My name is Rebecca and I am an integrative therapist. I work using a combination of modalities, tailoring my approach to you. For just as each therapy is different, so every person is unique. I blend transpersonal counselling* and psychotherapy with energy healing and channeling** to bring you messages from your soul and higher self.

In our work, we will address past links and patterns, repeating thoughts and behaviours, areas of potential growth; as well as inbalances in your subtle and physical body. Attending to all aspects of your person – physical, mental and spiritual – I aim to facilitate wholeness, providing freedom, clarity, insight, practical solutions and measurable results.

My services include:

β€’ Spiritual Counselling
β€’ Tarot Card Reading
β€’ Oracle Card Reading
β€’ Intuitive Energy Healing
– Reiki
– Spiritual Healing (including The King Technique)
– Crystal Healing
– Flower Essences Therapy
– Aromatherapy
– Angelic Guidance
– EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
– Matrix Reimprinting
– Breathwork
– Bodywork
– Imagineering
β€’ Meditation
β€’ Guided Visualisation
β€’ Yoga Nidra

I also offer Animal Healing 🐈, which is generally done remotely.

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I specialise in emotional health, spiritual growth and physical wellbeing, working to relieve and aleviate emotional blockages, energetic inbalances and physical pain so that you can look to the future with confidence and fully embrace your life.

To ask me a question, book an appointment or send me an email, see my:

β€’ booking page
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I am based in Palma de Mallorca but offer healings and readings worldwide. I provide contact, distance and remote healing.***

* Transpersonal counselling combines traditional counselling techniques with holistic and spiritual practices. It aims to enable a deeper understanding of the essential self, leading to a sense of inner balance, peace and harmony.

** Chanelling is when you tune into a higher frequency to access information from vibrational beings, like archangels, ascended masters and spirit guides. This information is typically delivered in the form of words, thoughts, feelings, images and sounds. The main role is to help the seeker make contact with their Higher Self and Divine path. Chanelling is also when you call in the energy to use it for the sole purpose of healing.

*** Contact healing takes place in-person or via Skype. Distance healing takes place at an arranged time. And Remote healing happens without you needing to participate at all _unless you want to, that is. Remote healing can also be sent to others, so long as you have their permission first.


Still not sure..? See what other people are saying.

To be healed is having an awareness that you were never broken.

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