the magic behind the scenes

It is important when working with crystals, especially when using them for healing, to prepare them properly. In making their journey to you, they have passed through many hands and (in each) accumulated different energies. You want your crystals to be clean and clear.

There are a numerous ways to do this. These are mine:

β€’ Clearing:
– running under cold water for an hour
– soaking in a pink himalayan salt bath for nine hours

β€’ Cleansing:
– sage
– essential oils

It is also beneficial to charge them, raising their vibration and imprinting them with specific tasks.

Again, there are lots of ways to do this. This is what I do:

– charging in moonlight for three days (over the full moon)
– reiki healing energy empowerment
– attuning and sealing with powerful symbols
– angelic blessings from specific guides
– love and light (aka, spiritual energy)
– prayer and affirmations

These things are applied in accordance to a set ritual and each action requires a specific allocation of time. I treat each of my crystals with the upmost reverence and there is no hurrying. The magic is in the mindfulness and the intention, the focused thought and mind.

β€’ For more information, see Keeping it healthy


In addition, all of my crystals are hand-picked by me and ethically sourced. I do not pick crystals that I, in turn, would not love. For this reason, please respect them and treat them with care. The nicer you are to them, the nicer they will be to you.

Spend time with them: hold them, play with them, speak to them, carry them with you, work with them beside you, sleep with them in your hand or under your pillow, meditate with them on your body. Make them a part of your life and regularly tune into their energy. Notice how each one feels; how some are forceful, some soft, some throb, some vibrate…

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