angelic guidance

There are very few absolutes in life. A reading is a chance to gain perspective on a situation, event, challenge or choice from someone who has no vested interest in the outcome.

The future is always changing depending on the decisions we make in the present. A reading is like a roadmap to the future that could manifest.


I offer angelic guidance one-to-one as part of an intuitive healing consultation.

I also offer angelic guidance on prescription, corresponding with you via email, although I do prefer to see all new clients at least once directly so that we can establish a relationship and so that you can talk more freely about what you would like.


So, what does a consultation consist of?

Your initial consultation will last for 90 minutes and will take place either in my London office or via Skype. In this time I will take a case history, getting to know you, your background and what has brought you here. We will also do some healing, which will take place intuitively and be led by your needs.

β€’ Perhaps you need to talk?
β€’ Perhaps you need to listen?
β€’ Perhaps you need to close your eyes and rest?

I will use a variety of techniques, choosing from those mentioned on my welcome page, including but not limited to:

β€’ intuitive healing
β€’ spiritual healing
β€’ crystal healing
β€’ reiki
β€’ breathwork
β€’ guided visualisation
β€’ meditation
β€’ flower essence therapy
β€’ aromatherapy
β€’ a reading, either from the oracle or tarot
β€’ angelic guidance

What is angelic guidance?

Angelic guidance is guidance from a higher realm. It comes from a place of unconditional love, compassion and wisdom.

The messages received are honest, practical and relevent and will assist you on multiple levels.

How does it work?

Angelic guidance can give you clarity and insight on areas where you might be struggling, as well as confirmation and encouragement on areas where you are doing things right.

For example:

Perhaps you need to let go of something you have been
carrying for a long time?

Perhaps you are unknowingly holding yourself back?

Perhaps you are overlooking, undervalueing, suppressing,
denying or mis-interpreting something directly related to
your happiness, health, relationships, career, finances, etc?

Combined with other forms of healing (spiritual, reiki, crystals, flower essences, aromatherapy, meditation, breathwork, chakra balancing, aura repair, talking, meditaion, guided visualisation, movement, trauma release) this can lead to wellness on all levels.

What can angelic guidance be used and useful for?

Angelic guidance can help with many things, including but not limited to:

β€’ Health
β€’ Relationships
β€’ Life Purpose
β€’ Career
β€’ Self-Development
β€’ Decision-Making
β€’ Transitioning
β€’ Emotional Well-being

The next step:

If you would like to experience angelic guidance as part of a healing consultation, please contact me to arrange a session. I would also recommend you read my intuitive healing page to familiarise you with the process.

If you would like to receive angelic guidance on prescription, please contact me so that we can arrange a time to chat via email or messenger. I can then take some details and get to work.


For more information, or if you have anything you would like to ask (anything, I promise I don’t bite), email me.

Still not sure..? See what other people are saying.
I look forward to hearing from you. x

β€’ Glossary of terms
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