete and dreamscape real. When others don’t understand us or misinterpret what we are trying to say: it’s frustrating, isolating and disconnecting, so much is our foundation and sense of self, our personal reality, dependent upon how others perceive us.

The throat reveals the barriers you have to clear communication and the gaps between what you say you want and what you want.

A strong throat can help you to stand up for what you believe in, sharing yourself authentically and expressing who and what you are. A strong throat can help you to be more balanced emotionally, releasing old conditioning, programming, beliefs and negativity.

If you often find yourself in conflict, lose momentum and track when communicating, sacrifice your truth for the truth of others and regularly fail to satisfy your basic inner needs, you may need to spend some time focusing on your throat in order to cleanse, balance, release and heal what is currently trapped.

Focusing on your throat will enable you to:

β€’ communicate with ease and clarity
β€’ express yourself authenticlly
β€’ speak your truth
β€’ be more confident about what you say (defending it where necessary)
β€’ listen to your own voice
β€’ listen more deeply to the voice(es) of others
β€’ feel comfortable around other people (both one-to-one and in groups)
β€’ be friendly and open
β€’ challenge yourself daily
β€’ stop apologising for your actions
β€’ heal inside and out
β€’ be more balanced (emotionally)
β€’ access the ‘flow’ state – to find inspiration, guidance, council, wisdom
β€’ connect to:
  – deeper parts of yourself
  – guardians, gods and guides
  – God
  – the Universe
β€’ feel more spiritual
β€’ be more intuitive
β€’ find peace and serenity
β€’ experience silence
β€’ feel subtle energy
β€’ find a sense of faith and trust
β€’ embrace the present
β€’ live in alignment with your soul

* See colour chart for additional details.

imageThe sixth chakra or third eye/brow chakra is associated with the colour indigo *. Its element is light. It represents the ‘inner eye’ and ‘sixth sense’ and deals with inner vision and intuitive abilities.

It’s keywords are:

β€’ insight
β€’ intuition
β€’ knowledge (perception + cognition)
β€’ vision
β€’ guidance (divine)
β€’ spirituality
β€’ transformation
β€’ consciousness

The seat of our intuition – housing all that is hidden within: the third eye permits seeing beyond this world, granting observation in extreme detail and access to All; acting as an instrument through which to view the more subtle qualities of reality. Full of symbol and metaphor, it opens the door to communion with a deeper more expansive self and a whole new landscape from which to interact.

With a strong third eye you can see past illusion and deception, connect to a deeper wisdom and insight, transcend the ego, and work in partnership with Spirit. With a strong third eye you can look beyond obstacles, find the courage to take action and trust in and be at peace with yourself.

If you suffer from mental confusion, feel heavy or overly grounded, experience regular headaches and/or sleeplessness, you may need to work on balancing and charging your third eye in order to remove the veil that is keeping you from seeing clearly.

Focusing on your third eye will enable you to:

β€’ see clearly
β€’ access:
  – altered states of consciousness
  – a deeper wisdom and insight
  – other dimensions
β€’ trust your intuition
β€’ be more intuitive, perceptive, sensitive
β€’ see subtle energy
β€’ see beyond the limitations of your problems
β€’ recognise patterns – to see where you have been, are stuck, are going…
β€’ remove obstacles
β€’ understand and learn from your life experiences
β€’ release unhelpful emotions and behaviours
β€’ see the ‘bigger’ picture (your life as part of an intricate web,
  a continuing journey…)

β€’ evolve to a higher state of being
β€’ work in partnership with Spirit (and spirits)
β€’ take affirmative action
β€’ trust in yourself and your decisions
β€’ recognise your own gifts and shine your light more brightly
β€’ remember more (that you see, read, hear, etc.)
β€’ recall your dreams
β€’ understand metaphor and symbolism
β€’ know that all is well, no matter what
β€’ be at peace with life

* See colour chart for additional details.

imageThe seventh chakra or crown chakra is associated with the colour violet *. Its element is consciousness. It represents our beliefs and is the source of our connection to the Divine.

It’s keywords are:

β€’ purity
β€’ purpose
β€’ renewal
β€’ unity
β€’ spirituality
β€’ transcendence
β€’ actualisation
β€’ consciousness

Located at the top of the head, the crown is like a gateway to the higher planes of existence and the expanded universe, inviting the experience of oneness|amalgamation with All Things. Waking us from the dream of deception; bringing us to consciousness: it reveals what we once knew but have come to forget. From this realisation comes deep peace, eternal bliss, infinite wisdom, a great compassion for all life and freedom from the limitations of the body we temporarily inhabit.

A strong crown can help you to know your place in the world and see things as they truely are. A strong crown can help you to live with gratitude and purpose and to accept things no matter what they are.

If you feel disconnected from those around you and from the world, talk to but hear nothing back from spirit, pray to but feel abandoned by God, struggle to remember you way and lack stillness, peace and quiet inside: you may need to spend some time in devotion to remember, recover and repair what has been forgotten or mislaid.

Focusing on your crown will enable you to:

β€’ become more conscious
β€’ be more present
β€’ find meaning and purpose
β€’ connect to Source
β€’ experience Oneness with the universe
β€’ trust in your inner knowing
β€’ accommodate the teaching in all things
β€’ grow with ease
β€’ be more peaceful
β€’ motivate your dreams and desires
β€’ find meaning and purpose
β€’ surrender to a higher power
β€’ let go of attachment
β€’ restore inner well-being
β€’ trust in the love that surrounds you at all times
β€’ trust in the Creator
β€’ connect to the wisdom of the universe
β€’ be a part of all you see
β€’ open to your true nature
β€’ see things as they truely are
β€’ be grateful for what you have (and all you will achieve)
β€’ surrender your ego
β€’ step away from your worries to relax and unwind
β€’ regularly meditate and pray
β€’ experience more bliss
β€’ be more spiritual
β€’ feel more balanced and grounded
β€’ find beauty and joy
β€’ find inspiration
β€’ love and accept yourself and others more
β€’ release resistance
β€’ know that everything happens for a reason
  and all you do makes a difference

* See colour chart for additional details.


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